Sunday, 29 January 2012

Guest Post: Gemma From Fat Frocks/Where Are My Knees.

In lieu of a happy-go-lucky-pep-talk type post from me this week, I am offering you a guest post from the lovely Gemma - writer of the blog Fat Frocks and co-creator of the wonderful Where Are My Knees? You may remember that I guest posted on WAMK a few months ago (if you weren't around back then, you can read that post here) and I asked Gemma to return the favour - thankfully she agreed! I always enjoy reading Gemma's posts, I adore her style and I absolutely love her Weight Watchers friendly recipes/food ideas on WAMK. If you don't already follow her then go. Do. Now!

Hello, I’m Gemma! I’m happy, confident and healthy but I haven’t always been this way. I decided to start the Weight Watchers plan around this time last year and I have now lost over 4 stone with a couple more to go.

I wasn't completely unhappy with my life before but I really love my dresses and became so disheartened that most stores didn't stock my size and people have noticed a big difference in my behaviour. I saw this photo from a friend’s birthday and was shocked to see how bloated my face was, I had lost a lot of confidence and tried to blend in with the background. I'm a lot less shy now; anyone who has met me knows I don't shut up.
I recently bought a dress from River Island and I've not been able to do that for about four years. It may seem like a small thing but I couldn't stop smiling all day.
Joining Weight Watchers made me realise that I previously had no discipline in my eating habits. I would often eat on the go which meant grabbing the nearest unhealthy snack – and comfort eat as a way of coping with stress. These had all combined to result in my increasing size. I can't say I've struggled or that it has been hard because it hasn't. I'm surprised at how easy it has been, the Weight Watchers plan means that I can eat what I like as long as I plan ahead. I really think about the value of my food now and fill up on low point options rather than snacking on high point food.While I haven’t lost as much as I would have liked, I feel like I am well on my way to my ultimate goal of being a size 14.
Why a size 14? I really miss being able to shop wherever I like! I really hate shopping at the moment, there are only a few shops I can go to and if I get down to a size 14 I will have so many more options. If I drop more dress sizes than that then it will be a bonus but I wanted a realistic goal. 

When I reach a weight that I am happy with I will become a gold member of Weight Watchers which means I will still attend classes but try and maintain my weight. I think being on a controlled diet will be something I need to stick to for my whole life rather than just as a quick fix. I really don’t want to put the weight back on and lose all this new confidence I have gained!

One key to my success so far is that I blog and tweet about my weight loss. I started Where Are My Knees? With four other girls last year and we all chart our successes and struggles with diet and fitness. I have found a great deal of support from the online community and don’t think I would have lost the same amount without engaging with people online.

My weight loss has been slow and I've had a few slip ups (like my birthday and Christmas) but I'm really happy with what I have achieved in a year. I am a much happier and healthier person in 2012 than I was in 2011.

Massive thanks to Gemma for taking the time to write that for me - particularly as I know what a busy girl she is!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again.

This last week or so has been weird - and not weird in a good way. I would hate to launch into a tirade about how its been shit, because it hasn't. I've had some awesome nights out - celebrating my housemate Terry's 21st birthday - and had some lovely chilled afternoons and evenings with friends as well. Not to mention one of the best seminars I've had in my entire time at university. In all of those ways, its been a great week. In other ways...not so much.

Firstly, I gained at weigh-in on Wednesday. Only 0.5lb, and honestly after four nights out and a curry I don't think anyone would grumble about that. And while the rational part of my mind knows that 0.5lb isn't anything really, the not-so-rational part is thinking 'damn it...that's another half a pound further away from goal.' Very annoying.

Secondly, things have been done and said that I've found quite upsetting. I have always considered myself to be fairly thick-skinned - you kind of have to be when you're hugely overweight. Fortunately for me the only time I was ever bullied was when I was in primary school, and a girl two years older than me put sand in my hair and told everyone I had dandruff. Kids stuff. I got the speech from my parents about how bullies are insecure and that I should always stand up for myself. I never really needed to because nobody ever picked on me again - maybe because I let it be known that I wouldn't let them! Either way, its not important. The point is that I haven't been bullied (beyond the abuse that I get day-to-day from my housemates) since I was seven, and anytime I have encountered any sort of unpleasantness I've been able to let it go over my head. 

Now, maybe its because I'm massively overtired, hormonal and stressed out that this has not been the case this week - or maybe its because the thickness of my skin has decreased in accordance with the size of my arse. It doesn't particularly matter - suffice it to say that this week things are getting to me. And not just like 'ouch, that was unpleasant' getting to me, but actually getting under my skin, disturbing my sleep, causing me to physically seethe with anger, getting to me. So much so, that I can't bring myself to type about it, because I know that writing it out will just make me even angrier. That is how much things are getting to me.

I comfort myself with the fact that out of the three really shitty things that have gone down, only one of them was done with the intention of hurting or upsetting me. At least I'm hoping that is the case! The other two occurred out of sheer thoughtlessness and perhaps a little bit of idiocy, although as they came from people who are supposed to be on my side, it still pisses me off. Is it really that hard to just stop and think before you do/say something?! I do it. I stop and think all the time. I know I'm not perfect, I know that I've said and done things to hurt people's feelings in the past as well. And I don't believe in holding grudges (actually I do, but you have to be a special kind of arsehole for me to summon the energy to resent you for any extended period of time), but that doesn't mean I can't be angry and hurt and upset for a little while. I will let these things slide. Eventually. 

What I won't do, is let them ruin anything I've achieved. So until I am able to be the better person and forgive and forget, I will take comfort in the little things. Like drinking tea out of my 'Keep Calm and Carry On' mug (never has a piece of crockery been so appropriate). Or the fact that I'm having a really good hair day. Or that I ran for ten minutes in the gym today, when previously I could barely manage one. Or that most of my size 14 dresses are getting much too big for me. Or that I actually understand most of the material for my seminars next week. Or that for every careless and upsetting comment I've received this week, I've had at least three amazing conversations with amazing people. Or the fact that my fellow Weight Watcher Natalie reached her goal weight this week, reminding me that it can be done. Or this song:

(apologies for the shit quality video)

Little things. Little, seemingly inconsequential things. Things that, upon reflection, are a hundred times more important than a nasty comment or a careless action. Right?

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Weigh-In and Wearings

Hello beautiful people!

This is just a quick one from me to update you on weigh-in results this week. I lost 0.5lbs this week. Part of me is really pissed off about this because I tracked religiously all week, but on the other hand I know that I wasn't eating as healthily as I could have been and that I slacked off on the exercise. Oh, and had two nights out on the tiles as well. I always have a better loss when I haven't been drinking alcohol, so I guess a small loss was to be expected after multiple vodka and diet cokes. 

I'm planning to step up the exercise a little more this week, especially as my 'gym buddies' are now back in Canterbury and can keep me company! I'm heading to a Spin class this evening and planning a gym session tomorrow morning before my lectures as well. Exercise is going to be even more important this week because I have a lot of social events - all of which involve alcohol or food. Not only was I out again last night (more on that to come), I'm also going out for an Indian meal for my housemate's birthday on Saturday, and then we're heading out again on Monday for his actual birthday. I'm looking forward to both nights but I'd also like to see a half-decent loss on the scales next week as well, so here's hoping that getting my butt back into the gym will help me out with that!

Now, onto last night! As I said in my post last week, massive amounts of drunkenness are basically compulsory for the first week of term, and last night was no exception. We headed to the Venue, our campus nightclub, and danced and drank the night away. It was a brilliant night - this I know, because for the first time in AGES I woke up with more or less a full recollection of the evening. Still had something of a sore head mind you, but you can't win them all! 

[Top and Clutch Bag: Dorothy Perkins
Skirt: Topshop
Wedges: New Look]

I love love love this outfit! I picked up the top for an absolute steal in the Dorothy Perkins sale at the weekend - it was £3.75! The wedges I've had for ages and they are quite literally the most comfortable heels I've ever owned, I had them on all night and was still going at 2am when they kicked us out. And the skirt...ahh the skirt. If it were possible to marry an item of clothing, I would marry this skirt. I can't tell you how much I love it. Not only is it purple - which immediately makes it awesome in my book - but its also from Topshop and is a size 12. If you'd told me even six months ago that one day I would be able to wear a size 12 skirt from Topshop I would have laughed in your face! I just love it. Probably a little bit too much. But I don't care.

Thats all from me - I really need to go and do some reading before I flunk out of uni altogether! Much love and I hope everybody is having a wonderful week :)

Lauren xxx

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Princesses and The Playsuit.

Hello boys and girls. Welcome, welcome to story time! Today I shall tell you a magical story, the story of The Princesses and The Playsuit. Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Then I'll begin.

Once upon a time, there lived three beautiful princesses.

The princesses lived in wonderful land, where a vodka and coke is only £1.20 and every shop offers student discount. This magical place was called The University of Kent.

At The University of Kent, the three princesses had a friend. She was a very good friend and she loved the princesses, for they were kind towards her, but she always felt different from them. For she was not a princess.

So while the princesses borrowed each others gowns and tiaras, and danced with the many princes that also lived in the magical land of the University, their friend did not join in. She was too shy, and too ashamed of not being like the other princesses, to go out and have fun with her friends. The princesses didn't care that their friend was different to them, but she did. Instead of exploring the land of £1.20 vodka and cokes, she stayed at home and feasted on the many wonderful treats that the University had to offer - like chocolate buttons and ice cream. But one day she decided that enough was enough, and that she wanted to be a princess as well. So she joined Weight Watchers, and her feasts went from looking like this:

To looking like this:

Slowly, day by day, week by week, the girl began to lose weight. And with every pound she lost, she felt better. She began to enjoy the wonderful land of £1.20 vodka and student discounts. But while she no longer hid away, she still did not feel like a princess.

One hot summers day, the three princesses and their friend went to visit a land far far away, and only accessible by train. This land is known as Oxford Street.

The girl did not really want to go with the princesses to the land far far away, for the princesses were seeking new ball gowns, and she knew that none of them would fit her properly as she was most categorically not a princess. Even though she did not want to, the girl still accompanied the princesses, and hoped that she would prove useful by offering opinions on the ball gowns, and perhaps holding the princesses bags.

When the princesses and their friend arrived in the land far far away, they were overcome by the beauty of the many ball gowns in the many shops that lined the long long street. Stepping from shop to shop, the princesses sought out and tried on innumerable ball gowns, while their friend waited patiently and helped them decide. As they stepped into another shop, and the princesses dispersed in search of the perfect gowns and jewels, something caught the girls eye. The girl admired the outfit longingly before walking away to find her friends, for what she had seen was a playsuit. And only princesses wear playsuits. But one of the princesses had seen her admiring the garment, and urged her to try it on. Trying desperately not to think of the embarrassment that would ensue when she was unable to fit into the outfit, the girl desperately sought a size 20 on the rack. When she was unable to find one she settled upon a size 18, and cringing with her impending shame, she headed off to the fitting room - accompanied by the princesses. While they tried on numerous ball gowns, the girls pulled on the playsuit and stepped out to show her friends.

'But...its too big!' cried the princesses. 'Try the next size.'

So the princess went to fetch a size 16 from the rack. Pulling it on, she once more stepped out to present herself to the princesses.

'But...its still too big!' they cried in despair. 'Go and get another one.'

Baffled by this turn of events, the girl went to get a size 14. In the fitting room she tried it on, and turned to look in the mirror. And it fit.

'It looks lovely!' exclaimed the princesses in joy. 'You must buy it!' 

Still in shock, the girl purchased the playsuit. But even though she now possessed an item of clothing worthy of a princess, she still did not feel like one. And so the playsuit languished in the girl's wardrobe for many months, and was almost forgotten about until one day, when the girl was spring cleaning. There, in the darkest recesses of her wardrobe, she discovered the playsuit, and tried it on once again, and for the first time felt like a princess. 

The next time a ball was held in the land of £1.20 vodka and cokes, the girl wore the playsuit and danced happily with the other princesses and for once, felt as though she was truly one of them.

[Playsuit and wedges: New Look
Earrings and belt: Dorothy Perkins
Sun-kissed skin courtesy of Rimmel SunShimmer Instant Tan]

The End.

Lots of love
Lauren xxx

P.S I enjoyed writing this way too much.

Friday, 13 January 2012

How D'ya Like Them Apples?

I don't like apples. Just putting  it out there. Apples are not something I enjoy. I keep trying to like them, but I can never quite manage it. Its not that I actively dislike apples as such, I'm just not a huge fan of them. Every now and again I'll have a really amazing apple - juicy, tasty, sweet, perfectly ripe - and I'll get excited and believe that it is the dawn of a new age of my loving and enjoying apples. Alas, this never happens, and the next apple I eat is invariably too chewy, or too bitter, or has that horrid waxy feeling going on and I will be disappointed once more.

Despite this - despite knowing that I don't particularly enjoy apples and that eating them always turns out to be a chore - I keep buying apples. Why?, I hear you ask. And I will answer - I don't know. Maybe its because I am secretly optimistic about one day falling in love with apples, or maybe its because I always forget about my disappointment in them while I am shopping in Tesco - only to be reminded as soon as I bite into one of the cursed things. Maybe I'm just frivolous and like spending money. I don't know. But the point is, I keep buying them. And last week, I bought some that were particularly upsetting.

They were tart. No, more than that. They were downright bitter. The skin was too chewy and the flesh was too squishy. Basically everything that can be wrong with an apple - short of finding a worm in it - was wrong with these bad boys. Needless to say that I wasn't impressed, and after battling through four of them I really couldn't face eating the last two. Enter creativity.

See, while I don't like apples, I love apple pie. And apple crumble. Apple strudel. Apple turnover. Apple doughnuts. Basically anything in which my Fruit Frenemy has been covered in sugar and wrapped in some form of pastry. But as we all know, pastry is one of the five great enemies of Weight Watchers (the others are chocolate, cheese, chips and curry) and is therefore something that I cannot indulge in too often. While this is a very sad state of affairs, I am not one to dwell on what I can't have. I'd rather focus on what I can have. And what I can have, is pie-less Apple Pie.

You will need:
2-3 apples. Mine were Granny Smith's but I'm sure it'd work with any type.
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Peel, core and slice the apples and place them in an oven-proof dish. Sprinkle over the sugar and cinnamon and bake for 45 minutes. And thats it. You're done. The apples themselves are 1 ProPoint. Serve with 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream for an additional 3 ProPoints, or 2 scoops for an additional 6 ProPoints. It would also be delicious with half-fat creme fraiche - 1 ProPoint per tbsp - or some zero-fat Greek or Natural yogurt. The best part is, it actually tastes like Apple Pie. Just without the pastry. And for 1 point, I can live with that!

This picture kind of makes the apple slices look like potato wedges. I assure you, they're not. 
Also, apologies for the crappy phone quality picture.

Thats it from me for tonight - I have a hot date with Madonna and Graham Norton. Never let it be said that I don't know how to live!

Lauren xxx

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Shake It Out

Well, the results are in and weigh-in this week shows a loss of 3lbs. I am, needless to say, very pleased with this result - particularly as my managers at the restaurant are clearly trying to fatten me up! pizza and pecan pie is not good for the waistline! Not to mention the fact that the restaurant is next door to a fancy cake shop and they keep sending over the stuff thats going out of date. I have eaten two massive slabs of chocolate cake this week, its genuinely ridiculous (although totally worth it.) My saving grace has been getting my backside back into the gym, as well as walking to and from work (about a mile each way) - not to mention the 5+ hours I spend running around like a headless chicken when I'm actually at work. I've also tracked religiously this week, and have resisted the temptation to exist entirely on toast. All in all a healthy and successful week for fat club! I'm just hoping I can keep it up next week when term officially restarts! I have lots of pretty new skinny-girl clothes to wear, I don't want to ruin it all by gaining half a stone of alcohol weight in the first week. Although I probably will anyway, just because being really drunk throughout the first week of term is pretty much compulsory, and I hate to miss out on the fun. Also, whats the point in having skinny girl clothes if you can't showcase them in a hilariously drunken way?? No point at all.

Anyway, moving on. I wanted to share a suuuuuper quick, easy and yummy recipe idea with you today. Its one that I knocked up earlier in the week, before I'd been to the shops and when the cupboard was still looking rather bleak and empty. Because it was impromptu I didn't take any of my usual artful and sophisticated photos (haha), but its pretty much fool-proof so I'm sure you can all figure it out for yourselves anyway.

60g (dried weight) of any kind of pasta
2 rashers of bacon, fat trimmed, and chopped
About 1/3 of a packet of Mange Tout - or however much you want to use, I like lots because its yummy.
2 tbsp Extra Light Philadelphia/any other kid of Extra Light Cream Cheese

  1. Boil a pan of water and whack the pasta in to cook through.
  2. While its cooking, spray a wok/frying pan type thing with some low-fat cooking spray, or add a little tiny drizzle of olive or vegetable oil. I'm talking like 1/3 of a tsp here. Heat the pan and whack in the Mange Tout and stir-fry for 3-4 minutes.
  3. Take the Mange Tout out of the pan and put aside, then fry off the bacon in the same pan.
  4. By now the pasta should be more or less cooked - if it isn't then turn off the heat under the frying pan and wait until it is. Drain the pasta, then whack it into the pan with the bacon and the Mange Tout (obviously turning the heat back on if you turned it off before)
  5. Stir in the Philadelphia until melted and coating everything else. Add cracked black pepper and/or chilli flakes to taste. Then serve.
Like I said - simple, quick, and yummy. The amounts I've given serves one and works out at 10 ProPoints on the Weight Watchers plan - obviously you can add more veg if you like, or omit the bacon, add chicken...its pretty versatile! Does anybody else use Philadelphia or cream cheese in recipes like this? I love it melted and poured over Salmon fillets as well...omnomnom.

One more thing before I go - I have basically been listening to this song obsessively for the last couple of days (hence the title of this post). I won't bore you with the details - plus I don't know who is reading this. Well, actually I do know who's reading it. Which is half the problem. Anyway. The lyrics completely sum up how I feel at the moment - I'm so ready to shake off all the bullshit from the last few months and years of my life, and just be around the things and people that make me happy.

I hope you're all having an awesome week :)

Lauren xxx

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The First Official Weigh-In Of 2012

This morning was my first official weigh-in of 2012. Having not weighed in since the 21st of December, I topped the scales today at 13st 12lbs - a 1lb gain over Christmas and New Year. I can live with that! This week is all about cutting down on carbs, increasing the exercise and making sure I drink enough water. I'm now 3.5lbs up on my lowest weight before Christmas of 13st 8.5lbs, and I'll like to see at least 2lbs of that gone by next week. Watch this space!

2012 has also seen the launch of Weight Watchers new 'Play' campaign, as well as some advancements to the plan. If you're already a Weight Watcher then you'll know all about these advancements, and if you're not then you probably don't care, so I won't bore you with the ins and outs of it all. Suffice it to say that Weight Watchers has decreased the minimum number of Daily ProPoints allowed and introduced new 'Filling and Healthy' days. These remind me a bit of Slimming World (of which I have very limited experience so if I'm totally wrong then feel free to let me know) where you have a list of foods that you're allowed to eat, and you can have as much of those foods as you want - until you feel 'satisfied'. Anything extra has to come out of your Weekly ProPoints. While this is all very well and good in theory, I can't help but spot a gaping hole in their logic - that being that most overweight or obese people have issues with the notion of 'feeling satisfied' and 'stopping when you're full'. If you tell a room full of overweight people that they can eat as much of something as they want, that is exactly what they're going to do. It just so happens that they're going to want more than your average person who feels full and stops eating. Maybe I'm wrong and 'Filling and Healthy' days are going to revolutionize Weight Watchers - but personally I can't see that happening.

Anywaaaaay, back to my point. Weight Watchers new campaign. For those of you who haven't spotted it on the TV yet, you can watch the new advert here.

 Isn't it gloriously cheesey? I love it. Although I'm not sure why Alesha Dixon is in it. She might be singing the song but she was never a Weight Watcher. Do one, skinny girl! With the launch of the new campaign comes about a million new products to go with it. I'm a poor student at the moment so I haven't been able to shell out big bucks on any of the new stuff, but I'm tragically excited to get my hands on the new 'My Recipes' folder, and the Complete Kitchen Cookbook. The only thing I did buy today was a Track book - or a 'My Journal' book, as it has now been christened by the powers that be. It is so snazzy, and just looks like a normal diary or day planner. Not that I care about people knowing I'm on Weight Watchers, but I know that not everyone out there shouts it as loud and proud as I do! So if you don't want to whole world to know you're doing Weight Watchers, the new books (they have newly redesigned Eat Out and Shop guides as well) are much better suited to you. The My Journal books even come with different covers. Mine looks likes this:

Pretty, no? If there's one thing that I have sworn by since starting Weight Watchers, it is the Track books and the general benefits of writing down what you eat. It keeps you so much more honest, and I'm always more likely to behave myself when I'm tracking properly because I don't wan't to ruin a page in my pretty book (I am aware that I have severe mental problems and am actively seeking help as we speak, worry not.) It also gives you a record of good and bad weeks, and where you can change things in the future. So yeah, track. Do it now, and do it honestly. As my very first Leader used to say - 'if you bite it, write it.' (She reminded me a little bit of Marjorie Dawes, but we won't talk about that.) As always the new Journals have room to plan your meals and exercise as well as track your weight and inches. As of this morning, my measurements are thus:

Right Upper Arm: 12in
Waist: 31.5in
Hips: 42.5in
Right Thigh: 25in

There's room to fill in your inch loss every four weeks, so I'll update it on here as and when I update it in the book :)

There was a ton of over stuff that I wanted to post about tonight, but I'm waaaaaay too tired and my bed is calling me, so it'll have to wait for another time. Bad Blogger.

Good night my lovelies - I hope you're all having a fabulous week!
Lauren xxx

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Christmas Wearings

This Christmas, for the first time ever, I could basically wear what I wanted to wear. The last three months of my life is the only period of time I can remember where I could walk into any shop on the High Street and know that there was something in there that would fit me. Prior to that it was a case of wishing and hoping that a shop carried plus sized clothes, or that maybe the size 18 would be a little roomy and that I could get away with it. I can't tell you how truly incredible it feels to be able to walk into New Look or Topshop or Miss Selfridge or Republic or H&M or any of the other shops that I never used to be able to shop in, pick up a size 14 and know that it will fit. Nothing compares - its such a high. Even if I don't buy anything its still a massive boost because I know that its the size of my bank balance that's stopping me from shopping til I drop, not the size of my arse.

With this is mind, I thought I would share with you some of the outfits that I wore over the festive period this year. I didn't do anything too crazy, it was just Christmas at home with the family, but we always like to dress up a bit over Christmas. Also, it was the first time a lot of my family have seen me since July, so vanity dictated that I make myself presentable and flaunt my greatly decreased backside. Shallow? Me? Never.


On December 23rd my BFF Danielle turned 21. We celebrated in true Dartfordian style with drinks at the pub followed by dancing the night away in a variety of bars and clubs (hence the drunken quality of the photos - sorry!). I wore this dress from the AX Paris collection at New Look. I've never been able to buy anything from a collection before in my life, so I was insanely excited about fitting into this dress - especially as its gorgeous. It is a bit on the short side admittedly, but I was far from the most indecently dressed person out that night so its fine. The ruching on the front of the dress falls at just the right point on my waist and really pulls everything in, and I really love the one-sleeve thing as well. I felt fantastic all night (some of that might have been down to the alcohol) and I got so many compliments as well. It was awesome :)

Christmas Day

I've worn this Dorothy Perkins number a couple of times before - in fact I'm wearing it in one of the 'progress pictures' on the side bar. I dressed it down on Christmas day with fur-lined ankle boots from Shoe Zone (student budget, what can I say?) and a fluffy black cardigan. Festive, no?

Boxing Day

This is another outfit that I've worn before - for Emma's 21st birthday in November. The top is getting a little too big now so I've been wearing it as much as possible before I can to consign it to the growing 'eBay pile' in my room. I just love the colour so so so much, and its such a lovely fit and is just generally gorgeous. I'll be sad to see it go! (You can also probably tell that Boxing Day was the 'family day' for us - thats my little cousin Olivia in the top photo, my mum and Auntie Val in the middle photo, and baby Rosie - hasn't she gotten big? She was such a good girl and hardly fussed at all even though she was being passed around all afternoon. What a darling.

Sadly - and it is sad because its a corker - I haven't got any photos of what I wore on New Years Eve. I'm a little bit in love with the outfit though so I can't imagine that it will be long before I wear it out again and will have some snaps to share with you all! What did you all wear over Christmas? Do you dress us for Christmas day or do you keep is casual?

I hope everybody is having a lovely week so far! I'm back in Canterbury and I'm loving having the house to myself - I need my own place!

Much love!
Lauren xxx

Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012: The Year of The Goddess.

In the words of my Weight Watchers pal Natalie, this year is our year to become Goddesses (big shout out to both Natalie and my lovely friend Liz as well by the way - Happy New Year my lovelies!)

Every year I have the same resolutions - lose weight, exercise more, and so on and so on. And those are really good resolutions. And for the last two years I've stuck to them - I'm 6st lighter than I was this time two years ago, 4st lighter than I was this time last year. When I started I said to myself that I wanted to be at goal by August 2011, and it didn't happen. Weirdly enough, that doesn't bother me - probably because I know that it will happen eventually. I'm very aware that this is a marathon I'm running. It isn't a sprint. And even after I get to goal, I will still have to work hard every day to make sure I stay there. I will always have to watch what I eat, I'll always have to point, I'll always have to be careful not to let exercise fall by the wayside. But I don't care about that, because I 100% know that it will be worth it. I saw in 2012 in a size 12 skirt last night - and no amount of aching muscles or skipped desserts over the last two years can take away how truly amazing that felt. As the saying goes, 'nothing tastes as good as thin feels'.

This year, my resolution isn't as specific as 'lose weight' or 'exercise more'. It is quite simply to take care of myself and to be more healthy. Obviously this will involve losing the last couple of stone and reaching my goal weight, and it will involve regular exercise. But it also means getting rid of the cigarettes - not that I smoke a lot anyway, but I know that the few that I do have every now and again aren't doing me any good. It also means looking after my skin - not collapsing into bed after a night out with my make-up on, for example. Exfoliating and moisturising and just generally making sure to 'love the skin I'm in' because 'I'm worth it', and all that jazz. Taking better care of my hair - having it cut regularly, using heat protection and deep conditioners and all those other things that we're supposed to do but most of us don't. And, of course, eating right. I know this relates to the losing weight part, but I'm talking more in terms of the type of food that I eat on a day to day basis. I know that I can stick to my points and lose weight each week, and thats fine. But too many of my points are used on things like chocolate and bread and, dare I say it, alcohol. So I'm going to endeavour to cut back on as many of these things as I can and try to stick to more healthy and fresh food. As of this evening I will be back in Canterbury at my own house - back to buying and preparing all my own meals. This means that I am removed from the temptation of the chocolate and crisps that are littered around both my parents houses and therefore have no excuse to waver from the path of Weight Watcher's righteousness.

These are my resolutions for 2012 - to be a better, healthier, happier me, and to go into 2013 as a complete and utter Goddess - wish me luck! And a very Happy New Year to all of you, my wonderful followers. May 2012 bring each of you health, wealth and happiness. Here's to a fantastic year for us all!

Lauren xxx