Monday, 19 November 2012

Weigh In/Weekend Update

Hi lovelies - how are we all?

I was intending to write this post yesterday but in between updating Where Are My Knees? and killing off a few thousand brain cells with X Factor and I'm A Celeb I just didn't get round to it.

I weighed in on Thursday with a loss of 2.5lbs - despite not having managed to get to the gym all week because of a minor foot injury! I'm still way behind schedule for my Ten Week Pledge, but as I said on my Where Are My Knees? Sunday Summary anything that I do lose will have been down to having the commitment I made in the back of my mind.

I have also done something slightly drastic that I swore I'd never do...I've 'given up' chocolate. A very good friend of mine, who happens to be a complete crisp fiend, has forgone her favourite snack for the last three weeks, and talking to her about it made me realise just how many ProPoints I use on chocolatey goodness every day. It comes down to the 'well I have my weeklies' or 'I have enough left for the day' mentality, which don't get me wrong is fine, but I was just eating it for the sake of it, not because I really wanted it. I will admit to having a couple of slip-ups (like chocolate birthday cake for breakfast on Saturday - more on that to come) and this morning when a Milky Way Celebration ACCIDENTALLY FELL INTO MY MOUTH. Actually thats a lie. It was no accident. The little b*****d jumped. True story.

Anyway, even after a few days I'm noticing a distinct decrease in cravings and a distinct increase in the amount of ProPoints I have to play with for lunch and dinner, having not used 7 or 8 on biscuits and chocolate during the day. My friend and I have promised to come clean and 'fess up should either of us slip - which so far we have both done - and that there will be no judgement and we'll get straight back on the wagon. I plan to keep it up until Christmas Eve and hopefully it will help limit the damage done in the run up to the big day!

Moving on from that - this weekend just gone I was reunited with three of my favourite people - these clowns:

Jack Squared, as they are affectionately known, both turned 22 this weekend so I made the Pilgrimage to Berkshire to celebrate with them. As always when I go out with them it was a night of indescribable messiness, culminating in Mr Fox (second left) getting lost in Windsor and going on an impromptu and involuntary tour of Berkshire. Our concern lasted precisely as long as it took our hosts hot tub to heat up and then we forgot all about him. Don't worry though, he turned up in the end.

I was, of course, planning to share some pictures with you all...that was until I realised that I left my camera at Jack's house and will have to wait a while to be reunited with it. Woe. I will share an outfit post once my camera is safely back in my possession but suffice it to say that its one hell of a dress and has already become my new favourite - not least because its a size 10. Granted I can barely move or breathe in it, but thats definitely not the point. SIZE EFFING TEN. And breathe.

One more thing before I love you and leave you - who has seen Breaking Dawn Part 2? I was pleasantly surprised after being outraged by the trailer. Although I must say my favourite part of the whole film (other that naked Pattinson and Lautner obvs) was the final credits with clips of all the characters. I didn't get quite as emotional (ie sobbing wreck) as I did when Harry Potter finished, but I will miss having Edward on my screen. Oh Edward, please be mine....

With love
Lauren xxx


  1. Lauren, I've lost a grand total of nothing!! I keep on going up and down and had so many nights out, meals and events. It's driving me insane. Going to try and go for 5lbs before Christmas and cut out having snacks on my break in work. I'm the same and use about 6-8 points a day on junk.
    I met a guy on Sat that looked like a cross between Pattinson and Matt Smith, phwoar ;) xx

  2. Given up chocolate???? There is no possible way that I could do such a thing :) I admire you

  3. You are courageous for giving up chocolate Lauren. I tried really hard to be good and not eat it which worked for about a month and then the past two weeks I've been such a choc fiend! So I'm going to give it up too! Till 24th December you say? EEEEK xx

  4. good luck with giving up on chocolate hope it works for you!! Is a good idea though! I loved seeing Twilight, it was better than I thought it would be. I didnt get as emotional as I did when went to HP tour on Sunday, LJ you HAVE to go, its amazing!! I got all teary at end :( xx

  5. Good luck with it.
    On day 20 of 61 (doing it November and December) here now of no chocolate, crisps, sweets, biscuits, takeaways and fizzy pop x


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