Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Its That Time Of The Week Again....

Wednesday!! Which means, in other words, weigh-in!

This week I weighed in with what us old Weight Watchers gang like to call a STS - I Stayed The Same. Surprisingly, I am very ok with this - I kind of went off the rails last weekend food-wise and was expecting a gain of around 1 or 2lbs. I ate out both Saturday and Sunday, I didn't track or even choose the healthiest thing on the menu. I had what I wanted to have - and it just so happened that what I wanted to have was a carb and cheese overload Calzone in Zizzi's and a meat-sweat inducing Plantation Platter in The Harvester. Washed down with a couple of glasses of wine and LOTS of chocolate. So to have stayed the same?? I'm freaking ecstatic.

I also feel like I have my mojo back now - I had my few days of not tracking and living on the wild side, and now I'm ready to get my nose back to the grind-stone and get rid of this last 30 or so lbs. It needs to go before graduation. Those photos are going to be on the living room wall in at least four different houses - and they're going to be there forever. I can't have fat graduation photos. I just can't. So I'm not going to.

So far today have been a point-perfect day, and thats including the two beers I just had with my ex-boyfriend/friend (he was buying, and I'm never one to say no to a free drink!). I also have that warm and fuzzy inspired feeling from my Weight Watchers meeting this morning, which I think will help to keep me focused this weekend. We had two members get to goal on my scales this morning. I can't even tell you how awesome it is to be able to say to somebody 'You've done it. You've got to your goal.' One of them hugged me, and I genuinely thought the other one was going to start crying. Without having a total mushy-love-fest, which as we all know is not my idea of fun, it was an amazing thing to see. These are people that I hardly know, and I felt so proud of them. After a bit of an iffy week, I came home reminded that its possible to get there if you want it enough.

SO. Eating mojo back on track. As always with me, it comes back to exercise. I was getting myself into a decent routine before reading week, when I somehow managed to twist my knee in a Spin class. I've given myself a week of nothing too hardcore, and I'm hoping that its sorted itself back out. Back to the gym tomorrow to, quite literally, work my arse off. I am aware of the fact that its going to hurt and I'm going to hate every second, but unfortunately I've got to that unpleasant stage of my weight loss where if I don't bust a gut in the gym every other day I'm going to end up with weekly losses of half a pound. And that, quite frankly, isn't good enough!

Before I sign off and immerse myself in my new obsession (Bones!!), I've just noticed that I now have 90 followers - WOW! You guys are awesome, thank you so much for stopping by to read my ramblings!

Lauren xxx


  1. You're doing amazingly well Lauren :) x

  2. I agree that a STS is great. You have done so well so to have a couple days off track and get focused seems like its going to be a good move for you. I hope your knee sorts itself out so you can get to gym pain free! Good luck for next week. Im back to gym as of tomorrow! xxx

  3. I'd defo do you. I'd even keep the lights on and hold your hand during!

  4. Haha, love that comment by Jonty ;) Well done Lauren, a STS is fantastic! xxx

  5. Thankfully I know him and he's not just some random pervert!! Haha Thanks everyone :) xxx


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