Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Cocktails and Posh Frocks

In my last post, I mentioned my friend Jack. Jack and I lived together in Halls in our first year and have stayed good friends ever since. He lives with five other people from our little 'first year friendship group', three of them being the girls that I mention fairly regularly and who you can see in the bottom picture in this post.

Anywaaay, Jack turned 21 five days after I did, so it was only right that we hit the town to celebrate his birthday in style. This gave me an ideal opportunity to get a '5st later picture' of the two of us together....

December 2009

Now: -74lbs

It was a fantastic night, made all the better by numerous people telling me how great I was looking - never hurts to have a little ego boost, right!? I also got the chance to have a proper catch-up with my friend James, who spent the summer in the States working as a Summer Camp Counsellor - I am beyond jealous! We also went to two places that I'd never been to before in Canterbury, meaning that #16 of my 21 Before 22 list is now well underway. The first bar we went to was called the Ballroom, and it was absolutely gorgeous. It is actually a converted ballroom and is all high ceilings and chandeliers and delicious cocktails (and you can see from the one in my hand in that photo - mmmm, Mojitos!). The second place we went to was the standard haunt for all the sports societies who want to watch the games throughout the year, hence the reason I've never been. It was a fairly grotty old pub but it had a good atmosphere and decent music and I'm never one to look a cheap Bacardi and Diet Coke in the mouth, so I went with it!

Unfortunately my camera gave up the fight last week and is now in camera heaven (don't worry, my student loan just came in so I'm planning to replace it by the end of the week) but Katie had hers so there are plenty of photos of the evening!

 Katie, Me, Sophie and Em...and yes, Em really was that short - she went heel-less. Cop out.

Bigging up B'Town...we're so cool.

Yeah, not quite sure what was going on with my hair by this point...

Love her!

And finally, a full length shot of yours truly...
That dress is a size 14 by the way. Yeah, thats right, size 14. GET IN.

[Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Clutch bag: Dorothy Perkins
Necklace: New Look
Tights: M&S
Wedges: New Look]

I hope everyone is having a good week!

Lauren xx

P.S I'm getting told off for not mentioning my housemates enough...I think they're jealous because I clearly love the girls more than them! In fairness, this is what happens when I try to have a photo taken with the four of them:

 Yes, Mark is licking my face...

 And I think this one says it all!

Aren't they darlings? All I can say is thank God they're pretty, otherwise I wouldn't put up with it! These photos were taken last Saturday night on my birthday night out. We were all extremely intoxicated by this point...but that is definitely no excuse!


  1. Although I don't know you, I seriously can't get over how proud I am of you! I'm really trying to loose weight and have been yo-yo dieting for years! seeing these pictures and hearing your story really inspires me! Thank you! xxx

  2. haha love all of those photos. You look fab and the smile on your face says it all.
    I went out for a hen night last weekend and felt so much more confident. I wouldn never have gone out in fancy dress because that combined with the weight would have made me think everyone was staring (which they wouldn't be, most people don't care) so nice to go out and be confident xx

  3. Damn girl you look fuckin' HOT in red......good for you!!!

  4. The change when you look at the pictures together is amazing, and Bonnie is right you do look HOT in red, love you xxxxx

  5. You're an inspiration! Fantastic blog and fantastic pictures! xxx

  6. You really don't look like size 14 I would have guessed 10 or 12 here.


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