Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Weigh-In Wednesday

A quickie from me tonight folks! I don't think I mentioned it on here (kind of an oversight on my part, but hey ho) but last week I went and 'joined' my local Weight Watchers meeting in Essex. It has absolutely NOTHING on my old Wednesday morning meetings in Canterbury, although in fairness that has nothing to do with the leader/helpers/members, and everything to do with the location and time of the meeting. Its in a much smaller hall, and is at 7pm on Wednesday evenings, meaning that if you choose to stay for the meeting you won't be getting home until gone 8pm. Obviously most people don't want to eat their dinner before they weigh, and 8pm is quite late for dinner for some people so my guess is that the majority of members just weigh and go. ANYWAY, the shortcomings of the meeting are neither here nor there (and in fairness no meeting will ever live up to the St. Stephen's meeting anyway) because I LOST 4LBS THIS WEEK!!

Such a great loss (if I do say so myself) is exactly what I needed to get my head back in the game after an iffy few weeks. I'm looking forward to another week of pointing and tracking and hopefully seeing a decent loss next week as well - although with my Aunt's 50th party, my graduation meal and night out, AND my brother's 16th birthday between now and my next weigh-in I highly doubt it will be quite as good as this weeks! I'm planning to carry on with C25K and hopefully squeeze in a couple of other workouts as well, and other than that I'll just make wise choices where I can and not sweat it too much if I go over points - I know that I'll be drinking my points on graduation night anyway, but as its arguably one of the most important days/nights of my entire life I don't see too many reasons to worry about it. Besides, I'll be too busy basking in the wonder of graduating in a size 12 dress!

Thats all from me for tonight folks - for once in my pathetic unemployed life I have to get up at a reasonable hour tomorrow (to go to the Job Center for a 'careers advice' appointment - hellooo, I don't need advice on my career...I just need someone to employ me!) so I'm hitting the sack!

Hope everyone is having a brilliant and on-plan week - has anyone else had any successes on (or off!) the scales this week!? Let me know if you have :)

Lots of love,
Lauren xxx


  1. Nice work sugar!!! You are sorely missed at the old meeting =( xxxx

  2. Brilliant weightloss chick, well done xx


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