Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bants in Cants

This past weekend I made a pilgrimage down to mecca of Canterbury for a long overdue catch-up with some of the besties. There is a commonly held belief that 'you don't know what you've got til its gone' - this definitely applies to my relationship with and general love of Canterbury. I have always loved the city, in fact that played a large part in my decision to study at the University of Kent, but it wasn't until I was dragged out of the calm picturesqueness of 'Cants' and thrust into the hustle and bustle of London life that I really appreciated what a gorgeous little city it is. Its teeming with history and has parts that are very 'oldy worldy' for want of a better phrase - particularly in the streets surrounding the cathedral. It also has awesome shopping and what counts as a fairly reasonably nightlife for such a small city. And awesome restuarants. And the best Weight Watchers meeting IN THE WORLD EVER. (I must just say here, huge congrats to my ex-leader Jen for becoming a triple diamond Weight Watchers Leader. Nobody deserves it more!) I mean, come on. Whats not to love??

I toddled down to Canterbury on Friday night and came home Sunday afternoon. It was an awesome weekend and just what I needed after a stressful couple of weeks. I don't have any close friends where I live, so going down to see Nikki, Liz and Natalie felt like the first time in forever that I'd been able to have a real girly catch-up with friends. On Friday night Nikki and I stayed in, watched horror films, drank wine, ate homemade sweet and sour chicken (which is amazing and I now have 'torture S+S recipe out of Nik' on my to-do list) and spent hours chatting with her (hilarious) housemates. We had a lazy day on Saturday before getting ready to head out for dinner and drinks with Liz and Nat. As the girls are all fellow Weight Watchers (to the best of my knowledge we have lost about 17st between the four of us) eating out together isn't a huge issue for us. We had all agreed that we weren't going to stress hugely about points because we wanted to enjoy our meal and eachothers company without 'have I got enough weeklies left for dessert' ruining anyone's mood. We ended up at a great little restaurant called Cafe Des Amis which none of us had been to before, despite all having originally moved to Canterbury in 2009. I wouldn't say the food was exactly Weight Watchers friendly, but it wasn't hugely naughty either - and I can't fault the service or the meal. Nat and I shared the paella and it was incredible.

After we'd eaten we grabbed a drink in town and then Liz and I headed to a house party on campus, where I got to know her housemates and friends some more. I FORGOT HOW MUCH FUN STUDENTS ARE. A lot of MA students are international so I spent the night chatting to people from all over the place and absolutely loved it. My work isn't exactly sociable at the moment (its very deadline and target oriented so we're pretty much chained to our computers all day) and there are only so many interesting and intellectually stimulating conversations you can have with your family when two of them constantly have their faces in the PlayStation and the third would rather talk to the dog. This felt like actual human interaction and I was loving getting to meet people that I otherwise wouldn't have got the chance to speak to.

My girl <3 i="i">

Pulled pork nachos...omnomnommm

Paella....even more nomnomnom

Fat club reunion with Liz, Nikki and Natalie

New friends

 Make Love Not War

Top: Topshop
Skirt and boots: New Look
Leather jacket (as seen in above photo): Borrowed stolen from mum

The weekend was topped off with a hangover McDonalds on Sunday afternoon (woops) and an invitation to go back in a couple of weeks for a Hallowe'en house party at Nikki's. Its two weeks away and I am already ridiculously excited. I need to get a life.


  1. Awh I can totally relate - I'm still a student but my friends graduated last year and have all moved away so it's great when we get back together!
    The Life of Emily-Alice

  2. aaaw sounds like so much fun! I'm staying with student mates this week and I've got a suitcase full of vodka and dresses ;) x

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! I really miss being a student every time I watch Fresh Meat. And I graduated in 2004!

  4. I'm from near Canterbury and it's a lovely area, live in London now too and agree it's so good to come back and get away! Will have to give Cafe des Amis a go. You look great in your photo!


  5. I just randomly stumbled upon your blog. It's beyond amazing :)


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