Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In Post...on Wednesday this time!

As promised, a weigh-in post that is actually on time...well, just about!

I weighed in this morning with a loss of 3.5lbs - I know right, how did that happen!? I haven't tracked for most of this week and I was fully expecting last week to catch up with me as well. I'm telling you, all this exercise stuff is really quite good - the only saving grace I can possibly think of will have been my time at the gym. (I also live at the top of a massive hill that I've walked up pretty much every day - definitely helps.)

I celebrated my loss in the only appropriate manner - went out, bought a new camera, spent the afternoon sunbathing in my garden and then spent the evening enjoying a few cold ones at one of the campus bars with some friends. (Confessing now to the plate of curly fries that accompanied those drinks - naughty, but so so nice!) It probably wasn't the most Weight Watchers friendly way to spend the afternoon, and it definitely was far less virtuous than the gym session and uni reading that I had planned, but you know what? I don't care, because it was awesome.

I'm having this problem more and more...I know I should feel guilty about these things, but I just can't bring myself to. I think it comes back to the fact that I'm enjoying myself now, and I can't feel guilty over that. The whole point of losing weight was to make me happier and healthier - both of which I am. Jump back two years and there is no way that you'd find me laying out in the sun, laughing and joking with friends - I would have made any excuse not to. The points that I spent on drinking sociably with my friends would have undoubtedly been spent on ice cream or chocolate or god knows what else - and it certainly wouldn't have been sociable. I never used to like being around people all that much, probably because I didn't like myself all that much - now I'm craving company more and more. I'm much more relaxed and happier in myself and I'm finally enjoying the people in my life. One of my housemates told me that the biggest difference to me over the last few months (he's only known me a year, so he can probably judge it better than the ones that have known me since I was 14) is that I'm just a much nicer person to be around now, and that I'm a lot less angry. Knowing that losing weight has made me a better friend and a nicer person feels a million times better than buying a smaller dress size.

John Lennon once said that 'time you enjoyed wasting, was not wasted.' The same definitely applies to points!


  1. Firstly well done on your weight loss, exercise deffo does help but I also imagine you probably were a lot better than you thought because subconsciously you would have made a few sensible choices along the way. Either way be pleased!

    Whats even better is the difference in you, you have always been nice to me, but I do have to agree you do seem your happiest now then you have ever been. I remember towards end of last year and how you were feeling about being at uni, but its amazing what changes some weight loss and some new housemates can do for you!

    I hope I can get to the same point sometime, seems your my inspiration now sweetie xxxxx

  2. That's amazing, what a fab loss.
    I never wanted to go out before and now I'm the one planning nights out and being excited about buying clothes. I was quite anti social before x

  3. well done on the loss lovely. i find when i'm much happier i feel less guilty about things and beat myself up less and less. i'm so glad you're doing so well at the moment :-) YAY for happy times xx

  4. AWESOME doll keep up the great weight loss. You're looking amazing girl just checked out your pics from the left side bar of your blog and WoW...way to go!

    <3 Marina


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