Sunday, 11 November 2012

Weekend Update

Hi all!

I can't believe its 7pm on Sunday - this weekend has flown by! Its been a really chilled one on my part and it was long overdue. After a hectic and draining couple of weeks I really needed it! Yesterday was my mum and nan's birthday (imagine having a baby on your birthday!! ICK!) so we went out for lunch with my two aunties. We went to a local restaurant and the food was meh but it was nice to spend some time with the four of them - normally there are 800 other cousins running around too. I love my family, but there are just so bloody many of us now!

Chicken liver pate & toasted brioche /Auntie Lesley, Me, Mum, Auntie Val and Nan / my masterpiece / the birthday girls

As the house baker it was down to be to produce the birthday cake. I was feeling lazy and not particularly experimental so I stuck to my trademark chocolate sponge cake with chocolate buttercream icing. Even I was impressed by how it turned out! In the interest of getting my arse back in gear and carrying on the the 10 Week Pledge I worked out the points for the cake using the Weight Watchers recipe builder on eSource.


I estimated that the cake was probably ten servings worth - in reality it was more like 14, and we probably could have got 18 out of it if the male-type people hadn't had such huge wedges of fluffy chocolatey goodness. I pointed my slice as a 14th of the cake as a whole, which was probably a bit of an over-estimation but its better to be safe than sorry, and it was 13 points. I was definitely kidding myself all those times I pointed a slice of cake at 6 or 7...awkward.

After we had lunch yesterday we had a potter around some of the shops on our local high street. I found this beauty in a charity shop and haggled down from a fiver to £3, result! Its a size 10 so its too small at the moment but I'm hoping that in a few months and a stone or so's time I'll be able to get into it. I will never be an honest to goodness size 10 but this one does seem rather generously proportioned so here's hoping!

Thats all from me folks - after having been snuggled in my bed with my book all day (the second Game of Thrones) I am now ready to venture downstairs for X Factor, tea, and another slice of my delicious (if I do say so myself) cake!

I hope your weekends have all been wonderful!

With love, 
Lauren xxx


  1. 19 pro points a slice! Jesus, that must have been an amazing cake.

  2. What a great looking cake, damn those WW points!

  3. I want to fall into that cake. Seriously. Also, thanks for your comments on my blog, I'm a bit behind on posting, but I'm glad to have a new follower! Also, can't wait for you to fit into that dress!

  4. That is an epic cake. I love your new dress the colour is gorgeous! Cant wait till you fit in it and can see it properly :)


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