Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Day 1 of Back On The Wagon

Hi guys!

Today I am officially back on the wagon after my wonderful, glorious, tremendous, beautiful couple of days off. Not obsessing about every last point was so refreshing, but after two days I was ready to get back to it. Even though I didn't go too crazy (other than the 18,000 pancakes I inhaled last night) I just felt kind of gross because I couldn't remember what I'd actually eaten, if that makes sense? I'm so used to tracking meticulously that it feels kind of weird to not have it all written down at the end of the day. I suppose as habits go, keeping track of what you eat and drink isn't really a bad one!

Unfortunately I couldn't make it to my meeting to be weighed this morning, so I've no idea what the damage is - and I don't really want to. Its all in the past now - time to greet the week!

My plan for this week is to stick to my daily points wherever possible and to really question myself as to whether I'm actually hungry or if I'm just snacking for the sake of it. I'll be spending a lot of time in the library this week (deadlines are looming) and often the temptation is to grave on chocolate and crisps throughout the day. Obviously thats something I want to avoid so I'll be stocking up on lots of 'healthy' library snacks instead! I also want to squeeze in three good gym sessions. I was planning four but I don't want to overdo it considering what happened over the last couple of weeks. The next couple of weeks are all about finding the right balance to keep losing, so I'll probably keep mixing things up until I find the winning formula.

I also had a very exciting email this morning that I wanted to tell you all about! I've been contacted by an Accounts Exec at Weight Watchers, and they've offered to send me some of their products so I can review them on here! Its kind of weird to think that actual real-life Weight Watchers people know about my blog!! I will have to stop calling it Fat Fighters now! Seriously though, its hugely flattering and I'm very excited to have been offered the chance to do it! I emailed back straight away to say that I would, of course, be interested, so now I'm just waiting for more details! I'll keep you posted :)

I just wanted to share a few 'thinspirational' pictures with you before I head off to work some more on my essay....most of these have been stolen from the gorgeous Krystle's facebook page. Head on over and check it out if you haven't already! The others are from google images.

(Disclaimer: I don't actually want to be as skinny as Kate Moss. The woman is basically a skeleton. No thank you. Its all about the curves!)

For now, thats all from me.

Love, Lauren xxx


  1. This was such a positive post :) love it!
    Can't wait to see what products you'll be reviewing.


  2. We have discussed this already - basically I think you're brilliant, I love your blog, I'm super excited about many of the above.

    BUT if you stop calling it Fat'll be in trouble. It will always be fat club to me.... embrace the negativity and turn it into positivity!!

    P.S Although you and Nat should probably be calling it Slim Club now...

    P.P.S This week's favourite 4pp addition to my lunch box... 2 light triangle cheeses (they do not count as real cheese) spready onto a ww wrap... reminds me of what I used to have school packed lunches!! Primula cheese!

  3. Fantastic, i'm glad WW have recognised that a lot of ppl blog and get inspiration from others on the net so congrats on the opportunity. Looking forward to reading your reviews

    Good luck for the week ahead x


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