Sunday, 23 October 2011

Redefining Productivity.

Those of you who are long-term followers of this blog will know that I am the Queen Bee of procrastination - I will literally find any means possible to delay doing the work that I know needs to be done. The first term of my final year at university is now in full swing and essays are due in just over two weeks. I was so full of good intentions for this weekend, and was eagerly (ha!) anticipating a weekend chained to my desk getting on with some essay prep. I was imagining the warm glow I would be basking in come this evening when I could look back over my weekend and feel a swell of pride in the kick-ass essay plans/drafts that I'd written up. I was looking forward to feeling my mind physically swell with knowledge as I read up on the roles of women in Victorian England and the origins of American hard-boiled detective fiction.

Yeah, well, that didn't happen. My good intentions were thwarted by...well, nothing, really.

I'm not saying that I didn't get any work done - I did. I read some poems, I finished a book...normal Literature student stuff really. I'm yet to make a dent in my essay-related to-do list, and subsequently there is a very good chance (and by chance, I do mean certainty) that the essays will be shit. BUT HEY LOOK, I READ SOME POEMS, that counts for something!

I'm so going to fail my degree.

Despite not getting much work done though, I can't help but feel that this weekend was extremely productive in terms of 'me time'. I know 'me time' isn't going to get me a qualification or a job, but after feeling like utter crap since I got back from New York I was long-overdue some TLC! So I went shopping and treated myself to this little beauty, I went to a Spin class yesterday morning and went to the gym today as well (feeling the burn in a big way. OUCH MY THIGHSSS), I spent some quality time out on the town with my friend Emma, I cleaned my hovel of a house (remind me never to have sons, boys are so messy) and I made another cake. This time it was a Victoria sponge sandwich and it was delicious - just call me Betty Crocker. I also spent some time doing some non-degree related writing, something which I've been neglecting over the last month or so due to the influx of university work (which I've also been neglecting, ha). OH and I caught up on the new series of CSI and House. This is the first weekend since my birthday that I've had a chance to just do what I wanted to do - between celebrating my birthday, Jack's birthday, going home for the weekend, going to New York and having my friend Caitlan to stay, somehow the last five weekends seem to have just not happened. This weekend was on my terms - I saw who I wanted to see when I wanted to see them, I've had no distractions at home and I didn't have to keep any guests entertained. And I know that it would have been a golden opportunity to get some proper work done, but I just can't bring myself to regret my weekend of productive procrastination. I'm sure that I will tomorrow, when I realise how behind I am. But I'll worry about that then!

I hope everyone has had as much of a glorious weekend as I have!

Lauren xxx


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend :) & the Dorothy Perkins top is lovely, such a gorgeous colour, x

  2. I'm also terrible at procrastinating, no matter what it is I always seem to do everything else first rather than what actually needs doing, when will I learn! I love that top you got, it's a beautiful colour! x


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