Thursday, 22 September 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In Post...on Thursday.

Sorry for my rubbishness at keeping the blog updated with WI results recently...can't help but feel that as the whole Weight Watchers thing is the actual point of this blog, I should probably make more of an effort to keep you in the loop! Permission granted to shout at me if I keep being shit!

Anyway, so I weighed yesterday at my Fat Club Weight Watchers meeting, and after a week of 21st birthday over-indulgence I stayed the same!! I actually told my leader to 'shut up' when she told me that! How can I have stayed the same after curries, cakes, chinese takeout, cooked breakfasts, LOTS of chocolate and more alcohol than I want to think about?? I didn't point or track anything from last Wednesday onwards either. I think my saving grace is that I had what I wanted...and nothing more than that. It wasn't like I was eating rubbish for the sake of it. I also spent more time at the gym and pushed myself that little bit harder while I was there. Apparently this exercise stuff that everyone has been yapping on about actually works - who knew!? 

We're still only halfway through Freshers week, and despite my best efforts and all the good intentions in the world, yesterday turned out to be a bit of write-off anyway - far too many Snakebites, washed down with cheesy chips when I got home. Bad Fat Fighter!

I'm not going out again now until Saturday, to celebrate my friend Jack's 21st birthday (you can see him in my 'start' picture on the side of the blog), so until then I'm just going to be super super super good and hope that my housemates don't lead me astray - they're already talking about going onto campus today to get free Dominoes pizza from the Freshers Fair! They're so naughty!

I hope everyone is having a good week! If you're a new or returning student, how is your Freshers week going?

Lauren xx


  1. ohh exercise means you can get away with a multitude of sins. i put it all down to the spin class :-P x

  2. Well done, you must have done some exercise this week!! Or maybe you weren't quite as bad as you thought because you don't need quite as much of everything now as you did before? Who knows but seems this exercise does work. Maybe I should give it a try...maybe.

  3. Congrats at not over indulging!

  4. Returning student in this never-ending cycle of academia. Yes, insert a sigh here, please. Actually, in Canada, O-Week (as we like to call it) started about 2-3 weeks ago! But yes, so much free food, so much everything to just take advantage of. And yes, exercise does work! When all else fails, exercise works. Though, from what I hear, it's about 80/20 for food vs. exercise with regards to how much effort you need to put in to lose weight. Maybe your scale was more like... 40/60 food to exercise. Intense!

    Hope you're having an awesome week! Try not to get too distracted ha ha!


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