Thursday, 22 November 2012

Fabby Dabby Thursday.

Today has been a good day, for several reasons.

Firstly, I lost 2.5lbs. Not in one day you understand, but since last week. I'd probably have to amputate an extremity to lose 2.5lbs in one day. Does anyone know how much a foot weighs? Its definitely something to consider next time I have a naughty week. This weeks loss makes a total of 5lbs in two weeks and brings my grand total back up to 87lbs. For me to have two really good losses in as many weeks has been unheard of since about April of this year, so I'm chuffed to bits.

Today has also been a good day because someone described me as 'statuesque'. Isn't that a lovely thing to say? Well, I suppose it would depend on the statue they had in mind, but I'm almost certain that they weren't comparing me to Buddha and that I should therefore take it as a compliment. Which I did. Statuesque. I like it. Beats 'that really tall fat girl' any day of the week.

I also received some wonderful emails today - both in a personal, professional and blog-related capacity. I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket and I know that nothing is certain in today's world, particularly job and career-wise, but at the very least its a reassurance to know that there are people out there willing to go out of their way to help someone that they barely know. My faith in the human race has almost been re-established. Don't get too excited - I said almost.

Last but by no means least, today has been a good day because I got free shit from work. Its no secret that I'm a complete book worm and something of a book hoarder - despite insisting that I had to have a Kindle last Christmas. And don't get me wrong, I do adore my Kindle. It allows me to read 900 page books on the train without giving myself a permanent spinal disfigurement from lugging a book the size and weight of a house brick all the way across London and Essex. It also allows me to read complete and utter smut without the judgmental sidelong glances of my fellow commuters. When I'm reading Hardy, I'll take a paperback. When I'm reading about BDSM and fucking in the back of a limo, I'll stick to the relative privacy of my Kindle. Thanks very much.
Despite all the benefits of the e-reader generation though, there really is nothing like having a good old fashioned book in your hands. One of the many benefits of working for a publishing company is that if there is one thing there's never any shortage of, its books. No teaspoons in the kitchen and paper towel in the ladies', but at least there's always something to read. My department is currently in the process of moving office - we have upgraded in location but downgraded in storage space, so many of the thousands (I'm not exaggerating) books that line our walls are looking for a new home. These are just a couple of the beauties I rescued during a mission of mercy this afternoon - I'm particularly excited about 20th Century, mostly because it reminds me of GCSE History lessons and the storyboards and diagrams my teacher used to have us draw to get our dates and facts in order. Ah to be sixteen again....

Please excuse the (incorrect) time stamp - I'm using mum's camera as mine still hasn't been retrieved from the wilderness of Berkshire. This isn't even half of my hoard - I couldn't carry them all home in one go so there is another huge pile waiting on my desk at work. Mum isn't impressed...
(On a sidenote, I thought The Diary of a Submissive might be a fun read after 50 Shades and Bared to You et al. It isn't. It is in fact deeply disturbing and quite upsetting. I like to think of myself as a fairly open-minded individual - live and let live, and all that stuff - but this is just a little bit too out there. If thats your bag then fair play, but I don't need those images in my head.)

Thats all from me tonight folks - I'm eagerly anticipating a few cocktails tomorrow evening for my friend Katie's birthday, so I need my beauty sleep.

With love,
Lauren xxx


  1. Ha I liked your justification for having a kindle and how you take hardbacks of classics!

  2. Fab result Lauren very well done.
    You must be in heaven with all those books.

    I could literally read anything. Once forgot my books and begged, borrowed and stole whilst abroad. Someone chucked me Flowers in the Attic and i read the full set.

    Anyways. I'm waffling. Good luck. Keep it up Miss Jones xx


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