Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Packed Lunch Weight Watchers Style

A few weeks ago the lovely Lucy over at Weight Watchers sent me a little care package of products to review. I was meaning to post this last week, after I made myself a packed lunch for work that was made up entirely of Weight Watchers products...but then in the excitement of graduation and everything else, I forgot.

I've been a massive fan of Weight Watchers products since I started the plan in 2010. Some of them can be a bit hit-or-miss, but for the most part I find the products to be of extremely good quality and fairly reasonably priced. I love the Weight Watchers mini Quiches, Bagels, Soups, and snack bars (which are unfortunately only available at meetings). There's also some mean wraps and sandwiches out there, which I'm beginning to see in more and more shops. Having the ProPoints Value there on the packaging is really convenient and means there's no nasty surprises. I've lost count of the amount of times I've seen 'low fat' (or other 'healthy' slogans) on packages, only to get it home and find that its insanely high in ProPoints!

I originally tried these when the old Discover plan was still in action, and I wasn't a fan. The old wraps seemed to fall apart at the slightest touch. I don't know whether Weight Watchers has changed the recipe since the new plan came in, or whether I just picked up a dud packet the first time, but they seem to be much better now. They're extremely good value for your ProPoints, as some other branded wraps can work out to be as high as 6 or 7 ProPoints each. When you're only working with 26 a day, using 7 on a wrap before you've even put anything in it can be a bit of a disaster! They're probably slightly smaller than most of the other wraps out there, but they're big enough for a decent lunch and they're tasty too. I had mine with some tuna mixed with a little mayo and some chopped red onion and pepper and topped with some wild rocket. I made in the night before and took it to work with me and the wrap didn't go soggy OR dry out, and some other bread-substitute products can do. I would definitely recommend these as an alternative to sandwiches or pitta bread. They'd also be great as part of an evening meal to make fajitas and so on.
(I should note that I didn't receive the wraps from Weight Watchers but bought them myself. Well, my mum did. But that is neither here nor there. I thought I'd include them as I was impressed by them and it fits in nicely with my packed lunch theme.)

Nacho Cheese Tortillas

Of all the products I was sent, these were the ones that I was most dubious about. In my humble opinion there are certain things that cannot and should not be made into 'low fat' versions, and top of that list is cheese. So when I see anything cheese related that says 'low fat' on the packaging, I balk. Fortunately these surpassed my (admittedly low) expectations! Lets keep it real here folks - they are never going to be as good as a packet of cheesy Doritos, but for 2 ProPoints I would never expect them to be. There is a decent amount in each pack and the flavour is actually very cheesy. I'm not a big crisp eater normally, but I liked having these in the cupboard and in my lunch box as an afternoon snack - it made a nice change from fruit and at only 2 ProPoints it didn't derail me either.

Ginger and Lemon Cookies
Normally the only baked goods I'm interested in are ones that have 'chocolate' in the name, but I absolutely love these! It seemed like a bit of an odd combination at first, but the lemon and the ginger works really well. I had them for my mid-morning break with a cup of tea and they definitely hit the spot. My only criticism would be that of the 6 two-packs of cookies in the box, 3 came out broken. That may have something to do with the fact that they had been posted to me and had probably been through the ringer in the back of Postman Pat's van, but it was still a bit annoying. Dunking your biscuit in a cuppa isn't quite the same when your biscuit is in sixteen parts.

Italian Red Grape and Pomegranate Cordial

First let me start by saying that I'm not a lover of fruit cordials anyway - in fact the only ones I like are the Robinson's Peach and Lemon varieties. That being said, its no surprise that I didn't like this product. I tried some at home when it arrived and wasn't a fan, but I persevered and took a bottle to work with me anyway in the hope that it would grow on me. It didn't. When I first opened the bottle I found that it smelled like un-mixed jelly - you know, the cubes that come straight out of the packet before you've mixed it with the hot water? Or vodka, if thats your thing! I thought that would go away when it was diluted but it didn't and I kind of got the same thing from the taste too. Its really quite strong and wasn't my thing at all.
All that being said and done, my mum and brother both really like it and proceeded to drink the entire bottle within a few days, so I think in this instance its a matter of personal preference. I will admit to the 0 ProPoints value being extremely alluring - I find myself drinking far too much diet coke because a lot of other drinks have higher ProPoints values and I get bored of water. If Weight Watchers decided to bring out another flavour of cordial - perhaps one that isn't quite so complicated and fancy-pants - I'd definitely give it a go.

Have any of you tried any of the products here? What did you think? All the opinions I've expressed here are my own, and once again a big thank you to Lucy for sending me these products. I'm hoping to share a couple of recipe reviews from the cookbooks I received over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that.

Lots of love,
Lauren xxx


  1. ive tried the wraps and nachos! loved the wraps, but the nachos i can only compare to eating cardboard and they tasted vile, i shared them around my co-workers and they agreed! id rather have a packet of the walkers 100 calorie range any day!

    1. my cookies broke easily too, probably because there isn't much fat in them.
      I love all the cordials but I drink a lot of them. The nectarine one is really nice. I like the bagels for 4 points too, nice and low and can add some light cream cheese, ham and salad for a filling lunch x

  2. I love the wraps! Well used to when could eat them, I now have Asda wholemeal ones for 4 propoints which is quite good. I love the cordials personally, but I think a lot of it is down to preferences with drinks. I think all the cookies break tbh, I have tried lots of flavours and all seem to do the same. Nachos are one of my faves though and poundland is great for getting them! xx

  3. So glad I came across your blog. I'm in the middle of trying to lose weight myself and it's so inspiring to see someone like yourself having achieved so much :)

    Looking forward to following and seeing you reach your goal weight!

    Sarah x


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