Saturday, 3 November 2012

Yeah You Gotta Face It Baby Things Go Bump In The Night

It is the truth universally acknowledged that being a Graduate is literally the worst thing in the world. There is only a limited amount of mid-week shenanigans you can get up to when you have to get up at 6am the next day and go to work. This becomes particularly problematic when Halloween (commonly accepted as the best night out of the year) falls on a Wednesday. There is only one way to get around this problem.

You take time off work and go visit your old university. Of course.

I headed down to Canterbury on Tuesday evening, which had the added bonus of meaning I could go to my old Weight Watchers meeting on Wednesday morning. It was awesome to see everyone and I loved catching up with my old leader Jen. Oh how I miss that meeting...woe.

That evening we got well and truly grossed-up and headed out to party, after consuming liberal amounts of whatever blood-coloured beverage we could think of and a cracking game of 'Ring of (hell)Fire' - including the classics 'vampire whores' (four), 'severed dicks' (six), 'zombie card' (ten) and 'witch's brew' (king). Students are nothing if not creative with drinking games.

In the interest of being totally original (not), I decided to go for the Little-Red-Riding-Hood-got-mauled-by-The-Big-Bad-Wolf look.

I got the costume from Jokers Masquerade but made some serious alterations to make it wearable for me. For some reason best known to themselves, JM only stock the costume in size Small (UK 6-8), which I am not, M (UK 10-12), which again I am not, or plus size (UK 18-20), which once again I am not. Most of my clothes are a 12-14 but fancy dress always seems to come up a bit small so a 14-16 would have been perfect. Please take note Jokers Masquerade - just because I'm not a size 10, doesn't mean I'm automatically a size 20. 

Anyway, I digress. I altered the costume myself - taking about 5in out of the bodice and about 2in out of each shoulder pad. I also cut out the frilly blouse bit and just wore a plain white vest top underneath instead. Then I just threw on some fishnets and my trusty New Look wedges and I was sorted. 

The make-up was an adaptation of my Halloween make-up from last year - I applied my foundation as normal and then paled myself down with a little blended white face paint. I shaded around my hairline, jaw, cheekbones, under my bottom lip and down the sides of my nose with matt brown eyeshade (MUA, Shade 19 I do believe), and then loaded up with lots and lots of black, purple and grey eyeshadow before throwing on some red lippy. Then I got busy with some fake injury transfer tattoos on my cheek, chest, arm and leg and splashing on some fake blood. And voila - dead Little Red Riding Hood!

I did not, however, add as much fake blood as Nikki.

Nor did I go to quite the same level of grossness with my nails.

All in all it was a cracking night, involving far too much alcohol and a culminating in a day spent stewing in our own misery on Thursday (and eating monster portions of fish and chips, just as soon as our stomachs were able to handle it). Student Halloween parties are definitely to be recommended.

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