Friday, 16 September 2011

I Should Be Asleep Right Now.

It is 6.36am here in the UK, on the day after my 21st birthday. And I'm awake. Why are you awake, I hear you cry! Your guess is as good as mine! I should be comatose until at least midday, and then nursing a stonking hangover for another two hours after that. Instead I've been awake since before 5am. And I'm not even that hungover. Go figure.

You may be of the opinion that if I don't have a hangover then I didn't celebrate my 21st in true style, and to be honest you may be right. My big birthday celebration is my trip to the Big Apple (in two weeks and six days, eeeeek), and with that in mind I wasn't really bothered about having a huge fuss on the day of my birthday. Instead, I had a very chilled day yesterday and then went out for a meal and a few drinks with my housemates in the evening. We went to our local curry house, and I totally splurged on dinner. Much like I had all day, in fact. Although in fairness to myself, it was my birthday. Besides, its not like it even counts - everybody knows that food consumed on your birthday contains no calories. Its a bit like how ordering a Diet Coke cancels out the calories in a Big Mac Meal. Its just logic really. (This rationale is why I'm not at my goal weight yet. But I don't care. Because that curry was awesome.)

In true style, my housemates got me ridiculously intoxicated with their incredibly arbitrary and annoying 'International Drinking Rules'. For those of you who may not be familiar with these rules, here are just a few of them -

  • No use of the word 'drink', or 'drunk'. You did not 'drink your drink', you 'consumed your beverage'. You are not 'drunk', you are 'intoxicated'. Use of either of the above words results in a punishment - consume two fingers.
  • No use of first names - consume two fingers.
  • No pointing - consume two fingers.
  • No foul language - consume two finger.
  • Drinking, sorry consuming with the clock - right hand for the first half of every hour, left hand for the second, except when you're doing a punishment, and then its the opposite hand.
  • If somebody says 'hows that?', you must respond with 'not out' immediately, or else consume two fingers.
  • Your beverage must not be within a fingers length of any edge of the table - consume two fingers.
....yeah, I think you see my point. These aren't even all the rules, and they're hard enough to remember when you're stone cold sober, never mind when you've got more than a few beverages in you! I made the foolish mistake of ordering a bottle of wine with my dinner - it was gone before the food arrived and I spent the entire time I was eating my prawn jalfrezi fanning my mouth and wishing I'd just had tap water. Not content with having me down a bottle of White Zinfandel in 30 minutes, they then kept a running total of the amount of rules I broke after that and made me drink an entire jug of cocktails almost immediately upon entering the pub. Mind you, they did pay for my dinner, so I probably should complain too much.

One of other wonderful/annoying thing about spending my birthday with the menfolk, aside from the Beveraging Rules, is that boys don't feel the need to be flashing a camera in your face all evening. This means that there is no risk of any outrageously drunken photos appearing on my Facebook over the next day or two, but it also means that I don't have any real documentation of my birthday outfit. The only thing I do have is this 'vanity photo', that I took in my bedroom mirror on the day that I bought the dress.

It doesn't exactly show the dress to its full advantage, but its better than nothing, right? The dress is from New Look, and came with a belt attached. Which is very good news, because without the belt its pretty much completely shapeless. I wore it with tan loafers from Dorothy Perkins (£15 in the sale, down from £40. Counter in the 20% student discount that DP are running at the moment and I paid £12 for them. Real leather. BARGAIN), and a little browny/tan cardigan from H&M. It was a really comfortable and (I hope!) flattering outfit that covered a multitude of sins, and was nice enough for an evening out without being too dressy. I'm sure I'll be wearing it again before long, and I'll be sure to have somebody snap a proper picture when I do!

I'm going to love you and leave you all for now - it seems to have taken me forever to write this post and its high-time I made myself a cup of tea and a morning-after bacon sandwich! (BTW, if you put lettuce and tomato in a bacon sandwich, it totally cancels out the calories.)


Lauren xx


  1. Hey chica-a-dee. There's an award waiting for you on my blog! <3

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely, messy birthday!
    Happy belated 21st!
    You look lovely in the pic.


  3. Ah International drinking rules :-) How I remember them well :D Enjoy your final year lovely xxx


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