Sunday, 17 July 2011

Harry Potter vs Twilight.

*Spoiler Alert*
I might inadvertently give something away. If you don't want to know, don't read until you've seen the new HP film.
If you read on despite this warning, you're a fool to yourself.

Ok, so by now you all know that I have a majorrrr Twilight/R-Pattz/Vamps in general fetish. Seriously, I love them! There is something extremely sexy about a man with fangs. I'm fully aware that this makes me very weird, but to be honest I don't care.

But in spite of my love for Twilight and my (large) collection of Vampy memorabilia, I am truly a Harry Potter girl at heart. Harry has been what I've known since I was eight years old and read the first book in my Year Three class at Primary School. I vividly remember playing 'Quidditch' in the playground and being sooo excited when the first film came out. I was one of the hundreds of thousands of people who queued up for the books on the day they were released (mine are all First Editions, just sayin'...) and spent days absolutely glued to them, riveted by them. I used a Harry Potter passage for my dramatic monologue at when I went to Drama Academy. I've read all of them at least six times - in fact I've read Order of the Phoenix so many times that the cover has almost completely fallen off. To this day, I can pick up any of the seven books, start reading, and I'm there. I'm in Hogwarts with Harry and Ron and Hermione. The books are like a comfort blanket, a door into a world where none of the normal stuff matters anymore. I don't have to worry about rent and work and essays when I'm reading them. The biggest concern I have is a double Potions lesson and what a little scrotum Malfoy is being. 

And although nothing could ever, will ever, be able to eclipse (ooh Twilight pun alert!!) the books, I do still love the films as well. They may not always be true to the books, and of course they've missed loads of out most of them, but they did what they could with a hell of a lot of details and a two hour time frame. And they are fantastic - superbly written, amazing effects and perfectly cast. Alan Rickman is the most perfect Professor Snape imaginable and Ralph Fiennes is superb. Dan, Emma and Rupert have become Harry, Hermione and Ron, which isn't surprising as they've been playing them for 10 years!

I can't even begin to tell you how sad I am that its all over. Nothing will ever top the excitement of a new Potter book or film - even a new Twilight film can't come close! I dragged myself to the cinema yesterday evening to see Deathly Hallows part 2, despite feeling like death warmed up, and I wasn't disappointed. A wept periodically from the beginning to the end (specially the end!). It is without a doubt the best film of the eight, particularly in terms of being true to the book. They definitely made the right decision by splitting it into two films. Neville Longbottom totally owned it - well they all did really. I totally loved the Hermione and Ron kiss scene (even though they cut one of my all-time favourite lines out of the film! 'Is this really the moment?' Perfect Harry line!), not to mention Ron's threat to the Slytherins in the Room of Requirement! I sobbed like a small child at the death scene, the resurrection of JP, LP, SB and RL (this is me talking in code so I don't ruin it for everyone, I'm pretty sure it won't work but its the thought that counts!) and the final scene. Complete Potter perfection. David Yates did the book proud and an entire generation of Potter kids proud. I think I'm still in shock at it being over - to me the end of Harry Potter is the end of my childhood. We're talking 14 years of loving the books, the films, the characters. In fact, I'm pretty sure Harry was my first crush. I'm still in love with him now. Isn't it weird how you can fall in love with fictional characters? I can't be the only one who does that. And if I am, I'm blaming it on the fact that I'm a Lit Student and a writer and therefore have developed the necessary emotions to create and feel close to fictional characters...or I'm just a sad lonely singleton who is desperate for love.

So to me, there is no competition between Harry and Twilight. Harry wins, wands down. To me, Harry represents 14 years of excitement and enjoyment and anticipation. It might have been criticized for its focus on death, but tell me this - who goes through life without experiencing tragedy and death? We encounter tragedies every day. Loved ones die, earth quakes and tsunami's kill thousands, and sick extremist fuckers plant bombs on Tube trains and fly planes into buildings. These are the things we deal with day in and day out, so how can reading about how people cope with and overcome tragedies be anything other than inspirational? Harry Potter is about overcoming adversity and doing the right thing, which is why it has been such a phenomenon. J. K. Rowling took three misfit kids and turned them into an example of what everyone should aspire to be - brave, moral, loyal and determined. It is my dearest ambition to one day reach into the hearts of millions of people in the way that she has. I think any aspiring writer hopes to achieve that!

In the words of Stephen King, 'Harry Potter is about doing whats right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.'

I don't love Twilight any less because of Harry Potter, but I can appreciate that Twilight is a love story. Harry Potter is a more of a life story.

A few of the Harry Potter themed postcards from PostSecret this week....

Me too!!

Yep, same....

Thanks for listening to me ramble on! Love you guys! (Not as much as I love Harry though.)


  1. lauren i could NOT have said it better myself. i love harry, and have grown up with him too. i can remember where i was when i read the first book, eagerly waiting for the next one to come out, racing my sisters and brother to finish it etc. it's so sad that it's all over, but i have read each book at least 10 times, and I know it's always there to welcome me back :-) <3

  2. I love Harry Potter. I finally saw the new movie today....ok, it's only been released in the states for 2 days, but it seemed like a lot longer. I'm sad that there will be no more books or movies. I started reading the books in high school. I love them all.


  3. Warning: your reminiscing has made me reminisce!

    I remember I was in fifth grade, wandering about my school's Annual Book Fair. I'm a bibliophile you see, but I had no idea that Harry Potter was worth buying. My teacher passed by, shoved a book in my hands and said, "One day, this will be big. And I think the storyline and characters will resonate with you." This was his way of saying, "You're an odd kid, and I think that's fine. Now go learn how to be odd and great." And now that the last book is finished, the last movie is out and the HP kids are grown up, getting modelling contracts and trying out broadway or figuring out what movies to do (I am SO excited to see what Rupert Grint will do in the future!)... WHAT DO I DO WITH MY LIFE?

    I think I'm having some sort of separation anxiety. And I agree. Twilight grew on me, yet the final installment totally had me grimacing. I'll never love the saga as much as I loved the series... You're right. HP's been a great epic fantasy. Hogwarts has been my escape, much like it's been Harry's, for a very long time -- more than half my life. I haven't yet seen the movie, but I'm excited to see how they all managed to get it out.

    And don't worry. After the second book, I started a dangerous fic crush on Fred/George. Don't ask me why. I think I just like redheads.

    End reminiscing here! :)


  4. Brilliant blog :) going to see it tonight, bringing plenty of tissues! so looking forward to seeing it but will be sad at the same time! I can also vividly remember in junior school, perhaps year 3 or 4, sitting on the floor for story time whilst the teacher read us the Philosopher's Stone - after that the rest is as they say, history. ahh i've come all over all nostalgic x

  5. Awesome post! I really enjoyed reading it. Harry Potter was there when I became a single mom and transitioned me into adulthood. My oldest son just read all of the books in 2 weeks, he is 9!

  6. I really need to get on board with Harry Potter I never seen any of the movies. I know...sorry!!!! but now reading this post I promise renting the first ones and catching up with all of you.

    <3 Marina


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