Friday, 30 March 2012

Wednesday Weigh-In

Hello my lovelies!

Sorry for the delay in updating, life is a nightmare of essay deadlines and job applications at the moment. I'm 5000 words away from the end of term, and only 5000 words and two exams away from the end of my university career. SCARY. Things are manic at the moment and I go back to work in the city the day after my essays are handed in, so there really is no rest for the wicked!

Anyway - on to weigh-in! I weighed in at my meeting yesterday morning and had stayed the same. At first I was a little miffed but then I realised that all things considered a STS is nothing to grumble about. If I had lost 2lb last week and 1.5lb this week I would have been chuffed, so whats the difference between that and having a 3.5lb loss followed by a STS? Hopefully I will drop a lb or so this week to put me into that elusive -7st bracket! I'm also only 2.5lbs away from having lost 100lbs...its all so exciting!

I've had some very exciting news today but I will have to update you with that another time because I am absolutely SHATTERED. Before I go I wanted to share with you my outfit this evening. We went out for cocktails for a friends 21st and as my wardrobe is looking rather pathetic at the moment I raided the girls wardrobes!

Shirt: River Island (Emma's)
Skirt: Primark (Sophie's)
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins - and they're actually mine!
Mess: Courtesy of my inability to keep anything tidy.

How cool is it that I can borrow clothes from my friends now!? That shirt is a size 10 by the way...just saying.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

Lauren xxx


  1. Size 10 - fab, well done!


  2. exciting news? ooooh!
    Size 10 :) got a size 14 in Primark yesterday and one size 16 which is a little loose. Was a 18-20 before xmas, really noticing the inches coming off now and not just weight.
    I managed to sell lots of my old clothes on ebay and buy a few of them back in the smaller size. Sold a 22 and got a 16 , so happy xx

  3. Glad to see you making the most out of your "new" legs!

  4. Hello, I have just discovered your blog! I have lots of reading to do, but just wanted to say that you have done brilliantly and look amazing! :-)


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