Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pet Peeves

How funny is this angry cat? Reminds me of my cat the time my little brother put him in the paddling pool, lolllsss.

A few days ago my friend Rosie posted some of her pet peeves, and somehow roped me into doing the same. As an exceptionally irritable person, I have a lot of pet peeves. Some of them I just find mildly irritating. Others make me absolutely murderous. As I am not willing to write a post that is roughly the same length and complexity as Anna Karenina, these are just some of the things that really grind my gears...

  • Smelly people. This is definitely one of my top annoyances. I'm not talking about people who have been out and about all day and may be smelling a little ripe by the time they get home - that is excusable. It happens to the best of us. I'm talking about people who actually stink. You can buy a bar of soap in Asda for 27p. There is no excuse for it.
  • People who use 'your' and 'you're' incorrectly. It actually makes me cringe when I see this on Facebook or the like - it is not that difficult!! If in doubt, say it separately and out loud. Would you ask someone 'is that you are phone?'. No, you wouldn't. So then its probably not going to be 'you're', is it!? Come on people!
  • PDA in inappropriate places. Maybe I am just bitter about the fact that I am perpetually single and am probably going to die alone, but I do not need to see your displays of love and sexual desire while I am in the library/the supermarket/a coffee shop. I know you're (see, not that hard) happy and in love and you want the world to know it, but straddling each other in the social section of the library does not constitute 'group study'. Get a room. Preferably one that doesn't have anyone else in it.
  • People who say 'eurghhh' at other peoples food. Yes, my meal probably does look like rabbit food to you - in which case it is a bloody good job that I'm not asking you to eat it! 
  • Girls who go to the gym with their hair and make-up done....and then proceed to walk (slowly) on the treadmill for half an hour while having a good old gossip with their equally made up friend. These are the girls who will also invariably wearing totes adorbs matching lycra shorts and sports bras and colour co-ordinated trainers. Firstly, while I am by no means an exercise expert, I'm pretty sure that a casual stroll on the treadmill is not burning many calories (although it does have the added benefit of not making you sweat that much and therefore there is no risk of make-up smudging or messy hair). Some of us are actually here to work out, and you're hogging the machines with your chitchat. And secondly, stop coming to the gym with perfect hair and make-up. You're showing the rest of us up.
  • The term 'fun-size'. Just because something is small, does not make it 'fun-size'. On the contrary, the fact that there is less of it makes it distinctly less fun. There is nothing fun about a bar of chocolate that is less than a mouthful. If I'm honest, I find it nothing less than extremely upsetting when I chew once and its gone. I propose that from now on the term 'fun-size' should be applied to food items that are jumbo in size. Because they are more fun.
  • A few other pet-peeves. See-through tops // People stripping off at the first sign of sunshine // People who allow their mood to be dictated by the outcome of a football/rugby/etc match - it is just a game!! // 
These are just a few of the things that make my blood boil - there are plenty of others but I thought I'd leave it at that for now!

What are your pet peeves?


  1. I totally agree with all the above !
    Especially the people who strip off to the tiniest bit of sun !
    I swear to god i see girls in bikini tops and shorts by mine when the tiniest bit of sun appears !
    I also hate people who chew with their mouth open and really loudly !

  2. Pretty much all the above. My number 1 is inconsiderate people. Which lumps in many other peeves like people who litter. Nothing gets my blood boiling than seeing someone litter. Women who bath in perfume and you can smell them from 50 yards away.

    Your and you're is minor compared to the way people speak these days. My younger cousins post in a language that is almost impossible for me to read. How lazy have people become to butcher almost every word.

  3. My pet peeve is when people buy name brand stuff and show it off like "Look at this new Coach purse I just bought". I'll say " Look at this new off brand purse I just got for 5 dollars". I don't get what is so cool about wearing labels and brand initials all over your body like you are a walking talking billboard. Don't even get me started on Hollister and Abercrombie. I cant breath when I walk in those stores. It's like their employee's 1st task in the morning is to break 10 bottles of musky perfume all around the store. ( This came off like more of a rant than I wanted Lol)

  4. I've never really thought about the whole fun-size thing, Lauren, but I now completely agree. There really is nothing fun-size about it at all!
    P.S. Pens that don't work properly, people with double standards and people who generally have no excuse for bad spelling (particularly your/you're and their/there/they're and so on. OH and definitely. IT'S NOT HARD.)

    P.S. Had neglected your posts for a little while, and have very much enjoyed the last handful. You've done really well - just to add to your confidence boost! ;)

  5. Haha I've seen so many people these last couple of days dressed like it's summer, yes it's been warmer but it's hardly shorts weather! Leggings worn as trousers are one of my pet peeves, you wouldn't wear tights at trousers so why leggings when they're see through!!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  6. I hate socks and shoes!!! See through tops is also quite annoying. Totally agree with PDA and gym + makeup!What is that all about!? xx


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