Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Welcome to ONEderland.

This is just a really really really quick one from me, as I have an absolute mountain of work to crack on with! Blurghhh.

I weighed in this morning with a 1lb loss - this is very unfair because I have been SO good this week and I've been to the gym loads as well. I'm trying not to let it bother me too much though - knowing my body it will catch up with me this week and I'll see it on the scales next Wednesday. Here's hoping!

My 1lb loss has also brought me into something that I haven't been in in a very long time....Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to welcome you to ONEderland!

Yes, I know that I need a pedicure. And also, my feet look really chubby in this photo. But I don't care - because that is definitely a 1 at the beginning of that number!

I will confess to this photo being slightly misleading - my scales are about 1lb out compared to those at the meeting so according to the Weight Watchers scales I'm 199.5lb...but still! I'm now aiming for a 2lb loss this week so I can officially say that I've lost 80lbs!

Just quickly before I go - 

I'm not normally a massive fan of Rihanna but I love this one.

Have a good week everyone!

Lauren xx


  1. oh yay to being in the one hundreds, focus on that rather than the loss (although it's still a loss even though it was only 1lb) i think you're a bit like me and have a good loss, a little loss, a good loss etc. x

  2. Well done! Thats fantastic.... I hoping to get there soon xxx

  3. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH thats so exciting!!! Well done, am SUPER proud of you xxxxx

  4. That's fantastic! :) Congratulations! It is definitely hard when you see that you've lost so little in comparison to the previous weigh-ins, but the point is you did lose something! And as you do go down the scale, you'll want to increase your intensity. It's no longer about the length, it's about the intensity of your workouts. Your body's weight loss journey will plateau for a bit, but there are methods to overcome it. For now, just enjoy this! Exciting! :)

  5. That's fantastic! Onederland is such a massive milestone!

  6. yaaay! I put about 3 on this week. Went to London for Britney and ate loads of cakes and pizza. Fail. Got until Friday to get it all off again though.
    80 will be amazing!!

  7. We should be Welcoming YOU to Wonderland! My scale is off from Weight Watchers too, I dont care I use mine, because it is the same one everytime as there are 5 different ones at my meetings!


  8. Very well done for getting in the Ones !!!

  9. I think I would like the song if I never saw the video, but now that Ive seen the video, WOAH!

    Im not sure if they would even show that in the states... WOW

  10. They do! WoW! I am still stunned! I am glad my children are not old enough to watch music videos and that we dont have public cable! Holy schnickies!


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