Monday, 31 December 2012

Here's To You, 2012.

Normally on 31st of December every year I'm counting down the hours to the New Year. Its always been part of my nature to focus on the bad things and let myself be brought down by them, and so I'm always looking forward to putting the year behind me, forgetting about it and moving on, secure in the knowledge that in a years time I'll be able to do it all again. But this year...this year something is different. Even as I sit in my bed swaddled in fluffy PJs, dosed up to the eyeballs on paracetamol, cuprofen and antibiotics, I feel...content. Content with 2012 and all it has given me, because its been one hell of a year.

To recap, we welcomed two tiny new faces to mum's side of the family this year:

Kaci Marie Terrell

Grace Wren

And an equally adorable although slightly furrier little face to dad's side:

Bertie (and some random weirdo holding him up)

As well as welcoming lots of extremely squishy huggable little creatures to our quickly expanding clan, plenty of other exciting things happened as well. Yours truly was featured in a national newspaper, for one!

The Sun, April 23rd 2012

I was lucky enough to visit New York, again:

And to see Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto tour at the Emirates:

I got all dolled up for Summer Ball:

....and partied a little too hard once I got there...

I celebrated the end of the term and the end of my time at the University of Kent with arguably the best (looking) housemates any girl could ever ask for:

And again, partied a little too hard.

I graduated surrounded by my wonderful friends and family:

...and then I partied too hard again.

I started my first 'proper' Graduate job at Dorling Kindersley, and truly experienced the hell of London Underground during rush hour.

I was invited to join the lovely ladies and gent of Team WAMK, which continues to be a huge honour.

The WAMK team (minus Chris), September 2012 at the Leamington Bloggers Meet.

I celebrated the Olympics Games coming to London, and waved our Athletes down the Strand on their victory parade:

I celebrated turning 22 in Canterbury with my beautiful little sister Amy and my best friend Nikki.

(There is no photo evidence of my having partied too hard on this occasion, but I'm almost convinced that it did happen.)

I visited Canterbury for Halloween....

And partied harder than ever before. Fortunately all photos of this have been destroyed...yes, it was that bad.

I got offered my dream job, as an assistant account executive for the digital PR division of the Red Consultancy....hello working on Weight Watchers digital campains! ;)

I celebrated Christmas with my family:

As well as all of those wonderful things, I also went back to the 80s for my dad's 50th (partied too hard), celebrated my twin brother and sister turning 18 (partied too hard again), had a party for my aunt's 50th (you guessed it), and had countless days, nights and weekends out and about, normally partying too hard but always having an amazing time. 

More than anything else, 2012 has been incredible for the people its brought into my life and for strengthening the relationships I already had. A huge thank you is owed to all my friends and family just for putting up with me, but in particular to my long-suffering parents, step-parents and siblings. I'm the proudest big sister and the luckiest daughter ever to have lived, just for having you all. To all my wonderful friends, most notably Mark, Jack, Jack, Terry, Nikki, Emma, Liz, Danielle, Rosie, Lianna, Siobhan, Natalie, and all the others that I've missed off - for making me weep with laughter on a regular basis, for picking me up when I've been down and for looking after me when I'm too drunk to stand. I owe you all big time.

So here is to the last twelve months - its been a blast. Lets make the next twelve even better. May 2013 bring much health, wealth and happiness to all of my wonderful readers, my insane incredible family, and my superb friends.

 Happy New Year!

With all my love and best wishes for the year ahead,
Lauren xxx


  1. Happy New Year lovely! Sounds like 2012 was an amazing year for you, that photo of you partying in the fountain is absolutely amazing! :) xo

  2. It sounds like you've had an amazing year! Here's to making 2013 even better :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  3. Fab Fab post.

    Happy New Year.
    Good luck for 2013 x


  4. What a fab and action packe 2012! Hope your feeling better soon and ready to continue it in 2013

  5. I see a recurring theme there ;) I hope 2013 treats you just as we'll as 2012.

  6. Wow, girl you look so good! What a great accomplishment, yay for weight watchers and a healthy lifestyle. It looks like you had a great year, graduating, partying, seeing Coldplay and visiting New York. How awesome?! Hope your next year is just as great love!

    Lots of bloggy love from:


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