Sunday, 18 September 2011


15/09/2008 - age 18

15/09/2009 - age 19

15/09/2010 - age 20

17/09/2011 - age 21

I don't know about anybody else out there who has lost or is losing weight, but sometimes it takes seeing an old picture of myself for me to realise how different I really look. This is exactly what happened the other day when I was perusing my tagged photos on Facebook and realised how different I do actually look and feel to how I did even as little as one year ago. I lot of the time I still see myself at the morbidly obese girl who could barely walk up a flight of stairs. It can take a real effort for me to actually stop and think about how different I am now. This is why I will never be one of those people who banishes all the 'fat photos' from the house. I want them around, because they remind me of what I don't want to be.

So, about these photos...they were all taken on my birthday nights out for my 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st. I was at my lightest on my 18th, having lost a few pounds over the summer with Weight Watchers the first time I did it - I think I was around 14st. I really couldn't tell you how much I weighed on my 19th, but as you can see from the picture it was a fair amount more than I had the year before - my cheek and jaw bones have disappeared and I look pregnant. I do remember that I was wearing a pair of size 20-22 jeggings though. They were horrendous! As for my 20th, I think somewhere around the 17st mark would be a fair estimate - I had got to the -3st mark in the August and I hadn't really tracked since then, so I had probably put a few lbs back on.

As for the most recent picture, taken last night before I went out for my official birthday night out - 14st 7.5lbs, which is definitely the lightest I've been for a long time. It was a brilliant night, the perfect way to see in  our third and final year at university, and I won't pretend that the compliments I received didn't make the night 100 times better! Sophie, Emma and Katie literally screeched like banshees when they saw me, and one of my housemates poked me in the arm and told me he was proud of me. Coming from him, thats high praise indeed! Even a girl who I have barely spoken to in the last two years told me that I looked amazing. I had serious trouble getting my ego out the door to come home, as you can imagine.

As you can see from the above picture, I kept things simple and just wore a LBD - emphasis on the 'L'...its very short. So short that if I hadn't been drunk before I left the house, I never would have had the bottle to wear it at all.

See what I mean? There is actually a story behind me coming to own this dress. I saw it a few months back in Dorothy Perkins, when I was searching for a new LBD. My previous one, a 20th birthday present from my lovely friend Heidi, was starting to get a little loose and I knew that when the time came to wish it farewell, it would leave a big staple-item shaped hole in my wardrobe. I tried this dress on in a size 18 and really loved the cut. My previous dress was similar on the top half, but then had a tulip-style skirt, whereas this one is more flared. The larger size had a little more length to it. The only thing that put me off was the £40 price tag. I couldn't justify it, and so I walked away.

Fast-forward a couple of months to last week, when I'm perusing the shops of Canterbury in search for new clothes because none of mine fit. What do I see on the sale rail in Dotty P's, but this dress? And for a much more reasonable £25. It was like fate. Or it would have been, if they'd had an 18. Not only did they not have an 18, they didn't have a 16 either.I decided to buy it anyway, in a size 14, and save it for when I'd lost another stone or two when hopefully I would be able to get into it. So I took it up to the till, along with the tan loafers I mentioned in a previous post, expecting to pay £40 for both...oh how wrong I was.

It came to £24. For both. For the dress and the loafers, £24. Turns out the dress had gone down again to £15, and once you counter in the student discount it worked out at £12 each for the shoes and dress. £12!! For a dress that I would have paid £40 two months before if I'd had the money at the time! And what made it a thousand times better was coming home, trying on the size 14 dress that I'd bought specifically with the intention of putting it in my 'in a stones time' draw, to find that it fits now. Best shopping trip ever.

I hope everyone else has had as good a weekend as I have! I may only be three days into it, but so far 21 is pretty awesome. Its definitely kicking 19 and 20's arse! Lets hope it continues to do so :)

Lauren xxx

P.S I went to my first even exercise class yesterday morning - Spin. It was the hardest I've ever worked in my life and my legs and bum are killing me, but it was awesome and I felt so virtuous afterwards. Hopefully it will counteract some of the curry/chinese takeout/chocolate/cake/alcohol damage that took place this week. It also means that I can officially cross #8 off of my 21 Before 22 list. Winner!


  1. wow lauren you have come such a long way, i'm swelling with pride (ha i know that sounds sad, but i am actually v proud of you) you look absolutely gorgeous in the photos from your birthday!!!!!! and YES spinning is awesome, and it really does make you feel virtuous. i quite like going on a saturday morning...makes you feel less lazy for the rest of the weekend! x

  2. wow Lauren you look amazing :-) Well done and long may it continue for you! xx

  3. Gorgeous dress, you look great in it! Hope you had a lovely birthday! x

  4. You look do beautiful in your birthday pictures! The dress is very flattering! Well done, am so so proud of you, you have come such a long way and i know your keep going xxx

  5. Happy belated birthday (face-palm)! And I agree. It takes a glass of water, a comfortable chair and an album of pictures to pilfer through to realize how far you have come from point A to B. You look fantastic and I wish I could rock my LBD the way you are (I'm so bloody insecure about my calves!). Key to looking good is not just being fit, but knowing that you are. Good to remind yourself every now and then of how awesome and how far you've come.

    Keep trucking, swimming and whatever else involves an uphill climb! Cheers!

  6. You look fantastic! Well done and a very happy (belated) birthday!


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