Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Final Push, Day 4.

Its incredible the difference a few days can make! This is only day 4 of being 100% back on the wagon, and yet I already feel so much better. My skin is already clearer, I've got more energy, and the jun-food cravings are quickly subsiding - or at least getting easier to control! I'm also finding that I have new self-control that i have never, ever, experienced before. I was craving chocolate yesterday, so I bought a 35g of Green & Black's dark chocolate from our cafe at work (pre-pointed at 5). After eating half of it with a cup of coffee I realised that I didn't want anymore, so I popped it in my handbag for later, with the intention of eating it after dinner. But after dinner I thought to myself 'ya know, I'm really not hungry - not even for chocolate', so I gave it to my mum instead. Normally once something is in front of me and open I'll finish it without even thinking about it, particularly when I've already pointed for it. I'm not sure where that burst of restraint came from, but long may it last!

I also feel loads better for having squeezed in some exercise over the last few days. I'm back on track with the c25k program after a few weeks away from it. I had just completed week 2 when I stopped so I decided to redo it - but when I went for my run on Monday I found that it was feeling a bit easy. Yesterday I stepped it up to week 3 and I'm planning to run tomorrow and Saturday and move on to week 4 on Monday. I don't think I'll ever really love running like some people do, but I do get a great sense of achievement at the end of each run which spurs me on to finish and then get up and do it all again the next day. Plus its free, which is what my bank account loves about it. The only downside is that I don't really feel like I'm getting a good all-over body workout - my bingo wings and flabby tummy are feeling rather neglected! I really should start doing some sit-ups and press-ups at home, but...well....they hurt!

I have to dash now my lovelies, but keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for some exciting news from me!

Love to you all!
Lauren xxx


  1. ahh well done miss :) Ive just managed to shift myself into the lower 13s after being stuck at 13 9 for FOREVER, but I still just 'treated' myself to tw digestive biscuits, so healthy dinner it is for me! Keep me updated on the couch to 5k, I reallywant to be able to jog but kind of give up after 30 seconds (yet I can manage two back to back spin classes??!!) xoxo

  2. Do your sit ups and press ups before you go for a run :) it's actually better to do those kind of exercises before cardio (dunno why but I heard that it's better for fat loss) and it means you can get those exercises done before you get all tired from running :) It's what I do and it works out so much better!

  3. wahey! great to hear that the week is going well, keep it up hun :o) xxx


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