Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012: The Year of The Goddess.

In the words of my Weight Watchers pal Natalie, this year is our year to become Goddesses (big shout out to both Natalie and my lovely friend Liz as well by the way - Happy New Year my lovelies!)

Every year I have the same resolutions - lose weight, exercise more, and so on and so on. And those are really good resolutions. And for the last two years I've stuck to them - I'm 6st lighter than I was this time two years ago, 4st lighter than I was this time last year. When I started I said to myself that I wanted to be at goal by August 2011, and it didn't happen. Weirdly enough, that doesn't bother me - probably because I know that it will happen eventually. I'm very aware that this is a marathon I'm running. It isn't a sprint. And even after I get to goal, I will still have to work hard every day to make sure I stay there. I will always have to watch what I eat, I'll always have to point, I'll always have to be careful not to let exercise fall by the wayside. But I don't care about that, because I 100% know that it will be worth it. I saw in 2012 in a size 12 skirt last night - and no amount of aching muscles or skipped desserts over the last two years can take away how truly amazing that felt. As the saying goes, 'nothing tastes as good as thin feels'.

This year, my resolution isn't as specific as 'lose weight' or 'exercise more'. It is quite simply to take care of myself and to be more healthy. Obviously this will involve losing the last couple of stone and reaching my goal weight, and it will involve regular exercise. But it also means getting rid of the cigarettes - not that I smoke a lot anyway, but I know that the few that I do have every now and again aren't doing me any good. It also means looking after my skin - not collapsing into bed after a night out with my make-up on, for example. Exfoliating and moisturising and just generally making sure to 'love the skin I'm in' because 'I'm worth it', and all that jazz. Taking better care of my hair - having it cut regularly, using heat protection and deep conditioners and all those other things that we're supposed to do but most of us don't. And, of course, eating right. I know this relates to the losing weight part, but I'm talking more in terms of the type of food that I eat on a day to day basis. I know that I can stick to my points and lose weight each week, and thats fine. But too many of my points are used on things like chocolate and bread and, dare I say it, alcohol. So I'm going to endeavour to cut back on as many of these things as I can and try to stick to more healthy and fresh food. As of this evening I will be back in Canterbury at my own house - back to buying and preparing all my own meals. This means that I am removed from the temptation of the chocolate and crisps that are littered around both my parents houses and therefore have no excuse to waver from the path of Weight Watcher's righteousness.

These are my resolutions for 2012 - to be a better, healthier, happier me, and to go into 2013 as a complete and utter Goddess - wish me luck! And a very Happy New Year to all of you, my wonderful followers. May 2012 bring each of you health, wealth and happiness. Here's to a fantastic year for us all!

Lauren xxx


  1. Happy New Year Lauren
    Good luck for 2012 x

  2. Loving this post so much! You have done amazingly well to lose all that weight, a true inspiration! Happy new year! xoxo

  3. good luck for 2012!! we can do it :)
    I want to lose at least another 20lbs this year x

  4. You look amazing. Great goals. You can do it!

  5. Good for you!! I hope I can join you in the success next year.

    Jorden x

  6. Good luck in 2012, make it a year to remember! :)

  7. Happy New Year to you too!!

    Year of the Goddess has commenced!! WI won't be pretty...but it will be the kick up the fatty boom boom I need to get back on with tracking properly!!

    Looking forward to our goddess regime when we are all back! ...starting with our shopping trip!

    L xx

  8. Happy New Year!!! This year will certainly be the year of the Goddesses, you look amazing in your photos!
    I have 4 1/2 lbs left till goal, so defiantly a massive celebration once I'm there :)
    Nat xxx


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