Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Currently Coveting

As I may or may not have mentioned (!!) on here before, there are very few good things about graduating and leaving university. Having my dinner ready on the table for me when I get home from work and all my washing done for me are two small benefits (although they do come with the drawback of sharing a bathroom with the rest of the family and listening to my mother whinge at me about sorting my life out).

Another benefit is that I now get paid. Granted I don't get paid a lot, and by the time you factor in travelling expenses and rent and car insurance and phone bill and all that drama, my take home is actually pretty paltry. But still, its something. Which is a substantial step-up from what it was before (being basically nothing).

Since I've been working I've found myself becoming more and more drawn to 'nice' clothes - those brands that are slightly more expensive than I've ever been able to afford before but that I can now justify spending some of my hard-earned pennies on at the end of the month. Inspired by Rosie, I've been making a conscious effort to buy things that I know will last for a long time - rather than stuff from Primark and H&M that I normally just buy for the sake of it because its cheap. It is also no coincidence that my sudden attraction to all these pretties comes at the same time as me actually being able to fit in/look nice in most of them. When you wear a size 22-24 and hate how you look, you can spend £200 on a dress and you're still gunna hate how you look. When you wear a 12-14 and are confident and happy in yourself you can spend £200 on a dress and feel like a million dollars. Oh Weight Watchers, I owe you so much...

Anyway, these are some of the stunners that I've got my greedy little eyes on at the moment...

How absolutely stunning is this coat? I can guarantee I would not have been nearly as cold as I was this morning if I had this beauty to snuggle up in! My only slight concern is the colour - not, in itself, an issue, but pair it with my inability to eat or drink anything without pouring it down myself and you're just asking for trouble...

Party season is now upon us and I am in desperate need of some pretty new dresses to dance the night away in! I love how classy this black dress is. Its simple, elegant and timeless. I love the embellished sleeves for two reasons - one, they add that little bit of extra glamour and interest to the dress, without making it all 'oh my god look at me'. And two, they are sleeves. None of this sleeveless/strapless/backless business at this time of year please folks, its far too cold out for all that. Its also the perfect length for my unnaturally long legs. I must make it mine.
Dress: Coast @ House of Fraser

I love the nipped in waist and fuller skirt on this red number (which doesn't seem to be on the website anymore, but that I'm including anyway because its beaut.) It reminds me of 1940s glamour and would be perfect for so many occasions. Every woman should have a fabulous red dress. Its like, a law, or something.

I think the shoes pretty much speak for themselves - pillar box red skyscraper platforms that are covered in sparkle...who wouldn't want them in their wardrobe?!

I love the adorable little lace cap sleeves and embellishment on this number. I think this would be perfect for those (admittedly rare) occasions when I need to make more of an effort at work - teamed with black slacks and pumps it would look smart but still feminine.

When I do eventually splurge on a real grown up bag, this will be it (until my budget stretches to accommodate a trip to Mulberry, that is). Its simple, sophisticated, and big enough to contain all my junk. Whats not to love?
Ankle Boots: Bertie @ House of Fraser

These boots have now sold out but aren't they lovely? I love the suede leather mix and the fact that they have a decent sturdy heel - I don't do stiletto heels! I absolutely adore my glittery ankle boots from New Look and I get compliments every time I wear them, but apparently sparkles are not appropriate for every occasion (I can't personally think of any, but there you are) so these would be a perfect, slightly more demure, alternative.

What have you got your eye on at the moment?

Lauren xxx

***post written in collaboration with House of Fraser


  1. Once I'm at goal weight I plan on spending a bit more on clothes, but at the moment, I am making the most of Primark and Matalan, as the chances are they will be too big by next Winter! I am trying not to buy anything at al, because really I have enough clothes! However I do quiet fancy a pair of leather shorts to wear with thick tights and a peplum top, I'm just not sure if my legs can carry off that look yet! I would also love a pair of cords, I just don't know which colour yet, I'm tempted to go for red!

  2. Hi Lauren!! I happen to think that as a working adult you've earned the right to indulge every once in a while :)

  3. Now that I fit into more reasonable sizes my addiction to shopping has increased far too much. One of upsides/downsides to living at home is more money to spend on clothes. I get bored far too easily. I'm with Ffion, at the moment I mostly shop in places like George, New Look, Peacocks. Not low-low end of high street, but not top end either. Ps the black dress would look immense on you!! S xx

  4. I'm supposed to be savings my money for prezzies for christmas, but now you've made me want all of these things!!! you should feel very guilty haha

    If you get any time spare, please come and visit my blog :)




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