Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Welcome to Casa Del Jonesy.

Apologies for my absentee blogger status over the last few days! I'd like to pretend that its because I have a really awesome and busy schedule, but in reality its because I don't have anything interesting to blog about! Well, nothing that warrants an entire post at any rate. Instead, I'll give you the cliff notes:

  • I got paid on Wednesday. After the tax-man had stung me for over £400 I had just over £1000 left. Fast forward to me paying September's rent, paying my mum for the NY flights that she booked on her credit car, paying £85 for a passport renewal, and setting aside money to live on until Loan Day, there wasn't an awful lot left for any 'me' spending...just enough for me to replenish my make-up bag and nail varnish collection, and treat myself to a few clothing 'essentials' from the trusty New Look and Dotty P's - including the jeans that I blogged about last week and a gorgeous dress that I'm planning to wear for the freshers week/21st birthday celebrations!
  • I weighed in last Wednesday with a 'stay the same' - 14.12. It was my first weigh-in for three weeks - one of those times when life just got in the way really - and I hadn't been particularly good. For three slightly dodgy weeks I thought staying the same was quite an achievement, although I'd like to see a decent loss this week. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  • I finished work for the summer. After all my bitching and moaning for the last three months, I was surprised to find that I was quite sad to leave. Granted, this probably has something to do with the fact that I spent the last three days of my sentence at HRP Tower of London outside, in the sunshine, listening to the stories of the Yeomen Warders and openly mocking tourists. It was great fun and I'll miss it! See you at Christmas guys!
  • I had more cuddles with my newest little cousin! My cousin Jamie and his girlfriend Siobhan visited from Liverpool with all three kids in tow, which meant lots of cuddles with baby Rosie. She's grown so much, and literally has the coolest hair EVER! Here are a few snaps from their visit:
I told you it was cool hair!

Briefly waking up for a cuddle with Great-Nanny Joan. 

Picture time with her cousin Olivia...
Livie: Yeah, its a baby. What do you want me do with it!?
Rosie: Stop taking pictures and just let me SLEEP!

Seriously though, how cute is that hair!? I can't get over it! I tried to put a ribbon in it but her hair is so fine that it just slipped off straight away.

I've also been struck down with another dose of Lauren-Flu over the weekend - for those of you who are fairly new to this blog, you may not have read my previous post about my tendency to over-dramatise a sniffle. Because I don't want to sound like too much of a drama queen about it I will leave you with a link for aforementioned previous post. Suffice it to say that this bout of illness has been just as well received as the last one. *blows nose* *cries into mug of Lemsip*

Aaaanyway, now thats out of the way, I can get on to the fun stuff....I FINALLY MOVED INTO MY NEW HOUSE!! You know, the one I wasn't supposed to be living in because I was going to live at my dads and commute, and then my dad was getting a divorce and moving away so I couldn't do that so I ended up signing my life/sanity away by agreeing to live with four boys? (Note: Dad is no longer getting a divorce and has moved back into the conveniently-located-for-all-your-university-commuting-needs house. I was very irate when I found out). Yeah, that one. Well, I'm here, all moved in and unpacked and ready to start my third and final year at UKC. At the moment its only me and Terry in the house, and as his girlfriend is down for the week I've not seen much of him anyway. Its been very peaceful and tranquil, and I'm secure in the knowledge that all this will change when the other three move in next week. Which is why I'm making the most of it while I can!

Here are a few snaps of my new boudoir! :)

My pretty pretty boards with numerous photos, badges and fake flowers stuck to them.

My desk...so much better than the puny thing I had in my house last year! Storage space is pretty limited in my room though, so only a select few of my books and DVDs made the voyage with me this year :( :( and yes, I do have an Alex Skarsgard screensaver and a diamonte Union Jack mouse. Deal with it!

 This is what passes for a wardrobe in this place...told you storage was an issue.

 Ok, so I know I have a tendency to over-exaggerate sometimes...but this bed is the single most comfortable bed I've ever slept in! Seriously, how have I only just got this bed in my life!? Its awesome. Getting up for lectures is going to be seriously traumatic when I'm spending every night cuddled up in this bad boy!

The place already feels like home, but it will be even better when I've added more of a 'Lauren' touch to it! (Read: numerous Twilight posters on the walls. I can't help it, alright!? Its an illness.) I also love the fact that my room opens up on to the decking so its extremely light and open in here. I was going to include some pictures of it, but as its pissing with rain and has been since this morning, I thought I'd save it for another day!

Sorry for the random and rambly post guys! And I hope everyone is having an awesome week :)

Lauren xx


  1. Alexander Skarsgard is a fuckin' GOD...yummy.....

  2. AH! Indeed -- new boudoirs etc! I love the corkboards -- always fun to have one on hand. I've just moved in myself and I'm still trying to get everything together. Although room space is pretty limited, I've got a strangely large closet, which I've made a private vanity (sort of). Oh the life of a student!

  3. I am very jealous of you moving into a student house again. I miss it already, after 4 years of living with 5 people it's weird being back at home.

    In other news do you know when the next season of True Blood is out? lol xxxx


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