Sunday, 29 January 2012

Guest Post: Gemma From Fat Frocks/Where Are My Knees.

In lieu of a happy-go-lucky-pep-talk type post from me this week, I am offering you a guest post from the lovely Gemma - writer of the blog Fat Frocks and co-creator of the wonderful Where Are My Knees? You may remember that I guest posted on WAMK a few months ago (if you weren't around back then, you can read that post here) and I asked Gemma to return the favour - thankfully she agreed! I always enjoy reading Gemma's posts, I adore her style and I absolutely love her Weight Watchers friendly recipes/food ideas on WAMK. If you don't already follow her then go. Do. Now!

Hello, I’m Gemma! I’m happy, confident and healthy but I haven’t always been this way. I decided to start the Weight Watchers plan around this time last year and I have now lost over 4 stone with a couple more to go.

I wasn't completely unhappy with my life before but I really love my dresses and became so disheartened that most stores didn't stock my size and people have noticed a big difference in my behaviour. I saw this photo from a friend’s birthday and was shocked to see how bloated my face was, I had lost a lot of confidence and tried to blend in with the background. I'm a lot less shy now; anyone who has met me knows I don't shut up.
I recently bought a dress from River Island and I've not been able to do that for about four years. It may seem like a small thing but I couldn't stop smiling all day.
Joining Weight Watchers made me realise that I previously had no discipline in my eating habits. I would often eat on the go which meant grabbing the nearest unhealthy snack – and comfort eat as a way of coping with stress. These had all combined to result in my increasing size. I can't say I've struggled or that it has been hard because it hasn't. I'm surprised at how easy it has been, the Weight Watchers plan means that I can eat what I like as long as I plan ahead. I really think about the value of my food now and fill up on low point options rather than snacking on high point food.While I haven’t lost as much as I would have liked, I feel like I am well on my way to my ultimate goal of being a size 14.
Why a size 14? I really miss being able to shop wherever I like! I really hate shopping at the moment, there are only a few shops I can go to and if I get down to a size 14 I will have so many more options. If I drop more dress sizes than that then it will be a bonus but I wanted a realistic goal. 

When I reach a weight that I am happy with I will become a gold member of Weight Watchers which means I will still attend classes but try and maintain my weight. I think being on a controlled diet will be something I need to stick to for my whole life rather than just as a quick fix. I really don’t want to put the weight back on and lose all this new confidence I have gained!

One key to my success so far is that I blog and tweet about my weight loss. I started Where Are My Knees? With four other girls last year and we all chart our successes and struggles with diet and fitness. I have found a great deal of support from the online community and don’t think I would have lost the same amount without engaging with people online.

My weight loss has been slow and I've had a few slip ups (like my birthday and Christmas) but I'm really happy with what I have achieved in a year. I am a much happier and healthier person in 2012 than I was in 2011.

Massive thanks to Gemma for taking the time to write that for me - particularly as I know what a busy girl she is!


  1. Thanks for the great post, it was definitely inspiring.


    1. Thanks Jessica, glad you liked it. Still got a bit to go yet but determined to get there.

  2. Great post and progress!

  3. You have accomplishes so much! You honestly look amazing in both pictures. I cant belive your not a size 14 yet. You look like your already there.

    1. Thank you Lorrie! still a pesky 18 but can fit in to a few 16's. Thinking of working out to target problem areas so clothes will look nicer on.


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