Thursday, 29 November 2012

'I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I do not believe I deserved my friends.'

Hi lovelies

I've been having some real troubles with my laptop recently. Its being insanely slow, it keeps losing connection with the net and the screen keeps freezing. I guess I should have gone with the 'new laptop for Christmas' option after all - alas my letter to Santa (read: parents) has been written and sent (read: emailed, with handy links included for their convenience - aren't I a nice daughter!?) so I guess I'll just have to put up and shut up. Or buy a new one on my credit card. Hmmm...

Anywaaay, for all of the above reasons this post is going to be short and sweet. I'm down another 1lb this week, and only then because I have succumbed to the nasty bug that seems to be doing the rounds. 2am through to 6am this morning was spent with my head down the toilet, which is not how I enjoy spending my nights unless its been brought about by copious amounts of tequila. I didn't manage to make it to my meeting to weigh in so I just hopped on the scales at home. They're more or less the same as the ones at the meeting (mum weighed herself on them when she got in and got the same result) and I even resisted the temptation to weigh myself in the nude so as to get an extra few ounces off! Yeah you all know what I'm talking about...I would weigh in the nude every week if I could get away with it. I often wonder how many layers I would be able to strip off at the scales before somebody stopped me. I reckon I could at least get down to my bra and thermal tights. Yes I own thermal tights. Stop judging me.

Before I scoot off, I just wanted to show some love to my best friend Nicole who reached her goal weight yesterday after losing 3st 4.5lbs with Weight Watchers!

Nicole, before joining Weight Watchers

 Celebrating goal! -3st 4.5lbs

I'm devastated I couldn't be there to celebrate with her yesterday, but we've had plenty of love-ins over the phone and facebook since then so I think we're all good! I've been like a proud mum on prom day since then, even telling all my colleagues about it over lunch and discussing it with my mum. Despite only meeting in February of this year Nikki has quickly become my best friend - a day doesn't go by when we don't speak and she's one of the first people I turn to not only for any weight loss related ramblings, but also for anything else that might have irked me or made me smile that day. It doesn't hurt that she shares my cynicism, slightly twisted sense of humour and love (ahem) of tequila slammers. So here's to you babe - here's to 'leggy pizzas', leather trousers, curly wurlies and endless bowls of soup. Here's to post-WI McDonalds, making a tit out of yourself in step class, and not owning a single item of clothing that actually fits properly - but not giving a damn because its better to be too skinny for your clothes than too fat for them. Here's to making a decision and taking a step that has shaped every moment since then, and every moment still to come. I'm ecstatic that you made the choice to join Weight Watchers and have reached goal, not only because I can't think of anyone who deserves it more, but also because if you hadn't I'd be minus one hell of a friend. So here's to goal - both now, and for many years to come.

Our first date - and Nic's first day on Weight Watchers.

Summer Ball

Our last night out together as undergrads - with fellow Weight Watchers Ninja Natalie


October, with another WWer Liz

Halloween (We need a recent picture that doesn't involve us looking like corpses.)

Everyone head on over to Nicole's blog Cheesecake and other Personal Demons to say hi and congrats!

With love,
Lauren xxx

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Oh For A Book And A Shady Nook

My bookwormish tendencies are no secret, so when I was invited to an event hosted by The Folio Society I was thrilled. I will admit to only having encountered Folio recently, and even then it was only because I work for a rival publishing company (I know right, I'm such a Judas) and other publishers are always being mentioned around the office. For those of you who don't know, Folio publish high-quality illustrated editions of some of the best-loved books around - everything from children's literature to the classics (not that those two are exclusive of each other) to religious texts and everything else in between. Their focus is on quality, and on producing literature that looks and feels fantastic and lasts a lifetime.

I'm completely enamoured with the collection that was on display - particularly their edition of The Handmaid's Tale, which is now considered the definitive edition. The Handmaid's Tale has been a favourite of mine since I studied it at A Level and I absolutely adore the illustrations - they fit with the themes of the book perfectly.

How gorgeous is the midnight blue sparkly cover of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? Perfection.

The evening was hosted by The Guardian Book Editor Claire Armitstead who was lovely, making an effort to meet and mingle with various guests. As well as lusting over the book displays, there was also a reading of Pinocchio by Grahame Baker-Smith, the illustrator of Folio's new edition. Grahame was an absolute gent, chose a brilliant chapter to share and spent ages patiently answering questions. He has illustrated twelve Folio books in total, and is currently working on a thirteenth - a collection of Wilde's short stories, which I will definitely be adding to my collection when the time comes!

As if all that wasn't enough, there were some of the most delicious canapes I have ever tasted on offer, as well as a seemingly endless supply of mulled wine and mulled cider. I was planning on taking some photos of those too, but I was too busy shovelling them into my mouth. Soz.

I wanted to share some nice outfit pictures with you - unfortunately my brother was the only one still awake when I got in, and as he is so profoundly useless at everything that I am often astounded by his ability to differentiate between his arse and his elbow without help, this is the best I could do.

Blazer: Primark
Dress and Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: New Look
Watch: Michael Kors
Rosie cheeks: c/o too much mulled wine

Please excuse the mess in this photo - I did try to instruct him to zoom in a little and therefore omit the discarded shoes and pile of cookbooks (all mum's - you can see where I get it from!) but alas, the zoom button was a little too much for his tiny mind to grasp.

You may recognise the dress as the sister of this oneThere is only one situation in life in which I believe fate truly plays a part - sale shopping. I had been toying with the idea of getting the black version of this dress pretty much since I laid eyes on the burgundy one. So there I was, trawling through the sale rack in Lakeside Dorothy Perkins, when I came across the last one in the shop. It was sandwiched between two other dresses, both of which were hideous, and wasn't even on its own hanger. Throw in the fact that it was my size and obviously I had to have it. It was like a message from the shopping God. And when He calls, who am I not to answer?! I made it mine for cheeky £11.80 (the fact that my student card is valid until June fills me with indescribable joy) and never looked back. The blazer was one of those rare fantastic Primark finds - I wanted to pair it with something bright, but smarter than one of my trusty old 'boyfriend' cardigans.

What do you think of the Folio Society Collection? Will you be stopping by to grab some Christmas gifts for your loved ones - or perhaps just treating yourself? I've been lucky enough to be sent a copy of All Quiet on the Western Front to review, so watch this space for my thoughts on it!

With love,
Lauren xxx

P.S While my little brother couldn't quite grasp the zoom button, he has certainly mastered the art of the self-portrait. When I uploaded the pictures to my laptop I was greeted with these little gems -

Cretin. Can you spot his Movember 'tache? He's very proud of it....maybe in a few years it'll be more impressive, but at the moment it is more reminiscent of bum fluff.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Fabby Dabby Thursday.

Today has been a good day, for several reasons.

Firstly, I lost 2.5lbs. Not in one day you understand, but since last week. I'd probably have to amputate an extremity to lose 2.5lbs in one day. Does anyone know how much a foot weighs? Its definitely something to consider next time I have a naughty week. This weeks loss makes a total of 5lbs in two weeks and brings my grand total back up to 87lbs. For me to have two really good losses in as many weeks has been unheard of since about April of this year, so I'm chuffed to bits.

Today has also been a good day because someone described me as 'statuesque'. Isn't that a lovely thing to say? Well, I suppose it would depend on the statue they had in mind, but I'm almost certain that they weren't comparing me to Buddha and that I should therefore take it as a compliment. Which I did. Statuesque. I like it. Beats 'that really tall fat girl' any day of the week.

I also received some wonderful emails today - both in a personal, professional and blog-related capacity. I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket and I know that nothing is certain in today's world, particularly job and career-wise, but at the very least its a reassurance to know that there are people out there willing to go out of their way to help someone that they barely know. My faith in the human race has almost been re-established. Don't get too excited - I said almost.

Last but by no means least, today has been a good day because I got free shit from work. Its no secret that I'm a complete book worm and something of a book hoarder - despite insisting that I had to have a Kindle last Christmas. And don't get me wrong, I do adore my Kindle. It allows me to read 900 page books on the train without giving myself a permanent spinal disfigurement from lugging a book the size and weight of a house brick all the way across London and Essex. It also allows me to read complete and utter smut without the judgmental sidelong glances of my fellow commuters. When I'm reading Hardy, I'll take a paperback. When I'm reading about BDSM and fucking in the back of a limo, I'll stick to the relative privacy of my Kindle. Thanks very much.
Despite all the benefits of the e-reader generation though, there really is nothing like having a good old fashioned book in your hands. One of the many benefits of working for a publishing company is that if there is one thing there's never any shortage of, its books. No teaspoons in the kitchen and paper towel in the ladies', but at least there's always something to read. My department is currently in the process of moving office - we have upgraded in location but downgraded in storage space, so many of the thousands (I'm not exaggerating) books that line our walls are looking for a new home. These are just a couple of the beauties I rescued during a mission of mercy this afternoon - I'm particularly excited about 20th Century, mostly because it reminds me of GCSE History lessons and the storyboards and diagrams my teacher used to have us draw to get our dates and facts in order. Ah to be sixteen again....

Please excuse the (incorrect) time stamp - I'm using mum's camera as mine still hasn't been retrieved from the wilderness of Berkshire. This isn't even half of my hoard - I couldn't carry them all home in one go so there is another huge pile waiting on my desk at work. Mum isn't impressed...
(On a sidenote, I thought The Diary of a Submissive might be a fun read after 50 Shades and Bared to You et al. It isn't. It is in fact deeply disturbing and quite upsetting. I like to think of myself as a fairly open-minded individual - live and let live, and all that stuff - but this is just a little bit too out there. If thats your bag then fair play, but I don't need those images in my head.)

Thats all from me tonight folks - I'm eagerly anticipating a few cocktails tomorrow evening for my friend Katie's birthday, so I need my beauty sleep.

With love,
Lauren xxx

Monday, 19 November 2012

Weigh In/Weekend Update

Hi lovelies - how are we all?

I was intending to write this post yesterday but in between updating Where Are My Knees? and killing off a few thousand brain cells with X Factor and I'm A Celeb I just didn't get round to it.

I weighed in on Thursday with a loss of 2.5lbs - despite not having managed to get to the gym all week because of a minor foot injury! I'm still way behind schedule for my Ten Week Pledge, but as I said on my Where Are My Knees? Sunday Summary anything that I do lose will have been down to having the commitment I made in the back of my mind.

I have also done something slightly drastic that I swore I'd never do...I've 'given up' chocolate. A very good friend of mine, who happens to be a complete crisp fiend, has forgone her favourite snack for the last three weeks, and talking to her about it made me realise just how many ProPoints I use on chocolatey goodness every day. It comes down to the 'well I have my weeklies' or 'I have enough left for the day' mentality, which don't get me wrong is fine, but I was just eating it for the sake of it, not because I really wanted it. I will admit to having a couple of slip-ups (like chocolate birthday cake for breakfast on Saturday - more on that to come) and this morning when a Milky Way Celebration ACCIDENTALLY FELL INTO MY MOUTH. Actually thats a lie. It was no accident. The little b*****d jumped. True story.

Anyway, even after a few days I'm noticing a distinct decrease in cravings and a distinct increase in the amount of ProPoints I have to play with for lunch and dinner, having not used 7 or 8 on biscuits and chocolate during the day. My friend and I have promised to come clean and 'fess up should either of us slip - which so far we have both done - and that there will be no judgement and we'll get straight back on the wagon. I plan to keep it up until Christmas Eve and hopefully it will help limit the damage done in the run up to the big day!

Moving on from that - this weekend just gone I was reunited with three of my favourite people - these clowns:

Jack Squared, as they are affectionately known, both turned 22 this weekend so I made the Pilgrimage to Berkshire to celebrate with them. As always when I go out with them it was a night of indescribable messiness, culminating in Mr Fox (second left) getting lost in Windsor and going on an impromptu and involuntary tour of Berkshire. Our concern lasted precisely as long as it took our hosts hot tub to heat up and then we forgot all about him. Don't worry though, he turned up in the end.

I was, of course, planning to share some pictures with you all...that was until I realised that I left my camera at Jack's house and will have to wait a while to be reunited with it. Woe. I will share an outfit post once my camera is safely back in my possession but suffice it to say that its one hell of a dress and has already become my new favourite - not least because its a size 10. Granted I can barely move or breathe in it, but thats definitely not the point. SIZE EFFING TEN. And breathe.

One more thing before I love you and leave you - who has seen Breaking Dawn Part 2? I was pleasantly surprised after being outraged by the trailer. Although I must say my favourite part of the whole film (other that naked Pattinson and Lautner obvs) was the final credits with clips of all the characters. I didn't get quite as emotional (ie sobbing wreck) as I did when Harry Potter finished, but I will miss having Edward on my screen. Oh Edward, please be mine....

With love
Lauren xxx

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Santa Baby

I'm not normally much of a one for 'Christmas Spirit' before the middle of December - in fact I'm widely known as something of a scrooge. For some reason this year though I'm finding myself feeling slightly more festive than I am normally accustomed to. I blame it on Pinterest and all the gorgeous Christmas decorations/recipes/gift ideas. Damn you Pinterest, you're making me go all soft!

As a sad lonely singleton I don't get the luxury of gorgeous gifts from a man-type person (although I do get pretty good gifts from my daddy, and he is a man type person) - although that means that I also don't have the added hassle and expense of trying to think of an equally gorgeous gift to give to a man-type person, so I guess I'm no worse off really! It does mean that I have to rely on mummy and daddy for all Christmas pretties though, and boy have I got my eye on a lot this year! I know, I know, that I should do the responsible thing, ask for money and use it to reduce my student overdraft and credit card bill, or put it towards decorating my room so that its actually a pleasant place for me to come home to. But really, where's the fun in that?!

The first item on my Christmas list goes at least someway to being responsible, and to be honest it is probably what I'll end up with (if I ask for money and put a couple of hundred towards it myself of course!) because my laptop is definitely on its way out. The hinges are broken, the cover is cracked, there's an ugly blue line running through the screen, the charger socket is cracked AGAIN, and the disc drive has completely stopped working. If I could give you one piece of advice it would be this - don't ever buy a Dell. I would love to say that this HP Pavilion is the laptop for me because of the memory and hard drive and operating system, but that would be a lie. Its really just because its purple.

These GHDs would also be something of a reasonable choice for a Christmas present, because my £25 Remington ones are well and truly on their way out. They've served me well though - I've had a good 18 months of use out of them so I definitely got my money's worth. I've been lusting after these Pink Cherry Blossom GHDs ever since Sarah reviewed them - so cute.

I've recently jumped on the Liz Earle bandwagon and haven't looked back since (review to come soon)! I've just placed my order for my November Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise set, but wouldn't it be nice if Santa were to slip one of their gorgeous gift hampers into my stocking....?

There is a very good chance that these beauties will be finding their way into my wardrobe long before Christmas - particularly as its pay day tomorrow and they've been reduced to £45!!  HELLO NEW SHOES. Nothing says Merry Christmas like sparkles, and nothing says Happy Lauren like new footwear. (If anyone of the parental persuasion is reading this, I'm a size 7, FYI.) Maybe I'll buy the black ones now and Santa can bring me the beige ones...after all, I wouldn't want them to be lonely.

Can we just take a moment to bask in the sheer adorableness of this bunny jumper?! I die. Topshop actually have some really gorgeous stuff in their Tall range at the moment and this is no exception. I actually saw it in store this afternoon and its so fluffy and pretty and arrrghhhh. NEED.

These are just a few of the items on my wishlist...I'm sure I'll be adding more over the coming weeks as the gorgeousness keeps rolling into the stores/onto cyberspace.

What are you asking Santa for this year?

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Weekend Update

Hi all!

I can't believe its 7pm on Sunday - this weekend has flown by! Its been a really chilled one on my part and it was long overdue. After a hectic and draining couple of weeks I really needed it! Yesterday was my mum and nan's birthday (imagine having a baby on your birthday!! ICK!) so we went out for lunch with my two aunties. We went to a local restaurant and the food was meh but it was nice to spend some time with the four of them - normally there are 800 other cousins running around too. I love my family, but there are just so bloody many of us now!

Chicken liver pate & toasted brioche /Auntie Lesley, Me, Mum, Auntie Val and Nan / my masterpiece / the birthday girls

As the house baker it was down to be to produce the birthday cake. I was feeling lazy and not particularly experimental so I stuck to my trademark chocolate sponge cake with chocolate buttercream icing. Even I was impressed by how it turned out! In the interest of getting my arse back in gear and carrying on the the 10 Week Pledge I worked out the points for the cake using the Weight Watchers recipe builder on eSource.


I estimated that the cake was probably ten servings worth - in reality it was more like 14, and we probably could have got 18 out of it if the male-type people hadn't had such huge wedges of fluffy chocolatey goodness. I pointed my slice as a 14th of the cake as a whole, which was probably a bit of an over-estimation but its better to be safe than sorry, and it was 13 points. I was definitely kidding myself all those times I pointed a slice of cake at 6 or 7...awkward.

After we had lunch yesterday we had a potter around some of the shops on our local high street. I found this beauty in a charity shop and haggled down from a fiver to £3, result! Its a size 10 so its too small at the moment but I'm hoping that in a few months and a stone or so's time I'll be able to get into it. I will never be an honest to goodness size 10 but this one does seem rather generously proportioned so here's hoping!

Thats all from me folks - after having been snuggled in my bed with my book all day (the second Game of Thrones) I am now ready to venture downstairs for X Factor, tea, and another slice of my delicious (if I do say so myself) cake!

I hope your weekends have all been wonderful!

With love, 
Lauren xxx

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Currently Coveting

As I may or may not have mentioned (!!) on here before, there are very few good things about graduating and leaving university. Having my dinner ready on the table for me when I get home from work and all my washing done for me are two small benefits (although they do come with the drawback of sharing a bathroom with the rest of the family and listening to my mother whinge at me about sorting my life out).

Another benefit is that I now get paid. Granted I don't get paid a lot, and by the time you factor in travelling expenses and rent and car insurance and phone bill and all that drama, my take home is actually pretty paltry. But still, its something. Which is a substantial step-up from what it was before (being basically nothing).

Since I've been working I've found myself becoming more and more drawn to 'nice' clothes - those brands that are slightly more expensive than I've ever been able to afford before but that I can now justify spending some of my hard-earned pennies on at the end of the month. Inspired by Rosie, I've been making a conscious effort to buy things that I know will last for a long time - rather than stuff from Primark and H&M that I normally just buy for the sake of it because its cheap. It is also no coincidence that my sudden attraction to all these pretties comes at the same time as me actually being able to fit in/look nice in most of them. When you wear a size 22-24 and hate how you look, you can spend £200 on a dress and you're still gunna hate how you look. When you wear a 12-14 and are confident and happy in yourself you can spend £200 on a dress and feel like a million dollars. Oh Weight Watchers, I owe you so much...

Anyway, these are some of the stunners that I've got my greedy little eyes on at the moment...

How absolutely stunning is this coat? I can guarantee I would not have been nearly as cold as I was this morning if I had this beauty to snuggle up in! My only slight concern is the colour - not, in itself, an issue, but pair it with my inability to eat or drink anything without pouring it down myself and you're just asking for trouble...

Party season is now upon us and I am in desperate need of some pretty new dresses to dance the night away in! I love how classy this black dress is. Its simple, elegant and timeless. I love the embellished sleeves for two reasons - one, they add that little bit of extra glamour and interest to the dress, without making it all 'oh my god look at me'. And two, they are sleeves. None of this sleeveless/strapless/backless business at this time of year please folks, its far too cold out for all that. Its also the perfect length for my unnaturally long legs. I must make it mine.
Dress: Coast @ House of Fraser

I love the nipped in waist and fuller skirt on this red number (which doesn't seem to be on the website anymore, but that I'm including anyway because its beaut.) It reminds me of 1940s glamour and would be perfect for so many occasions. Every woman should have a fabulous red dress. Its like, a law, or something.

I think the shoes pretty much speak for themselves - pillar box red skyscraper platforms that are covered in sparkle...who wouldn't want them in their wardrobe?!

I love the adorable little lace cap sleeves and embellishment on this number. I think this would be perfect for those (admittedly rare) occasions when I need to make more of an effort at work - teamed with black slacks and pumps it would look smart but still feminine.

When I do eventually splurge on a real grown up bag, this will be it (until my budget stretches to accommodate a trip to Mulberry, that is). Its simple, sophisticated, and big enough to contain all my junk. Whats not to love?
Ankle Boots: Bertie @ House of Fraser

These boots have now sold out but aren't they lovely? I love the suede leather mix and the fact that they have a decent sturdy heel - I don't do stiletto heels! I absolutely adore my glittery ankle boots from New Look and I get compliments every time I wear them, but apparently sparkles are not appropriate for every occasion (I can't personally think of any, but there you are) so these would be a perfect, slightly more demure, alternative.

What have you got your eye on at the moment?

Lauren xxx

***post written in collaboration with House of Fraser

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Dotty for Dotty.

My love affair with Dorothy Perkins first began when I arrived at university in September 2009. Prior to that I'd never shopped there before. You see when I was a wee nipper, all those years ago, the only shop local to me that was 'fashionable' was the tiny little New Look up our local high street - so naturally thats where all my pocket money ended up - spent on slogan t-shirts, cut-off jeans and adorable and yet hopelessly impractical bags (in fairness to myself, I was only 12 at the time).

When I was 14 I moved in with my dad - who happens to live ten minutes away from Bluewater shopping centre. You'd have thought this would be my queue to branch out a little from New Look right? Wrong. You see by this time I was already bigger than most of my friends, and I knew that New Look clothes went up to a size 18, as opposed to the shops that my friends and sister shopped in like Topshop, River Island and Miss Selfridge that only went up to a 16 or sometimes even a 14! So I stuck with what I knew, and the majority of my wardrobe was comprised of New Look clothes. My ballooning weight when I was 17-18 coincided nicely with the launch of New Look's Inspire range so heading into a size 20-22 wasn't a huge problem when it came to finding something to wear (well, it was, but at least there were clothes available in my size, even if they did look atrocious.)

It was only when I arrived in Canterbury in September 2009 (wearing New Look Inspire jeggings in a size 22 and what can only be described as some sort of shapeless sack as a top in a size 20-22) that this became a problem. You see, while Canterbury does have a New Look, that New Look DOES NOT STOCK THE INSPIRE RANGE. I remember vividly my first excursion into the town centre during Freshers week, and the throat gripping, stomach turning panic when I realised there were no plus sized clothes in the shop. I was horrified. And sure, I could have shopped online for Inspire clothes (and often did) but sometimes that just isn't convenient. Like, what if I wanted something for that night? Or what if I wasn't sure on sizing and wanted to try something on? My bank account didn't (and still doesn't) allow for the ordering of multiple sizes to try on, even if the ones that didn't fit would eventually be refunded. Nor did it allow for me to shop in M&S - because lets face it, while their clothes are gorgeous and well made, they're not exactly student friendly - either in budget or appearance.

It was an issue.

That's when I discovered Dorothy Perkins. I had always counted DP in the same category as Topshop, River Island, Miss Selfridge, and all those other lovely shops I was too big for, and I really only popped in there to check out the shoes (shoes are a fat girls best friend). That was when I discovered, much to my joy, that they carried clothes in sizes up to size 22. I was in heaven. While being slightly more expensive than New Look, Dorothy Perkins also has the advantage of being slightly more 'grown-up' - meaning their pieces are slighly more demure and (for the most part) of an appropriate length, both of which are important for the larger lady. Wearing bum-skimmingly short dresses when you're almost 20st just isn't cool, ya know? From this point onwards the majority of my clothes were purchased from Dorothy Perkins.

My love affair with Dotty continues to this day. Despite the fact that I am now a size 12-14 (in most cases) and can shop in all those places that once seemed so far out of my reach, there is something about Dorothy Perkins that just keeps drawing me in. The word that always pops into my head to describe it is 'classy'. When I'm off out to a nightclub and I know I will be acting in an outrageous and inappropriate manner, its all about New Look or Topshop. When I have a nice occasion - wedding reception, Christening, etc - its always Dorothy Perkins that I head to. Some of my all-time favourite dresses have come from Dorothy Perkins. While they do have a Tall range, the majority of their regular range also tends to be slightly longer than what you'd find in other shops. Meaning it is appropriate for my abnormally long body! I also love their jeans - in fact they're the only jeans I buy now. You can normally get two pairs for £25 on some of the ranges, they're well-made, the longer length is perfect for me, and there are loads of different colours, washes and cuts. Whats not to love?

My current favourite Dorothy Perkins item is the one I'm currently wearing as a write this. I picked this up on Friday and wore it out that night for my friend Emma's birthday with my trusty wedges and leather jacket. Today its dressed down with thick comfy tights, a fluffy cardigan and ankle boots. SO VERSATILE. Its just long enough to wear day-to-day but short enough to wear out for the night too. I'm also loving the aubergine colour. I think the majority of the items I've bought over the last few months have been varying shades of burgundy, maroon and aubergine. Its just so pretty and wintery though, I can't help myself!

This is the only photo we got on Friday, just ignore Emma...
Dress and necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Watch: Michael Kors
Wedges: New Look

And a few other Dorothy Perkins faves over the years...

(Top: DP, Skirt: H&M)

(Top: DP, Shorts: Topshop)

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Yeah You Gotta Face It Baby Things Go Bump In The Night

It is the truth universally acknowledged that being a Graduate is literally the worst thing in the world. There is only a limited amount of mid-week shenanigans you can get up to when you have to get up at 6am the next day and go to work. This becomes particularly problematic when Halloween (commonly accepted as the best night out of the year) falls on a Wednesday. There is only one way to get around this problem.

You take time off work and go visit your old university. Of course.

I headed down to Canterbury on Tuesday evening, which had the added bonus of meaning I could go to my old Weight Watchers meeting on Wednesday morning. It was awesome to see everyone and I loved catching up with my old leader Jen. Oh how I miss that meeting...woe.

That evening we got well and truly grossed-up and headed out to party, after consuming liberal amounts of whatever blood-coloured beverage we could think of and a cracking game of 'Ring of (hell)Fire' - including the classics 'vampire whores' (four), 'severed dicks' (six), 'zombie card' (ten) and 'witch's brew' (king). Students are nothing if not creative with drinking games.

In the interest of being totally original (not), I decided to go for the Little-Red-Riding-Hood-got-mauled-by-The-Big-Bad-Wolf look.

I got the costume from Jokers Masquerade but made some serious alterations to make it wearable for me. For some reason best known to themselves, JM only stock the costume in size Small (UK 6-8), which I am not, M (UK 10-12), which again I am not, or plus size (UK 18-20), which once again I am not. Most of my clothes are a 12-14 but fancy dress always seems to come up a bit small so a 14-16 would have been perfect. Please take note Jokers Masquerade - just because I'm not a size 10, doesn't mean I'm automatically a size 20. 

Anyway, I digress. I altered the costume myself - taking about 5in out of the bodice and about 2in out of each shoulder pad. I also cut out the frilly blouse bit and just wore a plain white vest top underneath instead. Then I just threw on some fishnets and my trusty New Look wedges and I was sorted. 

The make-up was an adaptation of my Halloween make-up from last year - I applied my foundation as normal and then paled myself down with a little blended white face paint. I shaded around my hairline, jaw, cheekbones, under my bottom lip and down the sides of my nose with matt brown eyeshade (MUA, Shade 19 I do believe), and then loaded up with lots and lots of black, purple and grey eyeshadow before throwing on some red lippy. Then I got busy with some fake injury transfer tattoos on my cheek, chest, arm and leg and splashing on some fake blood. And voila - dead Little Red Riding Hood!

I did not, however, add as much fake blood as Nikki.

Nor did I go to quite the same level of grossness with my nails.

All in all it was a cracking night, involving far too much alcohol and a culminating in a day spent stewing in our own misery on Thursday (and eating monster portions of fish and chips, just as soon as our stomachs were able to handle it). Student Halloween parties are definitely to be recommended.