Saturday, 19 May 2012

I'm Baaaaaacckkkk

I know right, where the fuck have I been?! I am quite possibly the shittest blogger of all time. I offer you my sincere apologies. I have no excuse other than life has been inconsiderately getting in the way.

I am pleased to announce that I have now finished my exams - and my whole degree! That is it. Done. Finito. I still haven't quite got my head around the fact that its all finished. I keep having horrible jolts of guilt that I'm not reading or revising, before I remember that I will never have to write an essay or revise for an exam ever again. Indeed, I never have to read a book again if I don't want to. Although this is quite simply a ridiculous observation to make, particularly as I have already read two books in the five days since I finished. Can anybody say 'Christian Grey'?? Somebody get me a riding crop and some silver balls, pronto!

.....Sorry, I came over a bit unnecessary then. It must be the Grey effect. Ladies, if you haven't already, then you need to read these books asap. They will change your life. Its like Twilight for 20somethings - ie filthy. Gents you should probably read them as well. And take notes. It won't steer you wrong.

Where was I? Ah thats right. The degree is now finished. I have mixed feelings towards it all right now - on the one hand I'm so ready to be out of the education system. I've been in education for the last 17 years, and while the prospect of a Masters Degree is tempting to a certain extent, I feel like the time is now ripe to leave education and move onto new pastures. And all the rest of those old cliches. At the same time I'm sad to be leaving Kent Uni, Canterbury, and all the wonderful people I've met there. I've made friends that (hopefully) will stay with me for life and it will be sad not to see them every day. (And for my darling housemates, if you're reading this - I am including you in that statement, so quit whining.) And also I'm sad about the prospect of becoming a 'proper responsible adult'. I've been managing my own finances (with admittedly limited success), putting food on the table and generally looking after myself for the past three years, but when that comes hand in hand with the rest of the university experience it doesn't really feel proper adulthood. Now I've finished uni and there is all sort of talk about 'getting a job' and 'saving for a deposit' and 'when I was your age...', and all I keep thinking is 'I am really not old enough to be worrying about this stuff.' If I still consider The Lion King to be the greatest film of all time (which it totally is, by the way), and I'm still willing to eat chocolate for every meal, then surely I am not yet emotionally developed enough to start making big decisions about the rest of my life? No. Exactly.

Anyway, I haven't got time to worry about getting a job and being an adult BECAUSE I'M GOING TO NEW YORK IN FIVE DAYS.

Arrrrrghhhhhhhh I'm so excited! I fly out on Thursday morning and come home on Tuesday evening - landing at Heathrow on Wednesday morning - and I literally cannot wait. I'm so lucky to be able to go back so soon, and I am under no illusions as to how fortunate I am. If it weren't for the 'friend' that I made when I visited back in October I would never have been able to go back so soon. He is very kindly putting me up for five nights. I haven't spoken about him on here much before - trying to respect his privacy as well as my own - but I can't wait to see him and go back to the amazing city that is New York. There are lots of things that I didn't get to do last time I was there - like go exploring in Central Park or go to any of the Museums - and I'm looking forward to exploring at my own pace and not having to accommodate what three other people wanted to do. It wasn't that we did anything that I didn't want to do last time, and I obviously loved it then, but exploring on my own is going to be IMMENSE.

What with New York and all the other exciting things coming up (Coldplay gig on June 1st, Summer Ball on June 2nd, my friends Jubilee party on the 4th, my best friend Natalie's 21st party on the 6th and my brother and sister's 18th birthday party and dinner on the 9th and 10th), its fair to say that Weight Watchers is not on the top of my list of priorities. This is not to say that I plan to fall completely off the wagon, but this is definitely one of those occasions where life comes first. I plan to make wise choices where possible and listen to my body and my hunger signals, but above all else I plan to enjoy my new body and a wardrobe full of size 12-14 clothes. After arriving at university in a pair of size 22-24 jeggings (because I was too fat for normal jeans), I sat my last exam on Monday wearing size 12 denim shorts. I'm slimmer, happier and healthier than I have been for a long time, and if it weren't for Weight Watchers and my weight-loss related achievements over the last two years then I wouldn't have many of the opportunities that I have now (including a very exciting one to do with Weight Watchers itself - more to come over the next few weeks). So no, I don't plan to stress about each and every last ProPoint over the next few weeks. If I gain a few lbs, then so be it. It will soon come off again, and life is too short to worry about the numbers on a scale. 

Sorry again to all my wonderful readers who have been left without news of my escapades over the last few weeks - rest assured that I am alive and well and will strive to be a better blogger from now on!

Lauren xxx


  1. ooooh exciting WW news!
    So jealous of your trip and all the fab things you have planned, going to be an amazing summer xx

  2. Welcome back and enjoy NYC


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