Monday, 20 June 2011

Today I Ate...

It doesn't matter where I go or who I'm with, somehow a conversation about Weight Watchers will always crop up. Just today, I was sitting in the staff room at work, happily eating my lunch and tracking as I went along, when two of my colleagues starting questioning me about ProPoints and how it all works. I explained it to them as best I could and they both seemed really interested and commented on all the different stuff you can eat on Weight Watchers (they were flicking through my Tracker book and Eating Out Guide as we were talking) and said that they hadn't realised just how many different things you can eat and still lose weight. This is one of the most common questions I get asked when I'm talking about Weight Watchers. A lot of people seem to think that to lose weight you must exist on a diet of lettuce and nothing else. The concept of using your ProPoints however you choose to is completely lost on them - but thats exactly what you can do. If you want to use your entire days allowance on chocolate and crisps then you can. OR you can have three square meals, with a couple of healthy snacks in between and maybe even a little treat at the end of the day. Its entirely up to you which you choose. That's the beauty of Weight Watchers.

(For the record, I'm not recommending to anyone that they should use their entire days allowance on chocolate and crisps! Theoretically you could still lose weight if you're within points, but you won't be getting much to eat and I'm pretty sure your body will hate you for it!)

So anyway, as I was saying...when I get talking to people about Weight Watchers they always want to know what the ProPoints value is for a certain type of food or drink - mostly out of curiousity. When I was still in secondary school and having my second (unsuccessful - obviously) attempt at Weight Watchers I had 26 of the old-school points to use a day. One day my friend and soon-to-be housemate came back from the shop with two doughnuts and two croissants and proceeded to inhale the entire lot in one sitting. Then he asked me to work out the Points. It was more than my entire days worth - which he found hilarious. The boy is skinny as a rake and eats like a pig. Life is very unfair.

People also ask what I use my ProPoints on. After talking to my colleagues about it today, and explaining the sort of things that I eat on a day-to-day basis, I decided to do a post on what I use my ProPoints on, on a typical working day. (This is also a shameless theft of Gem's posts on Where Are My Knees? from a few weeks ago - head over to her blog and say hi! She's awesome.) I have 38 ProPoints a day, so here's what I use them on...


30g Bran Flakes and 140ml skimmed milk (4)
Strawberries (0)
Tea (0)


Tuna (4) 
Lighter Than Light Mayo (1) 
Salad (0)


Admittedly this doesn't look particularly appetising, but it was yummy!
Chicken Curry (just a stir-in sauce from a jar and one chicken breast) (6)
150g (cooked weight) basmati rice  (6)

Snacks and Drinks

Costa Coffee Iced Skinny Caramel Latte (4)

Fruit (0)
French Fries (2)
Weight Watchers cereal bars (2 per bar)

Not pictured -
Weight Watchers Yogurt (1)
Coke Zero (0)
2l water (0)
Banana and strawberries (0)

So far for I have used 32 of my 38 ProPoints for the day, meaning I have enough left over for a bar of Galaxy Bubbles and an Options Hot Chocolate should I so desire one! I love Weight Watchers.

I'm hoping to make Today I Ate a semi-regular feature on the blog - what do you guys think?? I know reading about what other people have been eating tends to inspire me when it comes to food and I'm hoping that this will have the same effect on you guys! I know how easy it is to get stuck in a rut. I also purchased one of the Weight Watchers recipe books at my meeting a couple of weeks ago. So far mum and I have had to Bobotie and the Thai Salmon Rice, both of which were yummy! Hopefully we'll be making more from the book soon and I'll be able to update with what we made and how it turned out...much more exciting than curry out of a jar!!

Thanks for reading guys! Hope everybody is having a pleasant Monday....or as pleasant as Mondays can be, anyway!

Love to you all
Lauren xxx


  1. i really like the i ate today idea.. sometimes it helps to see what ideas other people come up with. i have been considering weight watchers for sometime and think i may take the plunge as i myself didn't realise how much choice you get.

  2. definitely make this a regular feature lauren! once a week maybe? I've discovered that when you get stuck in a rut & are a slow looser like me, you just sts for weeks on end, but as soon as you start changing your menus a little (or going travelling has helped too lol) you start loosing again. This statement has already worked twice when I'd sts for a couple of weeks so it just goes to show!

    You *do* get a lot of choice when you are on weightwatchers in the sense that nothing is off limits, especially with the new pp if it works for you! Sometimes I even think that people on ww actually eat more than those who are trying to watch their weight but who haven't yet tried ww & think they are eating well. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that this goes for everyone but some people just don't have a clue!)

  3. Love to see this as a regular feature so I can get some good food ideas :)
    You eat pretty much the same as me, I love those WW rich toffee bars I get from class and french fries. I love my Iced mocha from Starbucks too mmm.
    There really is a good choice and you are not limited at all on the plan.

    I've got a hen night on the weekend and I'm eating at Las Iguanas before so I'm going to look on their menu and work out the points before. I've also bought some little bottles of wine spritzers to drink when we are getting ready. It's all about being prepared!

    Deffo going to make a tuna salad in the week, all the peppers look good, nice and crunchy.
    I like to mix tuna, onion, peppers and put it in a jacket potato.

  4. I've never tried WW - must be the only one I haven't and I liked this explanation. i can see why it works and clearly those who love it really do. I think its really important to find what works for you and stick to it.

    You look to be eating really healthily


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