Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I Should Be So Lucky

I realise I've been rather neglectful over the last week - you have my sincerest apologies! Life seems to have got in the way a bit, with lots of wonderfully Christmassy things cropping up on my calendar - as well as some extremely exciting opportunities for me both personally and professionally! A couple of weeks ago I interviewed for what is essentially my dream job...almost immediately I was invited back for a second interview...and almost immediately after that I was offered the position. There will be more details to come over the next week or so, but I could not be more excited about starting my new job, nor could I be more grateful to the company who are giving me such a wonderful opportunity.

With the terrible events that took place last week in Connecticut still hanging over everyone's heads, I am feeling even more grateful for all the wonderful people and things in my life at the moment. It always strikes me as extremely sad that it takes a horrifying event like that one to make people realise what that have and how lucky they are. I guess its an inherent part of human nature (for most) to never be truly happy with what we have, to always be striving for more. And there's nothing wrong with that - in fact ambition and drive is what I find most attractive and interesting in a person. But if all we focus on is how to get more, then we can never truly appreciate what we have now.

In the past its been a struggle for me to recognise how lucky I am and I have instead spent too long dwelling on what I don't have. My life is by no means perfect but I have incredible friends, a wonderfully insane family, an fantastic new job - not to mention a great one that I am very sad to be leaving at the end of this week, good health, a fantastic education, a roof over my head and food in my belly (specifically homemade mince pies. Omnomnom). I'd say all things considered, I'm pretty damn fortunate.

Grateful for....

Squishy baby snuggles

Brilliant memories

Wonderful friends

Fantastic parents

But mostly for puppies in Santa outfits.

As well as anything else thats made me smile today.

What put a grin on your fact today?

With all my love,
Lauren xxx


  1. Congrats on the job.
    Some horrid stuff going on in the world.
    Just got to keep on going and try and keep your own little bubble ticking along.


  2. puppies in santa outfits are my fave too! I'm grateful for my friends and dog Sookie xx


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