Thursday, 7 June 2012

Social Butterfly.

Hi guys!

You will all be pleased to hear that with the exception of a family meal for my siblings' birthdays this weekend, I no longer have any excuse for neglecting you all. Exams are done, New York is done, Coldplay is done, Summer Ball is done, and the Jubilee Weekend in done. I am officially no longer a social butterfly and have returned to the real world with a bump. And when I say 'real world', I am including Weight Watchers. I've basically been on a Weight Watchers hiatus for the last month or so. Its come with the consequence of being back up to 13st 4lbs (as of my weigh-in yesterday morning) but I wouldn't change it for the world. When I arrived at university in September 2009 I was wearing a pair of UK size 22-24 jeggings (because real jeans didn't fit me), and I have finished my degree 7st lighter and with a wardrobe full of size 12-14 clothes - which I have made full use of my having fun, socialising, taking risks and generally just living life. As far as I can see, gaining a few lbs is a small price to pay for arguably the most incredible two weeks of my life.

It would probably take me another two weeks to write a post about everything thats happened over the last fortnight, and honestly I'm just too lazy to do it. So here are the cliff notes:

New York: Amazing.
Coldplay: Amazing.
Summer Ball: Amazing.
Jubilee Weekend: Amazing (and very hungover).

Its been a non-stop whirlwind of good food, good drink and good company - with the result that my body is now on strike and I have succumbed to an end-of-year bout of Freshers Flu. Two weeks of living the high life (ie a not very healthy life) has obviously left my immune system severely lacking! As you read this I am probably cuddled up in bed with a cup of tea and Dexter on (its my new obsession). Well, I have to make the most of my last few days of being a student - right!? If I'm honest, now that the excitement is over, I'm pretty bored of the whole student thing. I know that once I start full-time work over the summer I will 100% regret saying that, but at the moment it kind of feels like I'm waiting around for my life to start. If that makes any sense at all. I'm going to try to use these last few days as an opportunity to get my head back into the Weight Watchers game so that when I move home and start the dreaded 'grown-up' work I'll be back in the right mindset to balance the two. I think if I went home now I'd never get back on track and would end up regaining the weight. Which is not a road I ever want to go down!

Thats all from me for today, I just wanted to check in and let you all know that I'm alive and well and will be back to more regular posts soon!

Lauren xx


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome time, if you get chance put some piccies up of your outfit for the ball! x

  2. Sounds amazing! I graduated in 2004 but I remember that feeling of being a bit tired of it all, and yes I have looked back since and thought I must have been insane, ha ha! Good luck on the next chapter of your life, can't wait to read about what you do next!

  3. Wow sounds like have been a busy bee! I have just finished uni :)

    Tanesha x


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