Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The First Official Weigh-In Of 2012

This morning was my first official weigh-in of 2012. Having not weighed in since the 21st of December, I topped the scales today at 13st 12lbs - a 1lb gain over Christmas and New Year. I can live with that! This week is all about cutting down on carbs, increasing the exercise and making sure I drink enough water. I'm now 3.5lbs up on my lowest weight before Christmas of 13st 8.5lbs, and I'll like to see at least 2lbs of that gone by next week. Watch this space!

2012 has also seen the launch of Weight Watchers new 'Play' campaign, as well as some advancements to the plan. If you're already a Weight Watcher then you'll know all about these advancements, and if you're not then you probably don't care, so I won't bore you with the ins and outs of it all. Suffice it to say that Weight Watchers has decreased the minimum number of Daily ProPoints allowed and introduced new 'Filling and Healthy' days. These remind me a bit of Slimming World (of which I have very limited experience so if I'm totally wrong then feel free to let me know) where you have a list of foods that you're allowed to eat, and you can have as much of those foods as you want - until you feel 'satisfied'. Anything extra has to come out of your Weekly ProPoints. While this is all very well and good in theory, I can't help but spot a gaping hole in their logic - that being that most overweight or obese people have issues with the notion of 'feeling satisfied' and 'stopping when you're full'. If you tell a room full of overweight people that they can eat as much of something as they want, that is exactly what they're going to do. It just so happens that they're going to want more than your average person who feels full and stops eating. Maybe I'm wrong and 'Filling and Healthy' days are going to revolutionize Weight Watchers - but personally I can't see that happening.

Anywaaaaay, back to my point. Weight Watchers new campaign. For those of you who haven't spotted it on the TV yet, you can watch the new advert here.

 Isn't it gloriously cheesey? I love it. Although I'm not sure why Alesha Dixon is in it. She might be singing the song but she was never a Weight Watcher. Do one, skinny girl! With the launch of the new campaign comes about a million new products to go with it. I'm a poor student at the moment so I haven't been able to shell out big bucks on any of the new stuff, but I'm tragically excited to get my hands on the new 'My Recipes' folder, and the Complete Kitchen Cookbook. The only thing I did buy today was a Track book - or a 'My Journal' book, as it has now been christened by the powers that be. It is so snazzy, and just looks like a normal diary or day planner. Not that I care about people knowing I'm on Weight Watchers, but I know that not everyone out there shouts it as loud and proud as I do! So if you don't want to whole world to know you're doing Weight Watchers, the new books (they have newly redesigned Eat Out and Shop guides as well) are much better suited to you. The My Journal books even come with different covers. Mine looks likes this:

Pretty, no? If there's one thing that I have sworn by since starting Weight Watchers, it is the Track books and the general benefits of writing down what you eat. It keeps you so much more honest, and I'm always more likely to behave myself when I'm tracking properly because I don't wan't to ruin a page in my pretty book (I am aware that I have severe mental problems and am actively seeking help as we speak, worry not.) It also gives you a record of good and bad weeks, and where you can change things in the future. So yeah, track. Do it now, and do it honestly. As my very first Leader used to say - 'if you bite it, write it.' (She reminded me a little bit of Marjorie Dawes, but we won't talk about that.) As always the new Journals have room to plan your meals and exercise as well as track your weight and inches. As of this morning, my measurements are thus:

Right Upper Arm: 12in
Waist: 31.5in
Hips: 42.5in
Right Thigh: 25in

There's room to fill in your inch loss every four weeks, so I'll update it on here as and when I update it in the book :)

There was a ton of over stuff that I wanted to post about tonight, but I'm waaaaaay too tired and my bed is calling me, so it'll have to wait for another time. Bad Blogger.

Good night my lovelies - I hope you're all having a fabulous week!
Lauren xxx


  1. I agree with you on the 'Filling and Healthy' days - they just seem a bit counter intuitive to people trying to build up a healthy relationship with food. Having days where you can gorge yourself sends the wrong message and I think it's a bit of a gimmick to get people to sign up.

    the diary is lovely though! Where did you find it? I looked on the Weight Watchers website but can't seem to find any info about it


  2. Sounds like you are on a roll! Love the book.

  3. This is the first time I've seen the advert & I love it too! Almost tempts me to rejoin.

    'I don't want to ruin a page in my pretty book' - I can relate!

  4. Wish I had measured before I started my diet to see the change. I put about 7lbs on since about the 18th of Dec-1st Jan :( still looking forward to going to class for the first time in the new year next week. The complete kitchen cookbook is as and I will be getting a tracker and scales so I'm more accurate xx

  5. The whole point of Simply Filling is NOT to gorge yourself, but to eat until you are full then stop. Believe me it works.

  6. I got mine today, they didnt have any of that pattern left, shame as its pretty! I also got new eating out guide as mine got wet and pages stuck oops. It's v pretty too, don't mind having it in my bag now! The cookbooks look so good, but maybe when payday comes...

  7. aww well done I swear Ive put on a good stone being home from uni for a month over christmas...I saw it more as stocking up on free food whilst I could! oops.

    I wish weight watchers worked for me, I tried it but my diet wasn't that bad in the first place and I ended up eating MORE trying to stick to a set amount of points :( boo.


  8. A 1 lb gain? That is fantastic over the festive period- well done! I was to scared to attend my first weigh in of 2012 at my local weight loss class. Such a wimp! x

  9. I love that commercial, thank you for posting it as I havent seen it! I will have to pass that on at my blog!

    We dont have the filling days, or whatever they are called over here in the US yet. We do have the lower daily points.

    I have tagged you on my blog also!

  10. Got the tape measure out here and it wasnt pretty !!

    Happy New Year
    Good luck for 2012

  11. I've always debated Weight Watchers so I'm excited to see it in real practice! I'm hoping for the best year yet for yOu!!

    Good Luck ;)

    The Skinny


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