Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Final Push Week 2

Hi guys!

As some of you might have seen on Twitter yesterday, I won't be weighing in until Friday this week due to an unfortunate mishap with the bathroom scales! Rest assured though that after a booze and BBQ filled weekend I haven't lost hope - we can't be good every day for the rest of our lives, am I right!? I know that I definitely went over the top on Sunday at the family BBQ but today (well rather yesterday) was a new day and I finished it bang on points. I also got myself a gym membership sorted so I will be getting that up and running tomorrow and am eagerly anticipating getting some form of regular exercise again - this last 15lbs needs to be gone, and soon - and I have no doubt that Spin classes will be a great help in that ;)

I am considering changing my WI day to a Friday though...I like the poetry of Monday being a new week, but I'm finding that by the time the weekend rolls round I tend to have taken quite a chunk out of my weekly points. I don't need to use them during the week, and the only reason I do is 'because they're there'. Weighing in on a Friday would mean that I start the weekend with my 49 weeklies intact, and as the weekend is the time that I'm mostly to use them I feel like this could work better for me - as opposed to using them in the week and then not having enough to cover any social events at the weekend. Thoughts?

In other news, I was finally reunited with the girls last weekend!! (You might remember them from this post.) We headed out for dinner at Prezzo and then drinks at the local followed by dancing (and more drinks) at the Ivory Rooms (of The Only Way Is Essex fame). It was great to see the three of them and catch up, although its made me miss being at university a million times more than I already did!

I know you can't exactly see my outfit to its full potential, but...
Dress and Denim Waistcoat - New Look
Espadrille Wedges - Dorothy Perkins
Clutch - River Island
Sun-kissed skin - c/o St. Moriz @ Wilkos ;)

Its pay day tomorrow, which means lots more socialising with people that I've been forced to neglect in my poverty ridden state over the last couple of months - including dinner and drinks with Sonia, who I haven't seen in forever,  more drinks with my uni pals and fellow Modernist experts Siobhan and Jack, even more drinks with my darling ex-housemates who I miss like I would my right hand, and then shopping and MORE drinks with Emma. I suspect I will be eating a lot of 0pt soup and fruit this week to atone for all the boozing, and then living in poverty for the rest of the month having spent all my money on London-priced alcohol.

Ah well, you only live once right!?

Hope you're all enjoying your week!!

Lauren xxx


  1. I always weigh in on a Friday for that exact reason! I don't do WW at the moment, although I have before, and it works much better for me to have my little indulgences at the weekend. Otherwise I find that I'm more likely to miss my weigh in if it's early in the week as I'm worried about 'facing the music' and will just avoid it. And missing one weigh in is a slippery slope as we all know!

    It might not work for everyone but I like knowing I can have a nice meal and some wine on a Friday without worrying about how much I've eaten this week. I think as long as you keep yourself in check and don't use it as an excuse to eat the world you'll be fine ;-)

  2. You look so lovely (as per usual)! I had the BEST dessert at Prezzos a couple of weeks back, it was called Eaton Mess Cheesecake. It was just BEAUTIFUL! I've been craving it ever since, but I've been eating so healthily recently I just couldn't do it to myself.

    Charlotte xo

  3. Friday weigh in sounds like a better idea - I'm heading back to uni in a few weeks and am looking to start a weekly weigh in - think I'll do the same.

    Hope you enjoy all you socialising you have coming up - it's so nice to see old friends again



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