Monday, 7 November 2011

A Wee Update...

Two posts in one day - aren't you lucky? Seriously though, I know I've been neglecting you all recently and I felt this needed to be rectified as soon as possible! The truth is I just haven't really felt like blogging over the last couple of weeks. As well as impending essay deadlines (they are now completed, printed and handed in - thank God!), I've also had a lot of other stuff on my mind as well. I've spoken before about not necessarily being the most forthcoming person when it comes to talking about 'feelings and stuff', and this has definitely been the case over the last couple of weeks. Its also made more difficult by my extremely male surroundings - any sign of an sort of emotion or anger and it is immediately assumed that I'm 'on the blob' (disgusting turn of phrase) and am therefore just an irrational hormonal mess.

(FYI male readers. There is nothing, and I do mean nothing that is more guaranteed to irritate a woman than a man insinuating that the reason for a woman's anger is her 'time of the month'. Newsflash: sometimes we're not pissy because we're on. Sometimes we're pissy because you're an idiot.)

Anyway, enough of my period-related rantings. The long and short of it is that there's been a lot of stuff that I've been trying to deal with - with the result that I haven't exactly been in a caring and sharing kind of mood. I apologise profusely for my absence though, and I'll try to do better from now on!

Because its been so long there are a few things to update you all on - the most important being last weeks weigh-in which showed a loss of 1.5lbs. While this is a great loss, I couldn't help but feel a little miffed, I only needed another 0.5lb to hit -80lbs!! I know its not a race and that I'll get there when I get just would have been nice to get there last week!

I've also been something of a social butterfly over the last week. Hallowe'en is considered by most as one of the biggest nights in student land - so much so that its almost a crime to not dress up and head out for a few drinks and a dance. I didn't go out last year because I was working, so I was very up for it this year. Plus, being 5.5st lighter makes fancy dress a far more enjoyable experience!!

Hallowe'en '09 - as a pirate's wench with Terry and Thom

Hallowe'en '11 - as a vampire with Katie

I will admit to quite possibly having had one too many £1 vodka and diet cokes, with the result that I was pretty much hungover for the rest of the week. I couldn't even drink the following night when we went out for Emma's 21st birthday celebrations.

These are just a few of the many snaps taken on the night - despite not drinking and still feeling pretty dire from the night before, I had an amazing night with everyone. As shallow as it sounds, going out and not having to worry about being the 'fat friend' always makes the night so much more enjoyable!

I'm off now to battle through the 100 pages of reading that I have to do before tomorrow!

Love to you all :)
Lauren xxx


  1. I know what you mean about being the 'fat friend' I would either go out and be miserable or go out and drink myself in to oblivion because I felt to awkward! feel way more comfortable now, I can relax a little.
    -80 is amazing :) can't wait to hit that milestone x

  2. Oh my gosh!
    Look at the difference! Its awesome!

  3. The difference in those two photos is incredible!! And I know what you mean about being the "fat friend"

  4. lauren you absolute muppet, you need to dump your problems on me as often as i do on you. honestly i'm awesome. i'll make you feel better :-D x

  5. Bloody hell lauren, because I see you like every dat I dont really notice it but no offence but youve lost loads. The halloween contrast showed that!


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