Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Shake It Out

Well, the results are in and weigh-in this week shows a loss of 3lbs. I am, needless to say, very pleased with this result - particularly as my managers at the restaurant are clearly trying to fatten me up! pizza and pecan pie is not good for the waistline! Not to mention the fact that the restaurant is next door to a fancy cake shop and they keep sending over the stuff thats going out of date. I have eaten two massive slabs of chocolate cake this week, its genuinely ridiculous (although totally worth it.) My saving grace has been getting my backside back into the gym, as well as walking to and from work (about a mile each way) - not to mention the 5+ hours I spend running around like a headless chicken when I'm actually at work. I've also tracked religiously this week, and have resisted the temptation to exist entirely on toast. All in all a healthy and successful week for fat club! I'm just hoping I can keep it up next week when term officially restarts! I have lots of pretty new skinny-girl clothes to wear, I don't want to ruin it all by gaining half a stone of alcohol weight in the first week. Although I probably will anyway, just because being really drunk throughout the first week of term is pretty much compulsory, and I hate to miss out on the fun. Also, whats the point in having skinny girl clothes if you can't showcase them in a hilariously drunken way?? No point at all.

Anyway, moving on. I wanted to share a suuuuuper quick, easy and yummy recipe idea with you today. Its one that I knocked up earlier in the week, before I'd been to the shops and when the cupboard was still looking rather bleak and empty. Because it was impromptu I didn't take any of my usual artful and sophisticated photos (haha), but its pretty much fool-proof so I'm sure you can all figure it out for yourselves anyway.

60g (dried weight) of any kind of pasta
2 rashers of bacon, fat trimmed, and chopped
About 1/3 of a packet of Mange Tout - or however much you want to use, I like lots because its yummy.
2 tbsp Extra Light Philadelphia/any other kid of Extra Light Cream Cheese

  1. Boil a pan of water and whack the pasta in to cook through.
  2. While its cooking, spray a wok/frying pan type thing with some low-fat cooking spray, or add a little tiny drizzle of olive or vegetable oil. I'm talking like 1/3 of a tsp here. Heat the pan and whack in the Mange Tout and stir-fry for 3-4 minutes.
  3. Take the Mange Tout out of the pan and put aside, then fry off the bacon in the same pan.
  4. By now the pasta should be more or less cooked - if it isn't then turn off the heat under the frying pan and wait until it is. Drain the pasta, then whack it into the pan with the bacon and the Mange Tout (obviously turning the heat back on if you turned it off before)
  5. Stir in the Philadelphia until melted and coating everything else. Add cracked black pepper and/or chilli flakes to taste. Then serve.
Like I said - simple, quick, and yummy. The amounts I've given serves one and works out at 10 ProPoints on the Weight Watchers plan - obviously you can add more veg if you like, or omit the bacon, add chicken...its pretty versatile! Does anybody else use Philadelphia or cream cheese in recipes like this? I love it melted and poured over Salmon fillets as well...omnomnom.

One more thing before I go - I have basically been listening to this song obsessively for the last couple of days (hence the title of this post). I won't bore you with the details - plus I don't know who is reading this. Well, actually I do know who's reading it. Which is half the problem. Anyway. The lyrics completely sum up how I feel at the moment - I'm so ready to shake off all the bullshit from the last few months and years of my life, and just be around the things and people that make me happy.

I hope you're all having an awesome week :)

Lauren xxx


  1. Thats a great kick-start to your year! I'm jealous that you can eat cake and still lose, I look at cake and gain!

  2. I usually use the light sweet chilli philadelphia and add a bit of skimmed milk to make it more creamy and saucey like, if that makes any sense ha.
    Good luck and enjoy your first week back at Uni remember it will come off the following week if you do gain but knowing you I doubt you will :)

  3. Congratulations on your loss this week chic!! That recipe sounds super yummy and boooo to the managers trying to fatten you up lol But way to go for coming out on top! Go girl!


  4. Oh, the first week is always full of the "bad stuff" and I give myself that much. For example: sushi, pub nights and such are a must. Without them, I don't know how I would survive the rest of the term!

    Congrats on staying on track! I find it difficult to plow forward. If you do read this comment, please write a post on what keeps you going and what motivates you to stay on track! I find the hardest part of continuing your goal, or even staying true to it, revolves around why you're doing it. I've been having such an awful time reminding myself that this is all for me, and that it's for my benefit and my own good. I'm glad you're doing well -- reading your successive accomplishments gives me a good boost!

    Stay sane and healthy!


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