Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Picture Perfect

Hi lovelies!

This week I have been at home in Essex. Normally this is a cause for much despair when it comes to Weight Watchers, because my mother's house is always filled with untold amounts of rubbish food - not to mention huuuuuge portions for dinner! However my mum joined Weight Watchers in January, so it hasn't been too traumatic this week. Admittedly the presence of a jar of Nutella, a fresh loaf of bread and various other chocolatey goodies have posed a bit of a problem, and I can't hand-on-heart say that I've been 100% on track all week, but despite all that I managed a loss of 3.5lbs this week - bringing me to a total of 6st 13.5lbs lost. I AM NOW OFFICIALLY IN THE 12S! I will never be 13st again! I am absolutely made up with this, especially as I wasn't expecting a loss of more than 1-2lbs this week. Planning to stay on track this week and get back in the gym after I return to Canterbury tomorrow!

This is just a quick one from me this evening, as I'm off out tonight. Before I go I just wanted to share this mini-collage that I made over the weekend. I was feeling a bit glum and having a 'fat day', but making this really cheered me up. Its the simple things!

The first photo was taken in March last year, at my friend Sophie's 20th birthday night out. The second was taken last week at her 21st birthday night out. In the first picture I was -3st 4lbs, and in the second my total loss is 6st 10lbs. Even though I have people telling me all the time how different I look, its not until I see something like this that it actually feels real. Does that make sense?

Hope everyone is having a glorious week and for those of you weighing in - good luck!

Lauren xxx


  1. You look amazing!! well done xx

  2. aaw what lovely photos, what a comparison! I've booked tickets to Reading Festival and found photos from 2 years ago, can't wait to take new ones and compare.
    I can't resist bread either, devil food x

  3. you're doing so fantastically lauren! so proud of you :-) x

  4. You're doing so well!

    I've awarded you the Versatile Blog Award:


  5. You look amazing well done!! Bet was a wonderful feeling going into the 12's!! :)

  6. aww im so proud ( despite not even knowing you! haha) / completely jealous! well done! xoox

  7. You have done amazing.
    What a star x

  8. HellO! I am a 25 year old in America beginning my own weight loss journey and blog. I figured others would have done the same and began to look for others. I found yours. It has been great reading your posts! It is very encouraging to read about others, their struggles, and successes!!


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