Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Princesses and The Playsuit.

Hello boys and girls. Welcome, welcome to story time! Today I shall tell you a magical story, the story of The Princesses and The Playsuit. Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Then I'll begin.

Once upon a time, there lived three beautiful princesses.

The princesses lived in wonderful land, where a vodka and coke is only £1.20 and every shop offers student discount. This magical place was called The University of Kent.

At The University of Kent, the three princesses had a friend. She was a very good friend and she loved the princesses, for they were kind towards her, but she always felt different from them. For she was not a princess.

So while the princesses borrowed each others gowns and tiaras, and danced with the many princes that also lived in the magical land of the University, their friend did not join in. She was too shy, and too ashamed of not being like the other princesses, to go out and have fun with her friends. The princesses didn't care that their friend was different to them, but she did. Instead of exploring the land of £1.20 vodka and cokes, she stayed at home and feasted on the many wonderful treats that the University had to offer - like chocolate buttons and ice cream. But one day she decided that enough was enough, and that she wanted to be a princess as well. So she joined Weight Watchers, and her feasts went from looking like this:

To looking like this:

Slowly, day by day, week by week, the girl began to lose weight. And with every pound she lost, she felt better. She began to enjoy the wonderful land of £1.20 vodka and student discounts. But while she no longer hid away, she still did not feel like a princess.

One hot summers day, the three princesses and their friend went to visit a land far far away, and only accessible by train. This land is known as Oxford Street.

The girl did not really want to go with the princesses to the land far far away, for the princesses were seeking new ball gowns, and she knew that none of them would fit her properly as she was most categorically not a princess. Even though she did not want to, the girl still accompanied the princesses, and hoped that she would prove useful by offering opinions on the ball gowns, and perhaps holding the princesses bags.

When the princesses and their friend arrived in the land far far away, they were overcome by the beauty of the many ball gowns in the many shops that lined the long long street. Stepping from shop to shop, the princesses sought out and tried on innumerable ball gowns, while their friend waited patiently and helped them decide. As they stepped into another shop, and the princesses dispersed in search of the perfect gowns and jewels, something caught the girls eye. The girl admired the outfit longingly before walking away to find her friends, for what she had seen was a playsuit. And only princesses wear playsuits. But one of the princesses had seen her admiring the garment, and urged her to try it on. Trying desperately not to think of the embarrassment that would ensue when she was unable to fit into the outfit, the girl desperately sought a size 20 on the rack. When she was unable to find one she settled upon a size 18, and cringing with her impending shame, she headed off to the fitting room - accompanied by the princesses. While they tried on numerous ball gowns, the girls pulled on the playsuit and stepped out to show her friends.

'But...its too big!' cried the princesses. 'Try the next size.'

So the princess went to fetch a size 16 from the rack. Pulling it on, she once more stepped out to present herself to the princesses.

'But...its still too big!' they cried in despair. 'Go and get another one.'

Baffled by this turn of events, the girl went to get a size 14. In the fitting room she tried it on, and turned to look in the mirror. And it fit.

'It looks lovely!' exclaimed the princesses in joy. 'You must buy it!' 

Still in shock, the girl purchased the playsuit. But even though she now possessed an item of clothing worthy of a princess, she still did not feel like one. And so the playsuit languished in the girl's wardrobe for many months, and was almost forgotten about until one day, when the girl was spring cleaning. There, in the darkest recesses of her wardrobe, she discovered the playsuit, and tried it on once again, and for the first time felt like a princess. 

The next time a ball was held in the land of £1.20 vodka and cokes, the girl wore the playsuit and danced happily with the other princesses and for once, felt as though she was truly one of them.

[Playsuit and wedges: New Look
Earrings and belt: Dorothy Perkins
Sun-kissed skin courtesy of Rimmel SunShimmer Instant Tan]

The End.

Lots of love
Lauren xxx

P.S I enjoyed writing this way too much.


  1. Aww, that story was really nice :-)
    Well.bloody.done on the weight loss journey. I am on a battling one at the minute, and I know how hard it is, especially if your willpower is non-existant like mine!
    Any tips for people with an extra sweet tooth that can't just have 'a few' from the bag, but has to have the lot, then please pass them my way! I need to fight this!

  2. aaaw loved this post!
    I'm not quite there yet but I can now buy nice shoes, not just pumps. I got Allegra type boots on ebay and I didn't have to squeeze my feet in. The simple things.
    You look gorgeous xx

  3. You look beautiful :)

    I know how you feel but well done!

    Amy @ www.bonjourcupcakes.blogspot.com xxx

  4. Love, love, loved this post!!!
    The playsuit looks fab on you xx

  5. This was such a great post! You are rocking that playsuit! What an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  6. Loved reading this! such an awesome non scale victory!

  7. This was so lovely! I've got a big grin on my face. You look so amazing. Over the past 4 months (I've been lurking!)you have changed SO much and the diffferences in every pic are just astonishing. You are an insipration my lovely. x

  8. fab post.
    Recently discovered your blog after your friends mentioned it in a message thread on ww online. It's a great read and a great encouragement. Thanks :)


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