Monday, 6 August 2012

The Final Push - Week 1 Weigh In Results

Happy Monday everybody! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and is ready to face the week! Personally I don't ever think I'll ever like Mondays...particularly Monday mornings. Although to be perfectly honest I don't actually like any mornings. Particularly when they involve a 6am alarm. Being a grown-up SUCKS.

As promised last week, I am here to update you on this mornings weigh-in results......

 Last week's weight: 13st 8.8lb
(again, excuse the random crappy picture!)

This week's weight: 13st 6.4lb 

I am down 2.4lbs after just one week of being back on track! I won't lie, I was initially a little disappointed as I'd hoped for a loss of at least 3lbs, but after putting a few things into perspective I'm happy with my result. I tracked and pointed all week, but I went over my weeklies and used the majority of my exercise ProPoints which never ends in a great result for me. I had cocktails,  wine, McDonalds, Pizza, BBQ food and a heaving plate of lasagne between Thursday and Sunday - I definitely didn't go without! The main thing this week has done for me is reinforce the fact that you can enjoy life, go out, socialise, eat and drink yummy things, and still lose weight. More importantly, I have actually enjoyed pointing, tracking and exercising this week - I'm even looking forward to starting week 4 of C25K this evening! I think my love of Weight Watchers has been well and truly reignited - and long may it last!

How is everyone else getting on?

Lots of love,
Lauren xxx


  1. Well done! I started WW about 4 weeks ago now. I've just had my first major blip this weekend, I was on my travels so stopped tracking completely and have struggled to get bk on it since arriving home. Weigh in is on Thursday so I'm trying to pull it back with some major exercise! I've been following your journey for a while now and find you motivating when I'm losing willpower! (Have a very strong sweet tooth!)

  2. You look great! I am also doing WW and feel like it really does work if you stay within your points. I've never been a big fan of using the weekly points and workout points because when I do, I don't see much of a loss. Great job with your loss this week and still eating what you wanted!

  3. Go you! I did C25k last year and that last week 4 run was a killer but felt amazing! Stupidly I stopped after completing the whole programme and need to start again :(

  4. I've just finished the three week 4 runs and boy was the third hard - but I managed it. And am looking forward to starting week 5. Well done on the weight loss and good luck for week 4!


  5. Congrats on the loss! Keep at it :)


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