Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fat Bastard Stole My Mojo.

You might have noticed that I haven't really been myself recently. I posted last week about how my job is dragging my mood into the gutter (don't worry, I won't bore you with it all again) and how I was feeling uninspired by a measly 1lb loss after being so good all week. Its fair to say that I was feeling like a bit of a fat bastard. And when I feel like a fat bastard, I lose my blogging mojo.

Well, you will all be pleased to know that, as of this morning, I am back to my 'groovey baby' former self. I weighed this morning before work with a loss of 3lbs, bringing my total to 66lbs, or 4st 10lbs, overall. A decent loss is exactly what I needed, and I was so pleased because while I have been within my points, I haven't managed to get much exercise in due to a very painful shoulder and something of a concussion (long story short, I fell off a pushbike. It was the most exciting moment of my summer so far. Except for Harry Potter coming out, obvs). So yeah, a 3lb loss was exactly what I need to stop me feeling like this:

And get me back to feeling like this: 

I promise that now my mojo has returned I will have some more interesting posts for you all! In the meantime, thanks so much for reading my drivel and bearing with me while I get my head back in the game! I love you all!

Lauren xxx


  1. love your Austin Powers references.....sometimes I feel like that exactly!

  2. Great to get your mojo back - it really helps doesn't it! I wish they bottled mojo but knowing my luck it would be more fattening than chocolate!

  3. Haha funny post! I am glad your mojo is back!

  4. Fantastic! I have weigh in tomorrow and I'm hoping for 2 lbs loss before a wedding on Saturday. Fingers crossed!

  5. very funny post:) all the best hun! xx


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