Thursday, 29 November 2012

'I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I do not believe I deserved my friends.'

Hi lovelies

I've been having some real troubles with my laptop recently. Its being insanely slow, it keeps losing connection with the net and the screen keeps freezing. I guess I should have gone with the 'new laptop for Christmas' option after all - alas my letter to Santa (read: parents) has been written and sent (read: emailed, with handy links included for their convenience - aren't I a nice daughter!?) so I guess I'll just have to put up and shut up. Or buy a new one on my credit card. Hmmm...

Anywaaay, for all of the above reasons this post is going to be short and sweet. I'm down another 1lb this week, and only then because I have succumbed to the nasty bug that seems to be doing the rounds. 2am through to 6am this morning was spent with my head down the toilet, which is not how I enjoy spending my nights unless its been brought about by copious amounts of tequila. I didn't manage to make it to my meeting to weigh in so I just hopped on the scales at home. They're more or less the same as the ones at the meeting (mum weighed herself on them when she got in and got the same result) and I even resisted the temptation to weigh myself in the nude so as to get an extra few ounces off! Yeah you all know what I'm talking about...I would weigh in the nude every week if I could get away with it. I often wonder how many layers I would be able to strip off at the scales before somebody stopped me. I reckon I could at least get down to my bra and thermal tights. Yes I own thermal tights. Stop judging me.

Before I scoot off, I just wanted to show some love to my best friend Nicole who reached her goal weight yesterday after losing 3st 4.5lbs with Weight Watchers!

Nicole, before joining Weight Watchers

 Celebrating goal! -3st 4.5lbs

I'm devastated I couldn't be there to celebrate with her yesterday, but we've had plenty of love-ins over the phone and facebook since then so I think we're all good! I've been like a proud mum on prom day since then, even telling all my colleagues about it over lunch and discussing it with my mum. Despite only meeting in February of this year Nikki has quickly become my best friend - a day doesn't go by when we don't speak and she's one of the first people I turn to not only for any weight loss related ramblings, but also for anything else that might have irked me or made me smile that day. It doesn't hurt that she shares my cynicism, slightly twisted sense of humour and love (ahem) of tequila slammers. So here's to you babe - here's to 'leggy pizzas', leather trousers, curly wurlies and endless bowls of soup. Here's to post-WI McDonalds, making a tit out of yourself in step class, and not owning a single item of clothing that actually fits properly - but not giving a damn because its better to be too skinny for your clothes than too fat for them. Here's to making a decision and taking a step that has shaped every moment since then, and every moment still to come. I'm ecstatic that you made the choice to join Weight Watchers and have reached goal, not only because I can't think of anyone who deserves it more, but also because if you hadn't I'd be minus one hell of a friend. So here's to goal - both now, and for many years to come.

Our first date - and Nic's first day on Weight Watchers.

Summer Ball

Our last night out together as undergrads - with fellow Weight Watchers Ninja Natalie


October, with another WWer Liz

Halloween (We need a recent picture that doesn't involve us looking like corpses.)

Everyone head on over to Nicole's blog Cheesecake and other Personal Demons to say hi and congrats!

With love,
Lauren xxx


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon Miss Jones.
    Congrats to Nicole.
    Linked her blog up on the inspirational wall of fame that is my blog links

  2. These transformations are amazing! Congratulations to Nicole!!

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