Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday Summary 17/03

This week started so well - there was promise of exciting days and nights out and lots of new things and places for me to write (brag) about. That lasted until approximately 10am on Monday, and things went rapidly downhill from there. After suffering all week with whatever cold/flu like virus is currently doing the rounds, I woke up on Thursday morning with pains running across my chest and upper back. A quick call to NHS Direct later - my mother's idea, I only came down to ask for some pain killers - and we were on our way to A&E - for some reason the words 'chest pain' and 'history of heart problems' (albeit not in the last 21 years) sends everyone into a tizzy, even though I told them I was fine. Four hours in A&E later and I had been poked, prodded and jabbed with needles by two triage nurses, two final year medical students and a doctor and was merrily sent on my way with no more idea what the problem was than when I arrived. The hospital may be Basildon's finest (!!) but the doctor was not, and while he was perfectly friendly and I'm sure he knew exactly what he was doing, well....I couldn't understand a bloody word he was saying. He handed me a prescription for whatever ailment he decided I had and I just about deciphered the words 'see your GP' and then off I went...still in some pain but mostly just relieved to be going home. I told the NHS Direct nurse I was fine.

Fortunately I had no problem understanding my GP when I saw him on Friday. He poked me in the ribs a couple of times (what is it with medical professionals and poking? It wouldn't kill them to be a bit gentler, surely?) listened to my chest for about three seconds and cheerily announced that I have a chest infection and I've 'pulled something' during a coughing fit. No big deal.

And that, more or less, has been my week. Dinner and drinks with a friend on Thursday and a lovely belated Mother's Day outing on Saturday were both cancelled so I could putrefy on the sofa. All my good intentions about going to the gym were scuppered and my boredom at being stuck in the house with nothing to do just made me want to eat all the things. The week was partially saved by a trip to my Nan's...although I can't say the same for my weight loss efforts after we had a huge Indian takeaway last night followed by a mammoth roast this afternoon. I will literally never be skinny.

Someone, please, tell me about your exciting week so I can know there is still joy in the world?

Lauren x


  1. Weirdly my week involved back pain, chest tightness and a call to NHS direct too! I ended up seeing an out of hours GP who told me to I was too fine. Glad we are both okay! This plus a slight other illness has too prevented my diet from progressing at all this week. Plus I can't go to the gym because of back pain. Mine wasn't really full of joy either....!

  2. oh i got stuck with the stupid flu for like 3 weeks! x


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