Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Still Standing!

Hello my loves!

I am here, and I am alive. And I am also completely exhausted, so this is going to be a very quick update from me! I have now started my new job and am firmly ensconced in the world of digital PR. Its a complete change from my previous job...in fact I can't think of a single parallel to draw between the two, except perhaps that they both involve a slightly traumatic commute. I'm completely loving it so far though and looking forward to learning more as I settle in and find my feet.

I am also back on the Weight Watchers wagon (yes, again) and have a new meeting in LANDAN town, as unfortunately my meeting at home wouldn't have worked out with my new working hours. Work was always a bit of a landmine for me, what with all the goodies lingering in the office, but so far I'm doing really well at the new office...nothing to do with the fact that I'm working on the Weight Watchers campaign, of course! I'm not complaining though, and long may it continue!

I really must go now, I can feel my eyes closing as I type this, but I just wanted to check in to let you know that I'm alive and well. In lieu of an actual update (I promise to be more interesting soon), here are some faves from Pinterest at the moment.

I need to remember this.

Love Frost.

Pretty much my life philosophy.

Love this...

...love this more.

Source: imgfave.com via Lauren on Pinterest

I have very strong friendships.

Harry. Always.

Smart is the new sexy.


Source: nedhardy.com via Lauren on Pinterest

Couldn't agree more.

I can imagine having this conversation with my dog...

And finally, this little gem...

...which pretty much sums up my life at the moment.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

All my love, 
Lauren xxx


  1. Love all of those! So glad you are enjoying your new job! Now - get to sleep!

  2. I remember when I started my PR job, it was overwhelming. I'd never been so exhausted! Glad you're okay and I'm loving some of these pins!

  3. OMG love all of those pics!!! (saved onto my computer now) thanks :)



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