Thursday, 15 September 2011

21 Before 22.

I know I'm about a million years late to the party, but when I saw my friend Rosie's 23 Before 24 list back in March I knew I had to jump on the bandwagon. (Rosie has since out-done herself with a 101 in 1001 list, which you can check out here.) Unfortunately I was precisely 20 and a half at the time and only giving myself 6 months seemed a little stingy, so I decided to hold fire until my 21st rolled around. Lo and behold, the big day is upon us and my list is here - the 21 things that I would like to accomplish before my 22nd birthday in September 2012. I have actually spent a fair bit of time over the summer preparing this list, because I wanted it to be things that I really wanted to do rather than just choosing things for the sake of it.

As I start to work on things on the list, I will italicize them like this, and when I've completed them I will cross them through like this. Everyone got it? Good. Then lets begin.

  1. Get to my goal weight.
  2. Buy myself an expensive outfit to celebrate reaching my goal weight.
  3. Get another tattoo to celebrate reaching my goal weight.
  4. Visit a city in the UK that I've never been to before.
  5. Visit a city in the EU that I've never been to before.
  6. Visit a country outside of the EU.
  7. Complete a 5km fun run - the emphasis being on 'run'!
  8. Go to an exercise class.
  9. Pay off my credit card.
  10. Live vegetarian for a week.
  11. Graduate from university (preferably with a half-decent degree!)
  12. Write a letter a month to three friends (and as one of my friends is travelling next year and won't have a permanent address, emails do count!)
  13. Reach 100 followers on my blog - and have a giveaway when I do.
  14. Read five more Shakespeare plays.
  15. Spend a day at a Spa.
  16. Visit ten pubs/bars/restaurants in Canterbury that I've never been to before.
  17. Create a scrapbook or photo album of my time at university.
  18. Make a playlist of 100 favourite songs.
  19. Send a secret to PostSecret.
  20. Create a list of 21 must-see films, and watch them all.
  21. Create a list of 21 must-read books, and read them all.
Let me know what you think, and if any of the items on the list are things that you'd like to accomplish as well!

Lauren xx


  1. I love the send a secret to post secret one !!
    I live for their sunday secrets :)

  2. can i just tell you

    looking at your side pictures
    and to see all the weight that you lost
    makes me super happy :)

    i don't know if you saw this post on my page

    as you can see i always struggled with my weight too!

    :) don't ever give up love!

    follow me <3

  3. Ohhhh I love your list!!! some pretty great things on there! xx

  4. yay love this list! i also looked at your film and book lists, you have some good ones on there.
    i've seen
    3,9,10,14 and 17
    and read
    3,4,6,7,12,13, 18

    all good. jane eyre takes about half the book before it starts to get good though so bare with it!!

    hope you had a good day love xxx


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