Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sugar Rush

I really don't think I appreciate how much of my energy I get from sugar until I'm not getting it.

I am really, really struggling today. Not with food temptation - being back in the top half of 13st is enough to make me never want to eat again (slight exaggeration there, but you take my point). What I'm struggling with is actually keeping my eyes open!

It doesn't help that its really quiet in the office today. Everyone is engrossed in their work and nobody is talking much. We're on a pretty tight deadline (at some point I'll post about what it is that I actually do) so we're all focussed. Which is fine - good in fact. Gets the work done. But when you're in your own little bubble, staring at a screen and barely moving for hours on end...well, you can get a little drowsy. Particularly when you're not running on your usual tank of sugar.

Its not like I've been eating Mars Bars to get me through the day or anything like that, but I usually have some form of sugar intake in the morning that gives me a boost through to mid-afternoon. At which point, I'll have another one to get me through to the end of the day. Normally a cereal bar or something. I've been loving the Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars recently, and they are laden with sugar and 5pps a pack! And quite frankly, for 5 points, I'd rather have a Ripple. Am I right or am I right!?

In an attempt to perk myself up I've been mainlining caffeine since 6.30am. Tea, coffee, coke zero....If I could set up an intravenous drip of Vanilla Latte next to my desk then I would. (On that note, I have decided that I will now be foregoing my daily Skinny Latte (3-4pp, depending on the size) in favour of an Americano, which is a sweet sweet sweet 0pp. I always take 1pp out of my daily allowance for the milk I use in tea and coffee anyway, so any milk I use is covered.) Also, in the interest of not flipping out and killing somebody, there is a bar of chocolate on my desk. A dark chocolate KitKat. The whole thing is 7pps, but I'm not going to eat all of it. I'm eating 3 of the fingers for 5pp - the other one will be donated to a colleague or go in the bin. I am loathe to waste food, but I'm also loathe to use 7pps on a bar of chocolate. I also took one on the chin this morning in the name of skinny thighs and walked to the station rather than getting a lift - IN THE RAIN. I was soaked by the time I got there but its a 20-minute powerwalk up hill so I'm thinking I earned at least 1 activity point! I'm also going for a run this evening when I get home from work. I want to keep up the momentum of this newly rediscovered motivation, otherwise I'm liable to crash and burn. And nobody wants that!

Right...I suppose I'd better go do some work now...

Love to you all - I hope everyone is having a fantastic day in spite of the miserable weather!
Lauren xxx


  1. I've hardly been to class since June and my losses have been miniscule, pretty down at the moment but went to weigh in today and have lost 1/2 lb after a 6 mile walk around Cardiff on Sunday so looking forward to August and hopefully dropping a lb or two. I have a birthday and Reading festival so I'm expecting a few gains or maintaing.
    I find it so hard to cut chocolate out and have a curly wurly or WW bar on my break everyday but I'm going to try not bringing them in at all and get some sugar free jelly posts and fruit instead xx

  2. Supposedly, my love, a decent half hour walk (with a purpose not meandering) is about 2 activity points. I've been feeling run down and crappy all week but I've taken advantage of the slightly warmer weather to walk for an hour and to from and work and all the noise....although admittedly I've been mainlining frapps as well....I am so loath to point them since they are mostly ice. *sigh* We've got this angelcakes (mmmmm cake) I might start calling you cheesecake from now on, because you are delicious!............and I want to devour you ;) i know you can do it honey because you've done it before! xxxx

  3. Lauren it's been a minute since I last visited you and let me tell you that you're looking absolutely FABULOUS DOLL. Great job and such an amazing inspiration to others! Keep up the great job doll.

    <3 Marina

  4. I find bananas are really good for energy! They perk me up when I'm staring at my computer all day :)


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