Friday, 3 May 2013

Blog Every Day In May - Day Three

When I read the topic of today's post I wasn't entirely sure how I felt about it. A lot of the things that make me uncomfortable would make no sense at all to other people. Chances are voicing them aloud would result in the swift arrival of the men in white coats. But then I thought, well that's a risk I take every time I open my mouth and speak, so why change the habit of a lifetime.

So, things that make me uncomfortable -

Having my hair tied up.
Shoes. Yes, really. I have weird shaped feet and shoes hurt me.
Bras. Pretty sure I'm not alone in this one - right ladies?!
Exercise. Because I don't care what any of you say, finding it that difficult to breathe definitely isn't good for me.
Posh people. They make me scared to speak.
Bad grammar. As long as we're now accepting 'uncomfortable' as a substitute for 'downright furious'.
No eye make-up. Because I have tiny piggy eyes. And yes, I know you're now looking at my photos and noticing it.
The entire Punk Goes 90s album. Don't ask.
Cherry Lambrini.
Jeans. I'm just too disproportionate.
People who bop along to their iPods on public transport. I'm sitting next to one right now. Like dude, sit fucking still.

What makes you uncomfortable?

Lauren xx

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