Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Weight Watchers Product Reviews

First of all, a big shout out to the lovely people at Weight Watchers for hooking me up with these goodies. Now if they would just give me a job in their magazine/PR department (with a sideline as a leader), that'd be swelllllll.

Weight Watchers Original Breakfast Oats

I was pleasantly surprised by the Original Breakfast Oats. When they first surfaced in my meeting I was dubious, mainly because the instructions say to make them with water, and whenever I've had porridge made with water before its been really grainy and unappetizing. The Weight Watchers ones actually have quite a nice consistency and they're really sweet as well. My one criticism would be that they don't thicken very well, and I found myself either decreasing the amount of water used, or increasing the time I microwaved it for. My other qualm is the price - £2.25 for five sachets on the Weight Watchers website. While this isn't exactly expensive, you don't get much for your money and supermarkets brands do tend to be cheaper - although they are slightly higher in points.

Weight Watchers Cappuccino

I was really quite disappointed by the Cappuccino Sachets. It looks better than I thought it would - most sachet cappuccinos I've tried have a bizarre vaguely frothy topping that sort of floats around before disintegrating into the coffee, but this one didn't do that. Unfortunately it didn't taste as good as it looked! Now, this may just be because I like my coffee extremely strong and sweet, but I found this to be a little bland. It also has quite a bitter after-taste - although, again, this could just be because I normally take 2-3 sugars/sweeteners in my coffee! I know quite a few people who love this product and buy a box from their meetings every week, but it definitely didn't do it for me.

Weight Watchers Garlic & Herb Bag 'n' Bake

(Like an idiot, I didn't get any photos of the finished product. Woops!)

I love this product! I've been wanting to try roasting bags for a while after seeing my housemates use them, but I was always dubious about how many points the coating would be in bags bought from the supermarket. This is great for a low-ProPoint meal because you can cook the chicken and veg with adding any oil. I cooked mine with peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, baby corn and courgette. The seasoning is full of flavour without being overwhelming (as some garlic products can be) and the chicken came out amazingly tender and moist. I served mine with 150g baby new potatoes and 2tsp of low-fat spread for a ProPoints value of 8. Yum!

I just want to say thanks again to Weight Watchers, and particularly to Lucy who initially contacted me. All opinions expressed here are my own, and I'm looking forward to trialing more products for Weight Watchers soon.

Lauren xxx

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  1. oooh I've not tried my porridge yet but it would be handy for work because they only have semi skimmed milk so I could just have water and sweetner. I had one of those coffees but added some Baileys as a weekend treat and I loved it xx


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