Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Christmas Wearings

This Christmas, for the first time ever, I could basically wear what I wanted to wear. The last three months of my life is the only period of time I can remember where I could walk into any shop on the High Street and know that there was something in there that would fit me. Prior to that it was a case of wishing and hoping that a shop carried plus sized clothes, or that maybe the size 18 would be a little roomy and that I could get away with it. I can't tell you how truly incredible it feels to be able to walk into New Look or Topshop or Miss Selfridge or Republic or H&M or any of the other shops that I never used to be able to shop in, pick up a size 14 and know that it will fit. Nothing compares - its such a high. Even if I don't buy anything its still a massive boost because I know that its the size of my bank balance that's stopping me from shopping til I drop, not the size of my arse.

With this is mind, I thought I would share with you some of the outfits that I wore over the festive period this year. I didn't do anything too crazy, it was just Christmas at home with the family, but we always like to dress up a bit over Christmas. Also, it was the first time a lot of my family have seen me since July, so vanity dictated that I make myself presentable and flaunt my greatly decreased backside. Shallow? Me? Never.


On December 23rd my BFF Danielle turned 21. We celebrated in true Dartfordian style with drinks at the pub followed by dancing the night away in a variety of bars and clubs (hence the drunken quality of the photos - sorry!). I wore this dress from the AX Paris collection at New Look. I've never been able to buy anything from a collection before in my life, so I was insanely excited about fitting into this dress - especially as its gorgeous. It is a bit on the short side admittedly, but I was far from the most indecently dressed person out that night so its fine. The ruching on the front of the dress falls at just the right point on my waist and really pulls everything in, and I really love the one-sleeve thing as well. I felt fantastic all night (some of that might have been down to the alcohol) and I got so many compliments as well. It was awesome :)

Christmas Day

I've worn this Dorothy Perkins number a couple of times before - in fact I'm wearing it in one of the 'progress pictures' on the side bar. I dressed it down on Christmas day with fur-lined ankle boots from Shoe Zone (student budget, what can I say?) and a fluffy black cardigan. Festive, no?

Boxing Day

This is another outfit that I've worn before - for Emma's 21st birthday in November. The top is getting a little too big now so I've been wearing it as much as possible before I can to consign it to the growing 'eBay pile' in my room. I just love the colour so so so much, and its such a lovely fit and is just generally gorgeous. I'll be sad to see it go! (You can also probably tell that Boxing Day was the 'family day' for us - thats my little cousin Olivia in the top photo, my mum and Auntie Val in the middle photo, and baby Rosie - hasn't she gotten big? She was such a good girl and hardly fussed at all even though she was being passed around all afternoon. What a darling.

Sadly - and it is sad because its a corker - I haven't got any photos of what I wore on New Years Eve. I'm a little bit in love with the outfit though so I can't imagine that it will be long before I wear it out again and will have some snaps to share with you all! What did you all wear over Christmas? Do you dress us for Christmas day or do you keep is casual?

I hope everybody is having a lovely week so far! I'm back in Canterbury and I'm loving having the house to myself - I need my own place!

Much love!
Lauren xxx


  1. You look fantastic, I am so so proud of you xxxxxx

  2. Gorgeous! Love the little black dress and the color of the last shirt!

  3. When I was living in England we all dressed up to come down stairs for pressies.. but now I have my own kids, it is PJ's most of the day :)

  4. Wow - you are looking fantastic - so pleased for you - not only do you look great in your photos but you also look really happy. What a great achievement! Well done

  5. Gorgeous as always Miss!!

    There is always the donate to Liz pile!!

    Where my breasticles are shrinking...my tops are getting lower and a bit indecent!!

    I only bought three tops all of last term..cashflow problems...and two of them I shrunk so they are tops for jeans not for leggings now...and the other one...the more expensive one...now sits nearly below the bra/boobs not above - WTF! This was not part of the plan! I still don't fit into the few pre uni clothes I kept...so basically I am a grumpy mare.... looking forward to our trip next term.... although I am not out of the black yet so don't expect anything too wild!

    Oh and yes I am from a dressing up for Christmas Family...alas...the two dresses I had on the consideration pile...looked ridiculous because of aforementioned breast issues. I settled for a safe option...floaty and lacey....black of course xxxx

  6. P.S I could even donate it back to your ebay pile in a couple of months if things go to plan!!

  7. I love how you flaunt what you've worked so hard to achieve with such great clothes! I haven't been as successful, but I'm always up for looking good. You should write a post on personal taste in fashion over the span of your "lifestyle change" journey. I think that would both be fun and girly, neither of which is bad ;).

    Congratulations again on where you are and how hard you've worked! Definitely an inspiration for the in-the-rut frumpettes, such as myself.

    Best wishes for the new year and may 2012 just be a great continuation of fabulousness!


  8. You look beautiful Lauren.
    Very well done. Keep up the fab work

  9. You look amazing, fabulous work! I have a few things I'm trying to wear as much as possible at the moment, before its too late!


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