Sunday, 3 July 2011

A Kick Up The Arse, Please?


Seriously guys, the last couple of weeks have not been good. Points-wise, my days have ranged from 'ok' to 'diabolical' - diabolical being the day I went up to the city to meet some friends and ended up having Pizza Express and McDonalds, plus a lot of alcohol to wash it all down.

My bad.

I hadn't been great in the few days before that either - an indian take-away, KFC and a kebab all snuck in at some point, and I don't even know why because with hindsight I didn't enjoy any of them all that much. Especially the KFC - it just reminded me why I don't eat that shit. Its foul.

I swore to myself I would get back on track as of Thursday, and to my credit I was under points on Thursday and spot-on on Friday. I knew I was going to Liverpool with my family this weekend and that it would involve a fair amount of eating out and convenience food, so I deliberately saved up my weekly points to keep me covered. I tried to eat sensibly yesterday and tracked everything (including the chocolate fudge brownie sundae in the restaurant - thank you weekly points) and I tried to do the same today. Unfortunately the horrid long boring car journey tripped me up and I ended up picking at the crisps and sweets that my nan felt compelled to bring with her. I love the woman dearly, but she is such a feeder! We've not long arrived home to find my stepdad in full swing at the BBQ - sausages and burgers galore, would it kill a man to toss a chicken breast or a lamb kebab on there for those of us who don't burn 12,000 calories an hour? Christ.

I knew after pigging out in the car it would be the easiest thing in the world to come in and carry on, so I dumped (not literally, that would be bad) straight on the scales as soon as I'd put my bags down. 15st 7.5lb, a gain of 2.5lb since I last weighed in, which in reality is not too bad. I think the fact that TOTM is fast approaching may account for some of that as well, GOD DAMN YOU OVARIES, why must you be so horrible to me when I've been nothing but good to you!? I'm hoping that by being super super good for the next couple of days I might be able to 'stay the same' when I get weighed this week. And if not...well, you live and learn, but no more excuses and no more pigging out. I have a holiday to New York and a 21st birthday fast-approaching, I haven't got time to be dicking around!

Must dash, I have to eat a plate of salad while the rest of my family consumes approximately four cows worth of burgers....

Lauren xxx


  1. don't you hate enablers?......I have a ton in my circle of family and friends....and KFC? god if i eat that I get horrible stomach cramps.

    I'm here for you girl, let's get back on track together k?

  2. **kick**

    And I know what you mean about Parents; remember though they can't get out of their mind the fact that you were once a tiny baby and needed to be fed!

  3. I've had a similar 2 weeks. Took my brother to B'ham for his birthday to see Ke$ha and we drank loads, had Chinese buffet and Krispy Kreme's soooo bad. I also moved house and we don't have a kithen so I've been living off sandwiches :( put 1lb on which isn't too bad really xx


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