Monday, 23 April 2012

It Was Acceptable In The Eighties

Hi lovelies

Just wanted to say thank you so much for all the comments, tweets, emails and texts I received after my last post. It was a difficult post for me to write and I had to own up to a lot of things that ordinarily I would push to the back of my mind, so it means the world to know that there are people out there who know what I'm going through and are in my corner.

With the exception of last night (more on that to come) I am now 100% back on track. It feels so good to be back in control. I'm enjoying planning and tracking my meals again, which is refreshing because for the last few weeks it has seemed like a real chore to plan anything in advance, which normally means making bad decisions on the go and then not wanting to track the 'fat food' I've consumed...vicious cycle, and all that!? I'm hoping that this new-found enthusiasm will stick and then I can really get my head around losing these last 15lbs - and keeping them off for good! I have so much coming up over the next few weeks and months and I really want to look and feel my best for all of them. I'm hoping to be able to take a trip out to New York at the end of May to visit the guy I met there back in October, followed closely by the university Summer Ball on June 2nd and then graduation in July - not to mention any interviews I may have for post-grad jobs. My enjoyment and success in  all of these things depends heavily upon my not being a fat pig for them, so hopefully with all these occasions in mind I'll be able keep my motivation at its highest. 11st 11lbs...lets be having you!

As I said before, I've been tracking religiously except for last night - Daddy Jones's 50th 80s themed birthday bash! I'm pretty sure I had a cracking night, but I can't really remember because I got totally hammered and blacked out - after emptying my stomach contents onto the bedroom floor. Grim. I blame it entirely on the fact that I didn't eat before I started drinking, and that I was stupid enough to drink wine all night. What was I thinking!? I had fully intended to load myself up with buffet food and switch to vodka and diet coke after the first couple of glasses of wine, but every time I went to get something to eat someone would stop me for a chat or I'd get distracted by something else or an absolutely stonking tune would come on and I'd have to go rave to that and in the end I just didn't get round to it. There's no doubting that I had a skinful, but if I'd eaten and been on the spirits I would have been fine. Instead I was put to bed by my brother and sister at 1am and spent all of today dry-heaving into the upstairs toilet. I am just pure class.

I did manage to grab some wicked snaps before I passed out in a pool of my own vomit though!

Me with George Michael and MJ

 One for the family album

 Me and my 'little' brother...can't stress this enough, I ALREADY HAD 4in HEELS ON BY THIS POINT. He is stupidly tall.

 Me and Daddy Jones, with lipstick round his mouth. Grim.

Solo shot of yours truly!

Cardigan, headband and glovelets: eBay
Dress: Topshop
Shoes and legwarmers: New Look

I've received masses of comments about how skinny I look in these pictures - personally I think its just because my body looks disproportionately small in comparison to my MASSIVE 80S HAIR. Isn't it brilliant!? It was achieved with the help of lots of velcro rollers, a Babyliss Angel Curls Curling wand, straighteners, and about half a can of hairspray. Love it. Although I can't believe people used to actually go through all that hassle for a night out back in those days! Long live the straight hair trend, thats what I say. If perms come back in it'll take me frigging hours to get ready, and quite frankly I just can't be doing with it.

Thats all from me for now folks! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and is ready and raring for the week ahead! I have officially finished work now, so will be hitting the books hard as of tomorrow. 

Much love to you all!
Lauren xxx

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