Monday, 29 August 2011

I'd Buy That In A New York Minute.

Preparations for my trip to New York are now in full-swing, and I am starting to get ridiculously excited! We fly out in less than six weeks and what with my return to university, Freshers week and my birthday in the meantime I know its going to fly by! 

Despite literally having no A/W clothes that fit me, I'm trying to hold off from buying new things as much as I possibly can. The way I see things, there's just no point in me buying a whole wardrobe of winter clothes that aren't going to fit me next winter. Things like jumpers, coats and jeans can last an age if they're looked after properly, and it would break my little heart to have to throw out or eBay things after I'd only worn them a few times.

That being said, I can't go to the Big Apple looking like a tramp in jeans two sizes too big (I've been walking round in a pair of size 20 jeans when I'm actually closer to a size 16 - yes, really), and so I've spent a fair few hours over the last week or so perusing the wonders of the internet in search of some 'NY staples' - staples that will incidentally carry me through to S/S 2012!

Jeans - New Look - Its going to be an extremely 'touristy' trip, which basically means that I'll be living in jeans for the whole five days. These ones are from New Look and cost £19.99 - enough that I know they're of semi-decent quality, not so much that I'll balk at getting rid of them in a few months time.

T-Shirt - Dorothy Perkins - I seem to have a bit of a bird print obsession at the moment! I love this t-shirt and it will be perfect for a day of sight-seeing.

Sweatshirt - River Island - This is definitely not something that I'd usually go for because I think sweatshirts make me look too boxy, but as the internet expressly told me that early October in NY is 'sweater or light jacket weather' I decided that this would be as good as any. Plus its ridiculously cute!

Jacket - Matalan - I've fallen in love with this jacket - even more so since I realised that it has a hood! And it's only £20!! It must be mine!!

Scarf - Topshop - I know chances are it won't be cold enough to justify a scarf - especially a £16 scarf - but I love this one so I thought I'd feature it anyway!

T-Shirt - New Look - I've been told in the past that I wear too much black, so as a compromise I've been branching out to include a lot of navy. I also have a bit of a fetish for t-shirts with the US flag on them (see here). This baby ticks all the boxes - plus there's a 2 for £12 sale on t-shirts in New Look at the moment. Score.

Black Pumps - I'm pretty sure the image was taken from New Look, but they're the bog standard plimsoll/pump things that you can get from anywhere. We're going to be doing a lot of walking, and comfortable shoes will be a must. I'm currently debating the pros and cons of pushing the boat out a little and investing in a pair of proper walking shoes. Trouble is I don't think I'd get much use out of them other than for that one weekend in New York. Its a bit of a dilemma.

Knitted Dress - Dorothy Perkins - This is one of those things that looks awesome on the website, but will probably look absolutely dire on me. It will show up all my lumps and bumps - and not in a good way - and will just generally be super-unflattering. Despite knowing all this, I still can't help loving it.

Hat - Topshop - Everything that I said about the scarf applies here. I won't need it, but I want it. And I will probably end up getting it - just in case New York has a freak snowstorm. (What!? It could happen! If they can have a hurricane then they can have a snow storm!)

Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins - This is probably my favourite thing on the wish-list, along with the birdy t-shirt. Its way more than I'd normally spend on a cardigan but I know that I'd basically live in it all winter so I don't mind spending the money. It looks like it would be fairly lightweight but still quite cosy, so it could easily be worn under a coat or jacket or on its own for warmer days, and would probably carry over into early spring as well. Plus, because its a cardi, it doesn't matter if it gets a little loose.

So there it is, just a few of things I'm coveting for my upcoming trip to the US of A - its not exhaustive, I basically could have gone on forever and will probably be trawling through fashion websites until the day before we leave. Still, looking at clothes makes a nice change from obsessively checking reviews of all the different attractions - and yes, I am willing to admit that I might be a bit obsessed. What? Cut me a break, its my first big holiday!

What trips have you got coming up this Autumn, and whats on your holiday wish list?

Lauren xxx


  1. I love every piece....they are perfect!!!

  2. Love the jeans, the birdie tee and the red jacket! yum! HOpe you have fun! If I lived a little closer or I could afford to travel 5 hours, I would meet you out there as I am in Central NY!

    Im jealous, Ive never actually been to NYC!

  3. oh god i am so jealous. i went to ny when i was 16 and that seems farr too long ago now. desperate to go back.

    i really love the dp cardi :-)

  4. Oh New York, New York! I'm so jealous.. I only live 4 hours away in New Jersey but I never make it there. You're gonna be one hot mama in NYC baby!!! Can't wait to see pics!!


  5. Ahh how exciting, super jealous like everyone else! :) Dorothy Perkins have some cute things in at the mo ! xx

  6. I've been to NY the last two summers, I'm exactly the same with researching attractions and planning where to go, good idea though as then you won't miss anything!.. and it's great for clothes shopping too so don't buy too much before you go! x

  7. I like the tshirt with the american flag!

    Great blog (:


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